Top 5 Best Budget Subwoofer for Cars

Best Budget Subwoofer for Car

First, let you introduce our product list then we will give you explanation why should you purchase a subwoofer that cost lower instead of paying high for almost same kind of experience. We will help you to pick among two products at the end of the review which will be under your budget.

So let’s begin the introducing part-

The world is going through ups and down financially, everyone wants to save some extra bucks for their pocket. Even as a music enthusiast you also want to purchase a budget ranged subwoofer for your car. Simply why not, if you can get product within budget that can satisfy your music experience. Here we are helping you to get maximum satisfaction and don’t have to break your bank by purchasing a subwoofer under a low cost for your car.

There you go in our full and depth low cost subwoofer reviews at your budget.

1. Skar Audio EVL 12

Skar Audio EVL-12

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Product Specifications

Dual 2 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration
Power: 2500 Watts (peak)
Power: 1250 Watts RMS
Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
Frequency Response: 25 Hz – 250 Hz
Sensitivity: 85.1 dB
Xmax: 23.5 mm
Mounting Depth: 7.75″

Our Ratings:

Skar may be an amateur name but it’s the quality which rising the demand of this product. The company is popular for making quality product at a reasonable price. This subwoofer constructed by heavy and thick quality materials. Its looks amazing and so stylish that you can realize even at a glance.

Now you don’t have to pay $600 to get earth shattering base. This has maximum 2500 watts’ power so you can use high stereo system without worrying about overheating or coil burning. So you may get good durability of this subwoofer. If you are concern for loud and also have good base on a product with your limited budget you can go for this.

  • Build quality
  • Looks
  • Great bass
  • Little cons of this sub is its bit costly compared to rivals but worth overall.

2. Planet Audio AC10D

Planet Audio AC10D

Our Ratings:

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This product featured peak power handling 1500watts.
The sensitivity stands at 87db
Resonate frequency is 39hz.
Dual voice coil with high temperature
Foam surrounded to polypropylene cone
Let’s highlight some pros and cons below

Are you serious on buying a cheap subwoofer that can deliver almost as per your expectation, compared to what its cost then planet AC10D is for you? It’s absolutely a great product for the money spent. It can deliver more bass with loud sound. You can feel vibration quite a bit in your seat while enjoying sitting on your car. The 10’ subwoofer offers more than enough loud and bass at 500 rms.

You can go after 750rms as claimed by the planet audio but it will have questioned its durability at that high rms. so better you use under 500rms to use it for longer period. Its build quality is great as foam surrounded to the polypropylene cone. This is a duel voice coil subwoofer which allows you to add more subwoofer and by matching the wiring configuration you can optimize output. This subwoofer can be used with ported and sealed enclosure.

If you want clear and more accurate sound you can choose sealed enclosure, it’s like bit professional. But our advice is to use it with a ported enclosure that will give you more efficient more loud and obviously more bass. You can feel even individual movement of sound. Though ported enclosure eats a lot of space but it will give you better experience.

  • cheap price under $50
  • Built with great material and good sound quality compared to its price range.
  • 3 years Warranty
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • It might be blown away if you use it with 600 or more RMS power.

3. Kicker 43C124 Car Audio Subwoofer

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300 watts of power handling
And 150 watts of RMS
Sensitivity 88.3db
Frequency response 27hrz to 500hrz.

Our Ratings:

When it comes to quality kicker brand is very well recognized in the audio world for this in cheap price. Kicker is one of the best-selling subwoofer in USA. Kicker doesn’t make crap. You can use it with almost every amp with it. If your trying to get a sub and amp and do not want to break your bank this is for you.

They do not take an enormous amount of power and perform very well with less than 1 cubic foot of air space. If you’re going to buy this make sure you get the kicker ported box or similar quality. If you do not have the correct box, you will not get the benefit of the sound of this speaker.

Kicker 43c124 built with steel basket that provide solid bass and when the bass gets heavy its substantial venting ensures performance that won’t break down in the long run. The built material of this sub is really great it has a sturdy motor structure and extensive venting capacity makes it last longer. This sub offers 88.3db sensitivity while frequency response 27hrz to 500. it can handle 150 watts rms and 300watts at the peak.

  • Affordable price
  • Large magnet
  • High quality foam surround
  • Not able to provide expectation without quality ported enclosure.

4. Rockville RW10CA Slim Car Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA Slim Car Subwoofer

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Brand ROCKville
Peak power 800watts
RMS 200
Sensitivity 90db
Weight 14.25 pounds
Warranty 1 year

Our Ratings:

When it comes to a trusted brand under budget Rockville must be among the best. This brand try to deliver all the time what it promises. Company reviewed this product by third party and they rated this product very well. Now comes to the point, we will show you all the truthful reason why should you consider it at the beginning and the features at the end of the review.

Rockville rw10ca is an active sub, it means it has built in amp. This sub quite powerful. If you have tighter space, you can have it as under the seat sub. This can be easily installed and fit under the seat as its 2.5inch thick. Company claimed this sub has high level input you don’t need wire to turn the switch on or off. For the installation you have to wire the sub to one of your speaker. This sub is able to provide you eight hundred watts of power and two hundred rms.

But do not confused by the power mentioned, because you may think more powered sub within the same budget, reality is this sub can deliver what a 1500watts powered sub does in this budget range. You can expect great bass and enough loud sound from this sub and it delivered perfectly.

We can ensure you if you want more watts of power to get the same level of experience you have to spend 1.5 times of this product. You will have overwhelmed by the quality of the product one its delivered to your doorstep and its durability surely. It may not wooden housing its built by plastic but it can outlast them if maintained properly.

  • Built in amp
  • Reviewed by third party and rated high a per company claimed
  • Inexpensive price
  • Amazing bass as small size
  • Easy installation
  • Less louder
  • Pretty wide

5. Rockford Fosgate R2D4

Rockford Fosgate R2D4

Our Ratings:

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10inch sub with dual voice oil
Roll poly foam surrounded
Steel frame
RMS 50 to 250
Peak power 500watts
Frequency response 50 to 250
Sensitivity 87db
Volume level with sealed box 0.59 cubic feet and with ported box 1.4

In the world of car audio speaker maker, Rockford brand represent good quality product. This 10inch sub offers bass speaker. The sleek design and modern looks of this speaker presents elegant in some ways. It can handle specified wattage. Comes to the quality of the sound its offer more of the music in lower volume thanks to the high sensitivity. This r2d4 prime’s high sensitivity and range is so different that anyone will notice the upgrade.

It can be used with 1500watt amp for high level of warning for you if you use it with Rockford powerful amp don’t push the limit, if you then it will take power from you battery On the paper it may not seen very powerful but I can ensure you it’s very underrated sub. It’s mainly optimized for sealed and vented enclosure but if you want more bass you can choose ported enclosure.

They offer 60 days’ money back guarantee and 1 year official warranty.

  • Built quality
  • Dual voice coil
  • High sensitivity
  • Durability
  • Usually electric mower takes more time to finish the task

Frequently Ask Questions

what to consider buying a subwoofer?

Ans: One buy subwoofer to have better music experience. So here are few advice for you before buying any subwoofer for car. First is power handling ability of the sub. Because you have to maintain same quality amp with the subwoofer you will likely to use, if you use more powerful amp, it may cause you subwoofer blown away. Second is the choice of preference; what do you want more accurate sound or more bass. Last one is the sensitivity rate of the sub.

How to Choose a Good Budget Subwoofer?

Ans: everyone have specific amount of money to invest in sub. When we search for a budget sub that mean we want to have a great sound experience without breaking the bank. So first we have to look for the brand of the subwoofer. Is it reputed or infamous. Second durability of that sub. No one wants to buy budget sub so often everyone wants it to last longer. Third is the sound quality.

How We Evaluate, Compare, and Pick the Best?

Ans: we have had analysis through the web. After all the research we understand that we have to pick out best choice by the durability, sound quality and the amount you will pay.

Ans: Rockville 10CA

What makes this subwoofer my favorite

ans: this subwoofer comes with built in amp. This sub has some great bass and accurate sound. Another feature we have seen is, it’s easy to use and install. The brand name. most interestingly its rated quality sub by the third party. It defines quality.

Final Verdict

So, No wonder to choose the best budget subwoofer for cars whatever your soft or rock or metal lovers. But you should keep eye on it sounds and build quality at staying on your budget stage. 

Whatever it is good or bad in sound quality it does not matter if it is not to fit on your cars sound system space. So, you should very much active on it before choosing any kind of subwoofer for your cars.

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