Top 10 Best All Purpose Cleaner For Car Interior In 2023

There’s a big problem with the car owners. They always intend to clean the exterior part of the car like cleaning the wheels, or polishing the car exterior etc. This isn’t wrong but it’s also important to clean the interior of the car too. The reason is you have to spend a big amount of time inside the car. Is it good to sit in a dirty place?! Of course, not. Besides, cleaning the interior is good for health too.

A neat interior can make you feel luxurious inside the car. You can also add some LED car interior lights for more luxurious feel and it looks so much aesthetic.

It’s no secret that cleaning a car’s interior part is not an easy task. That’s why you need a good cleaner to do the job perfectly. They can clean the residue and give a smell of “new car”! For this reason, interior cleaners are so important for a car. In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 best all purpose cleaner for car interior. Let’s check – 

Can You Use an All-Purpose Cleaner On Car Interior?

Cleaning your car is one of the most paramount tasks of the weekend. On the other side, cleaning the interior part of the car is crucial for the maintenance of the car. Therefore, it will remain intact and durable for a larger period. You just need a bottle of detergent to do the job for you.

This all-purpose cleaner is superb for the car interior. The ingredients of these detergents can easily clean the glass, steel, cast iron, etc. materials effectively. 

Can You Use an All-Purpose Cleaner On Car Interior

For example, which is the most fundamental part of a car’s interior? Obviously, it’s the dashboard. The console button and different indicator lights of the board can be easily cleaned by the all purpose cleaner. Further, the same thing you can do with glasses, mirrors, and dirty subsidies. 

Top 10 Best All Purpose Cleaner For Car Interior

The cleaning instruments are essential to keep the shining avatar of the car’s interior parts. There are three main areas you need to clean consistently – dashboard, seats, and floor. Moreover, some of them are even UV protected. These products are also vital in providing a protective finish. 

As a result, there’s no chance that the blemishes will cover the interior parts anytime soon. 

So, it’s now pretty clear that you can clean the interior of your car with an all-purpose cleaner. 

Image Product Details   Price
Leather Cleaner-Best Leather Cleaner And Conditioner For Cars Top Pick

Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey
Brand: ‎Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
Item Weight
: ‎4 ounces
Manufacturer: Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
Item Form:
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CarGuys - Best Car Interior Cleaner Spray Best Value

CarGuys Super Cleaner
Item Weight:
‎1.12 pounds
Manufacturer: ‎‎CAR GUYS
Item Form:
Check Price
Chemical Guys - Best Interior Protectant For Cars Budget Friendly

Chemical Guys 
Brand: Chemical Guys
Item Weight: ‎8.7 pounds
Manufacturer: Chemical Guys
Item Form: Spray
Check Price
SHINE ARMOR-Best Smelling Car Interior Cleaner Premium Quality

SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner
Item Weight: ‎9.9 ounces
Manufacturer: ‎Shine Armor
Item Form: Spray, Wipe
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Now, we will start to discuss the top 10 best all purpose cleaner for car interior to buy. Let’s jump – 

 Leather Cleaner – Best Leather Cleaner And Conditioner For Cars

Leather Cleaner-Best Leather Cleaner And Conditioner For Cars

Leather is one of the prominent car upholstery components. It is made of non-toxic materials. This is a completely natural cleaner and suitable for all leather goods. Besides, this is the best leather cleaner and conditioner for cars. You can use it for your car’s interior as well as various household cleaning duties. 

The proven restoration formula is so robust and odor-free. Therefore, there’s basically no chance of toxication. This is why it won’t make a negative impact on health too. You can use it for vinyl, plastic, rubber surfaces without causing any breakdown. 

Furthermore, it is a premixed liquid. You don’t have to mix water with it. Hence, you can take out dirty subsidies and stains quickly and gently. Another wonderful thing about this product is that it is extremely good for faux leather, plastic, vinyl types of materials.

The interior car cleaner is a US-based product and it is widely renowned for its services for up to five decades. It can kick even tough oils and stains. Moreover, you don’t need to scrub. All you need to pour some amount on the cloth and press it on the stained areas. It will do the rest of the job smoothly. It is safe and fragranceless. Therefore, no risk of health issues. 

Highlighted Features

  • It comes in a 32-ounce bottle
  • It is usable in multiple things like jackets, upholstery, furniture, vehicle seats, etc.
  • Chemical-free component
  • This product is comprised of the materials like vinyl, rubber, plastic, etc.
  • Natural type cleaner
  • It can remove hard stains and grime so easily
  • Safe for health
  • Safe for exotic leathers
  • The conditioner is thicky and sticky. It’s visible too
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Some users complained it failed to clean the smug clearly.

CarGuys – Best Car Interior Cleaner Spray

CarGuys - Best Car Interior Cleaner Spray

This is a super versatile interior cleaner for your car. CarGuys cleaner has a specialty in cleaning rubber surfaces. However, you can clean windshields, fabric, doors, etc. This is a brand new multisurface formula from the manufacturer. One of the most sophisticated things about this cleaner is it uses nanotechnology.

This highly advanced technology is capable of cleaning molecular dirt from the surfaces. If you just want a cleaning agent that can effectively clean the surface, you better go for that. You won’t be disappointed we can ensure. Moreover, you’ll get a taste of epic and unimaginable experiences with it.

Furthermore, this superior formula contains unique cleaning technology. This is why it can make an impact and penetrate even smaller dirt. All you need to wipe those things with a microfiber towel. But, one thing you have to keep in mind. The thing is it’s not a good choice to clean glass surfaces and dashboard panels. 

The spray bottle is very easy to use. You need to spray the product directly on the place you want to spray. This is the best car interior cleaner spray completely astonishing. On top of that, it is one of the most popular cleaners of all time. It is highly recommended, especially on surfaces. This cleaning agent is free of chemicals.

Highlighted Features

  • One of the best products that can be used for surfaces 
  • The newly made technology is the main conductor behind its supremacy
  • The handle is ergonomically designed. You won’t feel any pain
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor using
  • Accessories include a cleaning tatter
  • The highly advanced nanotechnology can clean the molecular surfaces
  • The spray bottle is so easy to use. It is also environment friendly
  • Due to the superior handle, no chance of accidentally tipping the product
  • It is safe to use as it doesn’t contain any chemical elements
  • No dilution required
  • The product is very expensive

Chemical Guys – Best Interior Protectant For Cars

Chemical Guys - Best Interior Protectant For Cars

The Chemical Guys InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and the best Interior Protectant for cars, It can wipe out the dirt so fast. It will also give a superior finishing as your car will give you a vibe of a new one! Moreover, it contains anti-static technology. It could be helpful to those who ultimately hate that static feeling against their skin after entering the car for the very first moment.

Many people looking for a cleaner that can efficiently protect the car from UV rays. They can go to this one if they have such intention. Due to the aptness to protect against UV rays, your interior parts will last for a long period. Further, it is a great component for the door, dashboard, steering wheels, etc. 

There’s also a cloud of unique dust repelling technology instill into this one. As a result, dust can’t catch the interior section and this inside part could be filled with a pineapple scent. You won’t feel any complications while using this cleaner. This is a very lightweight product.

Besides, you can use this cleaning agent on navigation and satellite radio screens. This is usable on plastic, rubber, vinyl, leather, glass, etc types of things. On top of that, this InnerClean comes in handy when you are looking to replace old parts of the product. In addition, it can convincingly take out the dirt while the enzymatic aroma executioners destroy odors at their source.

Highlighted Features

  • The Chemical Guys can provide protection from damaging UV rays
  • No complication in using
  • The ranges of its use are broad – cleaning, conditioning and protection
  • The new static agent can hold off light dust and residue
  • It can be used on plastic rubber, vinyl, leather, etc. materials.
  • It removes meaningless odor and provides pineapple scent in the interior part
  • UV protection capability gives durability to the inside part
  • The new formulas of this agent can effectively repel dust and dirt
  • Eco-friendly and convenient to use
  • It makes interior detailing fast, easy, and conclusive.
  • Some users complained about broken spray tops

SHINE ARMOR – Best Smelling Car Interior Cleaner

SHINE ARMOR-Best Smelling Car Interior Cleaner

The Shine Armor car interior cleaner is one of the best smelling car interior cleaners available on the market. It uses modern nanotechnology. This All Purpose Interior Cleaner Solvent is proficiently clean and remove all type of dirt from your interior car surfaces. Further, you won’t feel discomfort with it. 

All you need to spray the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth. Then, thoroughly wipe the surface with another one. Do it at least once a month. You will see the difference by yourself. The inside part will give a heavenly vibe. Hence, it will look brand new! 

Furthermore, the interior cleaner has consisted of advanced UV protection. UV rays are very harmful to the dashboard, door panels, and seats. Nevertheless, with this cleaner, things will be much different. You won’t have to think about it. This product swells UV protection to keep the leather, plastic more durable.

The product works so well. On top of that, it smells so sweet with a zesty lemon freshness. The new advanced formula of this cleaner contains anti-static tech that can conclusively counteract dust and other dirty things. It is totally non-greasy. In addition, it is safe and secured. 

Highlighted Features

  • This interior cleaner use nanotechnology to remove dirt
  • It’s not greasy. Thus, it doesn’t leave any greasy remnants
  • The Shine Armor Cleaner can prevent a car’s interior from UV
  • It doesn’t leave oily residue
  • The cleaning process is easy
  • You can use it on various surfaces
  • Pretty convenient to use. No wrist pain at all
  • It can repel maleficent UV rays
  • This is a spray-on inside cleaner
  • Dust resistant
  • The bottle is very flimsy

Meguiar’s – Best Wipes For Car Interior

Meguiar s - Best Wipes For Car Interior

The Marine Cleaner is a blend of premium elements. It is made of high-quality materials. Although it is actually manufactured to clean marine type products, it is also very good for car’s interior parts. Apart from the cleaning, it is the best wipes for car interior, it can shine and protect vinyl, rubber type components.

Those products will show natural glossiness instead of a fake or artificial gimmick. It can effectively remove the stains, dirt, lubricants from the interior. Besides, it is highly potent against harder stains. The Marine Cleaner can remove them completely.

Furthermore, this formula doesn’t comprise any grease. For this reason, the drying procedure of it is so fast and it produces superior outcomes. It is also great in protecting boats and other RV surfaces from drying or cracking. Sometimes, you can spill the door’s interior plastic with liquid. In such a time, this cleaner could assist to remove the spots.

Another superb thing about this cleaner is it can protect the car’s interior from harmful UV rays. Therefore, you can expect that your interior will last a longer period of time. In addition, it is safe to use and you won’t find any complications while using it. 

Highlighted Features

  • Works on both soft and tough hades
  • The majestic foaming action can clear the dirt in a sophisticated manner
  • Easily get rid of grease or stains
  • UV-ray protected formula
  • Sprayer bottle
  • Usable for a variety of places
  • Can give a brand new look to your car
  • Gives a good protective barrier throughout the season
  • The Product is easy to apply & polish
  • Perfect to repel UV rays
  • There’s a strong possibility it can leave residue on the surface in case you failed to clean it properly

Adam’s Microban – Best Car interior Seat Cleaner

Adam s Microban-Best Car interior Seat Cleaner

This Adam’s Microban Interior Detailer is the best car interior seat cleaner. You can clean an array of products with this one. The built-in protection technology can effectively clean, shine, protect the car’s interior parts. Besides, you can clean steering wheels, dashboards, consoles, leathers, upholstery seats, etc with this one. 

The whole product is packed with a UV blocking agent. As a result, the leather and other inside parts of the car will get protected from the sun. It is also useful for repelling dust due to its modern anti-static technology. Moreover, this cleaning agent is very fast and easy to use. You can enjoy your time greatly behind the wheels if you use this one.

Furthermore, this interior detailer went through various tests before the inauguration. The manufacturing company conducted various tests and extensive levels of development before its final outcome. Hence, the cleaning tool can convincingly unstained the stained area and destroy dirt thanks to its built-in antimicrobial technology.

The product is really good and it won’t leave you in disappointment. It is very good stuff and clean perfectly. Hence, the scent is not so over-powering while it leaves a matte finish. Your car will receive a nice, smooth, and visually clean finishing with this interior detailer. 

Highlighted Features

  • This is an all-in-one cleaning product
  • It is packed with a UV blocking agent
  • Resist bacteria to grow on the surface
  • Made in the USA
  • It is a blend of high-quality polymers, acrylics, and waxes.
  • Leaves a nice matte finish
  • The sprayer is easy to install. 
  • The detailer has a nice minty smell
  • It can quickly vanish stains
  • Customer service is good
  • Not a good performer on aluminum 

Armor All Extreme – Best Automotive Interior Cleaner

Armor All Extreme-Best Automotive Interior Cleaner

If you own a car, you could get upset if your car’s interior parts get heavily engaged by UV rays. The reason is UV rays can damage the parts slowly and steadily. So, it’s easy to surmise that you will surely try to get rid of them. To remove this problem, you can depend on the best automotive interior cleaner like Armor All Extreme Shield Protectant Spray.

This spray can successfully prevent such a problematic issue. It can repel cracking, discoloring issues persuasively. Moreover, it can also deeply penetrate the internal parts of the automotive and destroy the debris. The depth of the color also gets heavily increases. Every interior part will radiate. 

Further, you can apply this spray to restore the beauty of the carpet and upholstery. The Armor Shield Spray can give heavy protection against dust and debris. Spilling liquid on the car is not a matter of strange. But, this protectant spray can make a safeguard against spills and soils. 

This spray is totally safe and secured to use. It won’t make any bad impact on your car’s interior part. Hence, the car will have a nice finishing with a glimmering area. In addition, the cleaning product comes in an attractive spray bottle. It is also lightweight and easy to use.


  • Super protective for the interior parts against UV rays
  • It penetrates deep to disintegrate stains and dust
  • Non-greasy result
  • It can engage heavily against UV rays
  • Stain blockers can give protection from spills
  • Safeguard against stains and residues
  • Fully UV-protected
  • Enhance the depth of color
  • Affordable
  • Keeps away dust and debris
  • The spraying bottle is not so strong.

Turtle Wax – Best Interior Detailer Spray

Turtle Wax-Best Interior Detailer Spray

If you want a cleaner that can do multiple jobs at a time, you can go for this. The Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions is capable of providing four facilities at a time. Besides, the jobs are – cleans, conditions, deodorizes and protects interior surfaces. 

This product is comprised of highly advanced State-of-the-art ceramic and graphene formulas. Both of these formulas can deliver long-lasting protection. Additionally, it is an easy-to-use interior agent for cars. Turtle Wax Solutions can give good service than many expensive products.

Furthermore, there’s a natural enzyme in it. This enzyme is proficient to destroy tough stains. It can also give a fresh sweet scent. So, the user won’t get disturbed at all. On the other hand, it works so well on light and dark upholstery.  It cleans so well and leaves a light gloss. 

The Ceramic & Graphene infusion supplies enough lucidity to surfaces. This technology can reduce the amount of dust from the interior parts significantly. On top of that, Turtle Solutions has ultra-violet rays protection capability. This is the best interior detailer spray cleaning agent that comes in a 16-fluid ounces bottle. If you can manage it correctly, it can last for a long time! 

Highlighted Features

  • It contains State-of-the-art ceramic and graphene formulas.
  • Works superbly on light and dark upholstery
  • The product comprises a natural enzyme
  • Turtle Solutions comes in a 16-ounce bottle
  • Superior UV protection capability
  • It is a highly durable product
  • Effectively remove the stains and lints
  • It smells awesome like fresh mango
  • Cleans very well
  • No hassle in using
  • Bit hard to control the radius of the spray

303 Interior Cleaner – Best Interior Shine For Car

303 Interior Cleaner-Best Interior Shine For Car

The 303 Interior Cleaner is a good choice when it comes to cleaning a variety of products and is one of the best interior shine for car. You can remove tough stains and dirt with the help of this formula. Hence, it can clean and glint a wide variety of things like – vinyl, plastic, leather, metals, etc of your vehicle. 

303 was originally a home cleaning company. But, they’ve come into the car cleaning business with much promise. This product is another example of their charisma. Besides, you can use this product with much ease. Hence, this cleaner can clean dirt, smudges, stains. But, you can also pull out debris from windows and glasses from the interior part without leaving any residues behind it.

Further, it is a versatile product too. You can clean your laptop, desktop, LED tv, and other home-based things with this one. Additionally, there’s no bad or overpowering smell that comes from this cleaner. You’ll get a fresh scent from it. It is also safe to use. There’s no harmful chemical adjacent to it.

Although 303 is relatively new in the car interior cleaning industry, they’re giving extreme competition to the other companies. This product is another big example of their superiority. It is a multi-purpose formula that can clean so many things quite simply. In addition, it can remove dirt and give the vehicle a brand new look.

Highlighted Features

  • Cleanses the vehicle and home-based products
  • Boost cleaning if washed with warm water.
  • The product gives awesome sparkle 
  • Made in Illinois, USA
  • Can directly spray onto surface
  • You can use it on so many things. No limitation
  • It makes everything so shine
  • Protect and clean the device in an exclusive way
  • No pain to use
  • Gentle and safe. You can take away a huge smudge with it
  • Disturbance on the skin can come

Lithium Hyper – Best Car Interior Detailing Products

Lithium Hyper-Best Car Interior Detailing Products

This all purpose cleaner can clean almost every surface. It is so versatile and works genuinely well. Hence, this cleaner can clean all kinds of stains so productively. This cleaner is made of creative elements. Lithium Hyper Cleanse is heavily influenced by the newest technology. Therefore, it is highly productive against removing stains, grime, and dirt. 

Lithium always focuses on high-quality ingredients. This could be one of the best car interior detailing products of modern times. It can remove basically anything from the interior of the car. Besides, you can also this one for exterior jobs and in your home too. 

One of the most important traits of this product is it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. You can use it without a second think as it will make no negative impact on the environment. It is fully safe and secured. Further, it is capable of handling ink, liquid, grease, grime, stain, etc. 

Hence, it leaves the interior surfaces feeling clean and renewed. You won’t find any residue after washing the car’s inside with this one. Moreover, it smells like a scented cleaner without smelling harsh or harmful. You won’t have to work hard to use it. It’s quite easy to use. Another fantastic thing about this product is that Lithium will give you an unlimited warranty! If you feel that it’s not working, you could give it return to them. 

Highlighted Features

  • It backs up by newer technology
  • This cleaner can literally handle all types of stains
  • Lithium Hyper Cleanse can clean a wide array of products
  • The cutting reflects finish on cleaning.
  • Destroy dirt so quick and give a glossy look
  • Get excellent cleaning
  • Works literally on every surface
  • It doesn’t harm the environment
  • No overpowering fragrance
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Some people complain about leaving marks on glass parts.

How To Choose The Car Interior Cleaner? – Buying Guide

Before taking the final decision on buying a car’s interior cleaner, you have to follow some attributes in order to get the right product for you. But, what are those traits? Well, let’s take a look – 


The product’s formulation is an essential matter. The cleaning solution should not contain any chemical or other harmful components. It is totally unhealthy and brings risks. Besides, the cleaning equipment should be environmentally friendly. It’s no secret that the future generation depends on healthy surroundings.


Some car interior cleaners are only made for cleaning the inside portions of the car. On the other side, some cleaners can clean several other things alongside the car’s interior. You should fix up your mind what’s you want. You can purchase only a car’s interior cleaner or all-purpose cleaner. 

Dust Resister

Nowadays, some modern interior cleaners possess the latest technology that can prevent dust to get attached to the cleaned surface. You should find such type of cleaner. Our suggested all products are dust blockers. 


Safety is the most important part. Cleaners could contain harmful chemicals. Hence, these chemicals could be disastrous for your health. So, keep checking out the ingredients. We can assure you that our suggested cleaners are all harmless and will be safe. 

Talking about safety please wear seat belt all the time incase of a collision. There are many kind of seat belts in the market. Learn how car seat belt works.


If you’re a new vehicle owner, you could find it difficult to clean the interior parts due to the lack of experience. In such a case, you should go for a cleaner which will be easier to use. Moreover, you should find a bottle that could be convenient for you and won’t fatigue your wrist.


Some cleaners possess a powerful fragrance. On the other hand, some are odorless while some produce awkward smells. If you have an allergy to aromatic, you should purchase a product that is without fragrance. 

But, some cleaners provide cool perfume. Therefore, you can go for them if you don’t have any allergies at all! 


Before purchasing a cleaning agent, you should check out the price. You need to consider whether it is economical and suited for you or not. Besides, it doesn’t mean that a cleaner which is highly expensive will be the best. Sometimes, affordable one could provide better performances.

You could buy a cheap product that could be much more effective than expensive ones. Our recommended products above are all economical and can supply a fantastic performance we can assure.

UV Protector

Ultra-violet rays are very damaging to the car’s interior parts. You must pay special attention to this thing. Purchase a protector that can protect the vehicle’s inner side from the UV. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to get mildew smell out of car carpet?

You can apply some amount of baking soda to the car carpet. After keeping it for at least 20 minutes, wipe it slowly. After that, you will see the changes made in the affected areas.

What cleaning products can you use to clean the inside of your car?

If you want to clean the inside of the car with your household products, you can use water, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Club Soda, toothpaste, baby wipes, etc.

How can I clean the interior of my car at home?

Deep cleaning is so crucial for a car to get a comfy environment. Firstly, remove the dirt and then bring a vacuum cleaner to clean up the residues. After vacuuming, spray the cleaner on the areas of harder stains.


We’re already in the last phase of our deep discussion on the best all purpose cleaner for car interior. Almost all of the products we recommended are not so heavy-duty. Rather, they are mild and easy to use. You can clean your car’s interior parts quite easily with these products.

We hope you’ve earned enough knowledge of the car’s interior cleaners. So, what’s your opinion regarding our discussion? You can share it in the comment box. Thanks for reading! 

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