Two Proven Method- Adding Aux Input to Car Stereo

Old classic cars are back in fashion. They have high demand and a super high price range. Though they are popular among the riches around the world, they lack lots of twenty-first-century features. Therefore, you may need to find a way to add an AUX input to your car stereo if your car doesn’t have this customized already.

All the cars from the year 2010-2011 offer modern playability via stereo. So, you can play MP3 or stream podcasts from your smartphone. But if you own a car that doesn’t include this feature, you may need to learn how to install an auxiliary input in the car stereo without going to a repair shop and wasting your money.

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What is An AUX Input?

The auxiliary port or AUX is shortly called aux-in. It is a standard communication port. This port is required to use headsets and headphones. Many devices have this port including your mobile phone, computer’s CPU, laptop, tab and many more to catch audio signals for mp3 players.

Supplies You’ll Need to Add an Aux-in

Things you will need to add the auxiliary port:

  • Aux input jack
  • Two normally-closed shunts
  • Screwdriver
  • Plier
  • Socket
  • Soldering iron and wire
  • Electrical tape
  • Drill machine
  • RCA-aux adapter/cable
  • A professional service or repair manual

If you don’t have any of the items, you can get them at any supply stores near your home or online.

How To Install An AUX Input To Car Stereo For Mobile Tunes

To install the aux-in follow the given method-

Step 1: Detach the negative terminal

On the very first step, before you start to work, disconnect the negative battery terminal. It’s a mandatory thing to do to avoid putting your car on fire or getting electrocuted.

Step 2: 

Now get the best service manual available for your car model. Remove the stereo with the instruction for your particular car. 

Now, depending on the type of stereo installed in the car, you can use either-

  1. An RCA-aux cable and adapter or
  2. Install a whole aux-in jack

Use RCA-Aux Cable/Adapter

So, if the car has an RCA input, then the installation is less hazardous. You can know by checking the backside of the RCA.

Step 1: You’ll need a ready-made adapter cable. Plugin the input jacks in the stereo. Also, use a 3.5 mm pin for aux input.

Step 2: Attach the other head with your smartphone’s port.

This is it. And now you can listen to your favorite podcasts whenever you would like to from your car stereo.

Install An Aux-in Jack

Install An Aux-in Jack

Step 1: Remove the stereo from the dashboard

In the first step, you need to remove the stereo from the dash. Get help from a professional-grade manual to do it perfectly.

Step 2: Identify the CD changer pinout

Now you need to identify the CD changer pinout. To do that, you need to figure out where it is installed. So, after you’ve removed the stereo from the dash, check out the user manual or do some online research to find out where it is exactly located. Then identify the left, right, and ground channel pins on the pinout.

Step 3: Soldering the wires

The third step is to solder the aux-in jack. You’ll identify a standard aux-in jack by three different colored wires (usually red, black, and white) on one end and a 3.5mm male jack on the other side. Now solder the wires to the pins of the CD changer using a soldering iron in this manner- solder the red wire to the right channel, the white or yellow one to the left channel, and the black wire to the ground channel.

Step 4: Mount the jack

In the fourth stage, you’ll have to mount the jack on the dash. Drill a slot if you need to mount the jack in the dash. 

Be careful about the fact that you choose a solid background to drill, or you may ruin other parts. Mount it in a suitable place where you can easily reach it. 

Step 5: Testing

After mounting the jack, check out the aux input if it’s working or not. Plug in the jack in your phone and play the FM. you need to make sure before reinstalling the dashboard that the audio is working. Now, fit the head in the docking area and set back the dashboard. But if you’ve found the system dead, then troubleshoot the issue and recheck the connections.

Faq’s- About aux input for car

Most important and frequently asked question on Car Aux Input system.

Can You Add an AUX port to A Car?

Yes, you can add an auxiliary port to your car. If your car requires an additional auxiliary port, you can add it to the stereo.

What Skills Do I Need To Add An AUX Input to Car Stereo?

To install an aux-in in your car’s stereo, you should know how to solder. But, if you’re using the soldering iron for the first time, then practice before applying it to the project to avoid any unintentional occurrence and understand the flow.


We hope this article was helpful to solve the issue of adding an aux-in audio system to your car stereo. However, if you still couldn’t get what it was about, ask for professional help.

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