5 Best Budgets Sim Racing Seats & Cockpits|| Make Your Racing Journey Stand Out

I found no one around who doesn’t like sim racing games. You probably know, that sim racing is one of the world’s most famous virtual sports. So, a sim racer needs to choose a perfect seat because the skill required being superb in sim racing where real racing overlaps significantly.

Certainly, you require a high-quality seat if you’re supposed to build a profile sim rig. Many racers think that the best quality sim racing seat requires a huge price which is completely wrong. My article will take you through the best budgets sim racing seats and cockpits guide.

Not all sim racer’s lives, budgets, needs, and spaces are the same. So, depending on your necessity, I made my top list of the 7 best budgets sim racing seats. These seats will be available with stylish design, comfort, and long-lasting features.

However, many sim rigs, for instance, next-level racing or PlaySeat come with an additional play seat. So, I’ve picked all the premium quality sim racing seats for you. Let’s know in detail.

5 Best Budgets Sim Racing Seats NLR-S021 Next

1. NLR-S021 Next Level Racing Simulator Cockpit

To take your sim racing to the next level, choose the NLR-S021 racing hub which is the second top pick on my list. It will deliver a rigid and realistic solution to your racing gaming.

This next level racing simulator cockpit has got the manufacturer’s designs thinking of the gamers’ long-time comfort racing result.

Its quick and trouble-free setup procedure will make you love it. Besides, the storage functionality is another outstanding feature for those who don’t like a mess.

This conquer racing simulator seat will take a little time while you store it in terms of its easy folding functionality.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Next Level Racing
  • Dimension- ‎ 37.4×36.6×69.29 Inches
  • Weight- 7 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight- 130 kg
  • Frame Material- Aluminum
  • Seat Material- Foam
  • Color– Black
  • Style– Racing Cockpit

What You Get

  • Adjustable Body Parts

The gear shifter, wheels, and pedals are highly adjustable to customize them as you need. You can either install the gear shifter support on your right or left side as per your necessity. 

The wheels, on the other hand, have secure mounting options to fix them tight. Your chair will be in the right position wherever you want it to be. 

  • Portable

Since the weight is less than 16 pounds, moving or carrying it to a convenient place is hassle-free.

  • Adjustable Size

It came with an adaptable size that suits any size of the user’s position. It won’t matter whether or not you’re slim or not.

  • Long-Lasting

This racing hub withstands the high durability which means more than 2 years to deliver its life span.

  • What to Compromise

If you’ve back issues of any kind, this racing chair isn’t for you.


  • Highly Adjustable Gear Shifter Support
  • Robust Material for Frame
  • Comfortable Hand
  • Easy Assembly Bolts
  • Indoor Compatible

Why Do I Recommend It?

This racing rig is capable to bear up to 287 Ib weight to ensure securing positions for you. The seat of this cockpit is constructed with highly breathable fabric so that you can feel like a real racing seat as long as you sit on this.

Since this chair is foldable, folding it while your gaming session is done will bring you a gaining experience.

2. OpenWheeler GEN3 Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit

The common requirement for the professional racer is to get a cockpit that is designed to accommodate high stability for a long time. So, here is the OpenWheeler GEN3 to fit that demand through its Thrustmaster racing wheels.

Its high-quality materials and simple design made it a unique accessory for sim racing or video game platform. It is perfect as well as robust to meet any steering wheelchair.

The chassis of this chair with a supreme cockpit seat ensures the comfort you need for controlling the total game.

The GEN3 flight simulation cockpit won’t compromise compatibility, modularity, and quality. It came with the most versatile features on the market to be exceptional from all other ordinary models. 

Product Specification

  • Brand- OpenWeeler
  • Dimension- ‎ 58x32x41 Inches
  • Weight- 59 Pounds
  • Color– Black and Yellow

What You Obtain

  • Two Way Usages

The two ways usages of this conquer racing simulator cockpit will let you use it for flying as well as driving racing. Furthermore, the wheels and pedals are attached with the same knob.

As a result, it can function accurately for both the driving and flying modes. So, you can switch it to any of these two modes without having trouble of any kind.

  • Quick Set up Procedure

Some of the rig chairs take a lengthy time to assemble and set them. But the rock-solid design of the OpenWheeler cockpit will take only minutes to set right.

  • Multiple Seating Position

This chair is designed to fit multiple positions for your highest comfort. You can easily change your position in 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Clear Instructions

The manufacturers provided clear instructions before leaving it on the market. You can easily understand how to set, customize, and change the functions mode.        

What to Compromise

The OpenWheeler won’t offer any manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Pedal Plate Offset Adjustment
  • Natural Position Seat
  • Gear Shifter Mount Add-On
  • Easy Forward-Backward and Up-Down Mode
  • High Adjustable Reclining Back

Why Do I Recommend It? 

It included all the essential mounting tools and hardware in its packages. To get a great flying rig or driving mode, the OpenWheeler GEN3 should be your priority.

It never makes you troubled to assemble or customize, rather you’ll get it sturdy and well-built. So, if you intend to purchase a rig for sim racing, purchase this one. It won’t let you regret it for sure!

3. Playseat Challenge Black Most Comfortable Sim Racing Seat

To make your racing more realistic and fun at home is troublesome and upsetting unless having the most comfortable sim racing seat. Since the sim racing seat is the first consideration for this game, you’ve to go through the quality.

In that case, the Playseat Challenge chair is another outstanding innovation on my top list. The Playseat Challenge is a high-quality and stable seat to threaten your opponent with confidence. It is extremely adjustable and compact for long-time gaming.

The foldable design of this chair needs a little space while storing. It is easily space-able even under your bed or in the wardrobe.  It’s an ideal gaming gadget for you to save space in the house.

Product Specification

  • Brand- PlaySeat
  • Dimension- 32x23x8 Inches
  • Weight-31 Pounds
  • Material- Nylon-Mesh
  • Frame Material- Alloy Steel
  • Seat Material- Foam
  • Seat Height-32 Inches
  • Color– Black
  • Form Factor– Folding
  • Maximum Weight– 200 Pounds
  • Warranty-90 Days

What You Get

  • Temporary Easy Set-Up

This chair is easily adjustable for either temporary or permanent usage because of its fully collapsible steel frame.

  • Featured for Anywhere Setting

In general, the racing chairs come with a one-place setting feature while the PlaySeat Challenge sim racing chair will allow you to set it anywhere like the dorm and media room of your house.

  • Secure Foot Base

The foot base is included with racing pedals to ensure security. It is adjustable enough to reach the accurate driving length securely.

  • Highly Adaptable Arm Swings

The arm swing of this chair comes up with an attachment of a wheel support plate. As a result, you can take the arm swings in and out of the chair and also can latch it down to get high stable support from the wheels.

  • Lightweight

Only the 3 pounds of its weight made it highly comfortable to carry to a desired place. Its well portable design can be another attraction to choose it for a sim racing game.

What to Compromise

Short-period Warranty


  • Superior Build Quality
  • Power-Coated Steel Construction
  • Compatible with PC
  • Compatible for Steering Wheels of All Kinds

Why Do I Recommend It?

This chair is amazingly customizable for both children and adults through Alcantara seat construction. You don’t have to buy any extra chairs when you want your kids to play sim racing.

The material, on the other hand, will give a feel like a real car seat. The Playseat is where you can step up this amazing sim racing game.

4. PlaySeat Evolution Most Comfortable Sim Racing Seat

Are you in search of a gearshift holder to get the highest intensive race games? Then feel an evolution! Choose your chair and drive as rapidly as you can with the Playseat Evolution chair.

This chair is a great choice for professional and top levels drivers. So, don’t skip buying this amazing chair. The Playseat offers a high-quality gear-shift holder pro so that you can handle the most extreme sim racing games.

Most importantly, the gear-shift holder of this chair is available to buy separately. To get you the top dynamic racing and gaming capability, the PlaySeat will be the best to boost your racing confidence. 

The most comfortable sim racing seat Playseat was developed with professional drivers and manufacturers to make sliding easy.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Northwest Synergy
  • Dimension- 120x120x560 Inches
  • Weight-3 Pounds
  • Color– Black/ Gray

What You Get

  • Solid Design

It maintains the quality for pro racers in terms of its solid design. You can meet your professionalism while it’s a Playseat real racing seat.

  • High Stability

The adjustable framework is ready to offer high stability to your joy.

  • Strong Construction

It has come with well adjustable power-coated steel body framework. And, this steel framework provided this chair the strong construction for an extended life span. Also, its steel-tube framework removes excessive wobbling for utmost adjustment.

What to Compromise

Kids under 14 years old won’t be able to use this chair.


  • Superior Built-Quality
  • Compatible with Playstation and PC
  • High-Quality Leather Back Construction
  • Supports 3rd Party pedal and wheel-sets

Why Do I Recommend It?

It has equipped with a fold-down system to ensure easy and fast storage. The bigger size foot pedal plate and the pre-drilled mounting locations allow the equipment to mount to the plate directly. 

Therefore, it came with top comfort and adjustability. Enjoy having a feel of a real racing car with Playseat Evolution!

5. GTR Simulator GTA Model Majestic Black Frame

What if your racing chair offers 14 different seating positions during gaming time? Hard to believe? Well, the GTR is here to offer such a tremendously incredible feature where you can change your driving positions in various ways.

The GTR racing chair is the conquer racing simulator seat to offer the highest comfort with its outstanding features. It is available with a highly adaptable steering wheel plate, steering angle, pedal angle, frame length, and many more.

Product Specification

  • Brand- GTR
  • Dimension- 58 x 23 x 43 inches Inches
  • Weight- 70 Pounds
  • Color– Black and Diamond Silver

What You Get

  • Flexible

This racing chair will provide the top flexibility in your usage. It is compatible with PC: Nintendo Wii, Playstation1, 2, 3, 4. Also, it will fit the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox One, N64, Sega, Xbox, and more. 

  • Elegant Color Availability

This chair has come in two amazing colors diamond silver and majestic black. Choose your favorite one.

  • Stylish Look

The GTR racing seat has got the top most stylish look to attract you with ease. You will be amazed to use your gaming chair for a long time a day.

  • Wear-Resistant

The premium quality synthetic leather gave it a wear-resistance trait. As a result, you can use this chair for a long time but it won’t fade to make an odd look to your chair.

  • Water-Proof

Since the GTR racing chair is water-proof, it will deliver an easy cleaning way. You can clean it with a piece of wet cloth and maintain it with ease.

  • Double Slider Adaptable

It came with a single adjuster that fits the double slider of the chair. So, you can customize a wide-angle rotation.

What to Compromise

No warranty period with this product will be available. Also, it is a heavy-weight item.     


  • Highly Adaptable Bucket Racing Seat
  • Adjustable Frame Length
  • Heavy-Duty Frame Structure

Why Do I Recommend It?

If you aim to get universal compatibility from your racing chair, choose the GTR racing chair. This chair will not only offer a high-quality pedal, gaming wheels, and other materials but will provide a GTR simulator, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Logitech, etc. So, why not the GTR?

How to Buy a Perfect Racing simulator?

If you want to buy an accurate racing hardware simulator with a minimum budget, you’ve to identify the most needed racing equipment. 

  • Powerful PC 

At this point, you need to choose your PC with a monitor, powerful CPU, and high-power graphic card. Make sure, your CPU has GPU and super hard RAM.

Wheels, seat, gear shifter, pedals, and a monitor is the most needed racing equipment while building your racing simulator.                                                      

If you don’t like a flimsy setup in your tight space and want to get a design for accurate-sized simulator rigs. You can use an aluminum structure and hardware to get a super customizable rigid.

  • Seat

When it’s your seat choosing time, choose a bucket seat to get top comfort because a racing game requires long time relief. After deciding the structure and seat type, it’s now the time to go for the chassis squad.

  • Racing Squad

Before fixing the chassis squad, you must decide on a good brand for the accelerator, steer, shift, etc. Choose your accessories from a brand that offers components for both beginners and professionals.

  • Wheel Base / Racing Wheels

It’s now time to check the wheelbase for the racing simulator. The wheelbase is where all the racing feels come from. So, it’s important to make sure a quality wheelbase which means the center of the racing simulator. 

In the case of choosing a direct drive wheel base for your racing simulator, you can choose the DD2. The DD2 is considered the most advanced level of wheelbase for sim racing.

  • Foot Pedals

If you want to get the taste of a real-life racing game, decide for the inverted pedal. It will work like the real one. The brake pedal is also the most adjustable pedal.

How to Build a Cheap Racing Simulator?

If you haven’t any track days scheduled, going through your favorite sim racing game can be the best thing ever.  Build a racing simulator in your living room to start your day. Excited how? Let’s get into your journey with me-

Required Components

You need the following component to build your racing simulator cost-free-

  • Plastic chair or a car seat (old)
  • Pedal set that is fit and compatible with the racing system.
  • Racing wheel
  • Screws
  • PVA wood glues
  • Power Drill
  • Measuring Tape

Did you notice how small and fewer things you need to build your racing simulator? I think all those required components are available in all most all of your houses. So, it won’t create a big problem to accommodate all those tiny components. Let’s now see, how you can build the racing simulator with ease.

Steps to Follow

Step-1: Take Accurate Measurement

To take the measurement, you’ve to set the pedals and seat there. Observe the pedal distance from the seat. Make sure the distance is comfortable.

Measure out the distance between the seat back rail and the pedal box front, and cut two pieces of timber of that length to the measurement.

Step-2: Measure the Seat Height

When you sit on your car seat, it must be higher than that of pedal plate. To get the same here, place your seat on top that two timbers. The pedal box will fit perfectly if the seat rail is in an accurate measurement.

If it doesn’t suit or fit, place the seat on MDF.

Step 3 – Screw the Frame Together           

Cut the required pieces of wood and screw them together. I suggest using PVA wood glue to ensure secure and safe joints.

Now, screw and fix your seat on top of the simulator frame and fix the pedals at your comfortable distance from the seat. Check out whether the seat and pedal positions are right for you to get the utmost comfort.

Step-4: Mount the Steering Wheels

You should take another person right beside you to complete step 4. Ask the person to take the seat up to your measurable height when you sit on the seat.

When the measurement is taken, cut two pieces of wood and place them in the measured distance you’ve measured right a minute ago.

Step-5: Incorporate a TV

If you intend to make your simulator stand out, incorporate a TV as well. To add a TV in the simulator, you’ve to cut two more pieces of wood as same as the measurement of step-4 wood pieces.

Now, fix a flat board on those wood pieces and stand a TV on it. Remember, if you attach a TV, you’ve to fix the steering wheels in front of the TV.

Your racing simulator building job is done.  Now check out whether the position and height are perfect to get a real feel of racing.


Do I need a racing seat for sim racing?

It’s not an obvious requirement to use a racing seat for racing.  But using a racing seat will bring you comfort and breathability. As a result, you can make high performance in your racing gaming.

Are bucket seats comfortable products for sim racing?

Of course! I use a bucket seat for my racing game and feel like it is the only comfortable seat. But, I don’t recommend a bucket seat if you have a back problem. It won’t get you any good experience with back problems.

Can I make money from sim racing?

Well, sim racing is such a game that will lead you to come forward professionally and earn money. It will lead you to obtain skills and to be rewarded as a real driver to participate in the real competition.

Can racing sim racing make me a better driver?

The sim racing game can build your driving and allow you to make your transition for your real-life racing competition to be successful.


If you need to buy a quality sim racing seat, then this article is absolutely for you. I’ll help you through my whole article to buy the best budget sim racing seats from reputed brands.

These seats will be of high quality, well-featured, highly comfortable, highly breathable, and many more. These seats are perfect for all levels of racers from beginners to professionals.

Buying any one of those picks from my top list will make you happy to play your racing games. Besides, you can improve your skill and get yourself ready to participate in a real-life racing competition.

Enjoy Your Racing!

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