Baby Trend Car Seat Expiration Dates-Is it a conspiracy?

baby trend car seat expiration dates

The main concern of the parents is the health and safety of the child. Parents prefer and rely on baby trend cars to carry newborns and toddlers safely. It’s a great tool for carrying and moving babies rather than the traditional baby cars. The construction materials of the car body and seat are usually durable and have a long shelf life.

But do you have any idea about baby trend car seat expiration dates? Most generally, the time for the baby trend car seat to expire is 6 years from the manufacturing date.

So far it varies from company to company. The convertible car seats and booster seats expire after 7 and 10 years respectively. After that, you should carry your beloved kid on that baby trend car.

Baby trend car seat expiration dates define the microbiological and physical stability of the seat. Before buying a baby-trend car, seat expiration dates should be a vital factor in your buying decision.

Baby Trend Car Seat Expiration Dates

How to Find the Expiration Dates?

Finding baby trend car expiry dates is a piece of cake. You will find the manufacture date as well as the serial number at the bottom of the base or underside of the car seat.

Usually, the company of the trend car places a hot stamp on the car. In which you will find the writing of Don’t Use After… by mentioning the date. You also find detailed information in the instruction manual or the website of the car company.

For example, the manufacture date is 31/08/21. As the seat expires after 6 years, you should not continue this car after august 2027.

Similarly, Some trend car companies provide the seat expiry date as well. The seat may look good and undamaged but unwanted accidents can happen after expiration.

Why do Baby Trend Car Seats Expire?

Baby trend car seats have expiry dates just like everything else. Now you may ask why Baby Trend car seats expire? The 2 main reasons are as follows-

Lifespan and Safety

Nothing will last for a lifetime. The lifespan and safety performance of an older car seat decreases gradually. As the seat carries the total baby weight, it will lose its carrying ability day by day. This is why the seat can be torn after a long time of use. To ensure the property safety of your child, trend car seats have expiry dates.

New standard and Innovation

Every year, car companies try to innovate and include something new at the seat properties. That will increase the longevity and the standard of the seat. They find new ways to update their manufacturing policy, model, design, color, materials, leg stability, and so on.

As every year companies change the seat design, model and after a while, they stop producing the previous models. So that you can not find the replacement part of the baby trend car seat, you can not carry your kid on it.

Is it OK to Use an Expired Car Seat?

No, parents should not use an expired car seat to carry their baby. The safety of your beloved kid will come first. Babies are joyful and fun-loving. They enjoyed, moving, and playing by sitting in the trend car. The seat should be stable, durable, and damage-free.

Some parents use their 1st baby trend car for the next one. It’s not a good practice as well. It may cause any dangerous incident at any time.

We strictly forbid the parents to use it after the date of the seat has expired. Every parent should follow the baby trend car seat expiration dates.

Some companies offer recycling options. You can send them or recycle them for other purposes at your home.

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