Top 9 Best Car Window Tint for Heat Reduction Reviews in 2022

Best Car Window Tint for Heat Reduction
(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Are you tired of  UV rays heating up your car’s interior, roasting your skin? Or, you bothered with other drivers or people peeking inside your vehicle or stalking your car? I can feel you cause you aren’t alone with this issue, and there could be many more reasons you would want a tint. 

Well, covering with a regular tint or curtain won’t do the job you’re looking for. You have to get your hands on the best car window tint for heat reduction as well as privacy. 

A window tint is a forthright pick for your vehicle, whether it is a car or a jeep, or even a truck. But picking the right one isn’t easy. Don’t worry, but I’ve done the homework, gone through the products and expert reviews to give you the best choices available, and a detailed guideline at the end to pack one from the store. 

Let’s bring the table of car window films to you. 

Benefits of Window Tints

Before you head into the in-depth review, why not take a look at the benefits? You might be surprised to know that a tint film has vast benefits to offer you.

1. Keep the Car Cool

We see the interior of the car can become extremely hot when it is summer. To keep the interior cooler, you must have the proper auto tints.

2. Prevent UV Rays

UV light causes chemical reactions, which are very harmful to the human body. Numerous health issues can be created by this Ultraviolet Radiation, such as skin cancer, wrinkles, skin burn, solar elastosis, eye problems, and so on.

3. Slow Down Glare

Bright sun rays can fatigue your eyes while driving. If you have long driving habits, then a tint for cars can be useful for the long drive on a sunny day. 

4. Enhances Privacy

With the right tint, it is more difficult for a person to see inside of a car. Especially, the things in the back seat and the whole item of a car can be hidden through the correct tint.

5. Alleviate Fuel Consumption

Window films keep your car’s interior cooler so you do not have to use the air conditioner. This helps you to avoid excessive fuels and energy for the car, and save your money.

6. Improves Interior Durability

The suitable unit can prevent the sun rays from entering through the glass, and damage the front and back seats or the car’s whole interior. 

7. Increase Glass Protection

The shade prevents the glass from breaking down into small parts as it has a strong layer of adhesives to hold. It can be very helpful for you during an unwanted accident that may save you from a big disaster.  

Top 3 Best Car Window Tints for Heat Reduction

  • LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint
  • JNK NETWORKS Real Precut Tint
  • VViViD Colorful Transparent Car Window Tinting

A car window tint is meant to UV reduction issues for good and protects the glass too. Here, we’ve researched and added a few shades that we couldn’t resist. Hopefully, you’ll get to pick one as soon as you finish the article. 

Image Product Details   Price
LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit Top Pick

LEXEN 2Ply Carbon
Material: Lexen
Brand: Lexen
Color: Dark Black
Check Price
JNK NETWORKS Real Precut Tint Best Value

Color: Black
Check Price
VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Budget Friendly

VViViD Colorful Transparent
Material: Vinyl
Brand: VViViD
Color: Dark Black
Check Price
LEXEN-2Ply-Premium-Carbon Premium Quality

LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon
Brand: LEXEN
Color: 40% Light
Ultraviolet Light Protection: UV Protection
Check Price

1. Lexen 2Ply Pre-Cut Tint Kit

Cutting tint is like getting into a jam and scratch your time for nothing. If you wish to leave the hassle for good and save your priceless time, the LexenPreCut Tint is the worthy candidate you should look at. It ships with precut window tint to make the installation effortless.

Not just precut tints, the package brings a win-win setup for your car, including front driver glass, passenger side glasses, and rear glass– basically each shade for each window.

Even if you buy precut glasses or not, the installation is what most car owners are concerned about. To make it a hassle-free installation, the unit ships with a yellow squeegee that lets you snugly fit the tint on glass, and saves your time as well. 

Regular tints get scratches a lot and don’t even last longer. Thanks to the 2PLY Premium Carbon durable material, the Lexen unit can withstand every scratch and damage it faces – your money is in safe hands. So, it is one of the best scratch-resistant tints and excellent heat rejection film for car windows.

However, receiving cracked cell phone signals in the car is something that we face quite often. Thanks to the carbon material, it won’t block your signal whatsoever. Plus, using a non-reflective material, you barely catch UV rays flashing on your eyes, and even on the car.

Say goodbye to the law stresses; this car window tint film lets you escape the law by allowing you to choose between 5% to 50% shade levels.  

Honestly speaking, you got to watch your wallet before you order this one. Compared to the other ones on the list, it’s high-quality products and quite expensive. But the money would be worthwhile considering quality tint and the benefits you will get from it.

LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit
  • Protects the interior evenly
  • Easy installation
  • Squeegee included
  • No signal interference
  • Scratch resistance
  • The price is a thing to consider for some.
  • Ceramic build quality would have been better

2. JKN Network Real Precut Tint Film

If you want tinting features and come at exceptional affordability along with a variety of shades, you cannot resist the best types of window tint from JKN Networks. The budget won’t break your bank as the previous one.

Offering shade levels between 5% to 30%, you can choose the amount of light you wish to see. The lowest one is called limo tint, which basically covers your rear window from stalking.

I’d not suggest you choose 5% or 15% for your front windows as you can’t see the outside world clearly through them. It’s better to opt for 30% shades for your front and side windows. 

And guess what? This unit from JKN Networks brings a whole tint package for each glasses, including the back windshield, and all side windows. But a drawback to mention is that the package doesn’t ship with any tint film for the front window. 

Plus, thanks to the manufacturer, the tints come precut in real-time so that you can leave trimming or cutting hassle for once and all. 

Installation is a great deal if you aren’t a professional or expert. But no worries, the company ships a detailed instruction manual in the package. It can lead you to perfect tint placing without hesitation. 

But, the unit ships without a tint squeegee for perfect finishing. So, a professional squeegee kit is a must if you want a smooth placing. 

The precut shades are acceptable with numerous vehicles – call it an SUV, truck, pickup, minivan, or car, you name it. So, the versatility will be worth your money for sure.

JNK NETWORKS Real Precut Tint
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Easy to install
  • No trimming or cutting required
  • Included detailed instructions
  • Suitable for every car model
  • Sometimes the films tend to get scratches

3. Lexen 2Ply Premium Carbon Film

It’s not new that tints are susceptible to scratches and teardowns, and you need to run to the store each time for a new one. If you want a luscious solution, and leave the hassle of running to the stores, you can consider buying this LEXEN Computer Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kit 100ft Tint Rolls. Yes, a total of 100FT can cover your whole vehicle, no matter what it is.

UV rays are what trouble car owners the most because they burn both outside and inside a car. Thanks to the premium carbon material, this unit stands out as the best car window tint for UV protection, while resisting 99% of UV rays. Plus, it doesn’t shrink or fade away over time; instead, it gets a good grip on the windows.

Signal interference wrecks our minds while traveling by car, and that’s what is mostly caused by traditional tints. But the premium carbon built blocks every issue that causes signal breaks. You can easily use cell reception features on phone, satellite radio reception, wifi, or even a walkie-talkie.

And what about scratches and wear out? Well, the tint features scratch resistance though if you do a hard rub or slide, it can be torn apart. So, make sure to go gentle on it.

However, you might think of the installation, and how to place it on the windows. You can farewell to those worries because this tint roll is easy to be cut, dry/wet heat shrink-ability.

  • Enriched darker shade to reject UV rays
  • Quick installation
  • Massive films roll
  • No signal interference
  • Easy to cut and trim
  • Ceramic build quality could do better heat resistance

4. PROTINT- Vehicles Window Tinting Film Roll

Wish to keep your nosy neighbors, agents, and other stalkers from stalking your car or whatever you’re doing in your car? Well, for that, I couldn’t agree more than the best car window tint for privacy – PROTINT Tint Film. 

If you have a car, truck, pickup, or even a jeep, you can count on the  PROTINT to work for you. It’ll give you a dark tint shade to prevent all of the stalkers. 

Now, speaking of shades, this film roll boards a VLT (Visual Light Transmission) level of starring between 5% to 50% while keeping your car interior cool as well. Plus, it can prevent sunlight and direct UV rays at 99% tackling rate.

Sometimes you might be working in your garage or storage for fixing your car. In that case, you can rely on this unit also for counteracting sunlight.

Anyway, a tint’s durability has always been a major concern for car owners because traditional ones sometimes wear out and go in dire straits. But this one is truly outstanding. Even if the window glass breaks apart, the tint will stick to the glass so that broken parts don’t fall inside.

However, whenever you sought to apply the tint, make sure the window is spick and span. If it’s not, you can clean it with mild dish soap and water. Also, you’ve to cut the roll according to your tint shapes.

  • Glare and UV resistance
  • Long-lasting build quality and color retention
  • Multiple VLT levels
  • Greatly reduces the heat
  • Ideal of securing privacy
  • It is kinda challenging to install
  • The roll isn’t enough for a truck with large windows

5. VViViD Colorful Transparent Tint Film Roll

Overall, if you are a crafter or car owner who wants to cover both tint projects, you won’t have to look for the best window tint film for cars when you have this one. It can go swiftly and nicely with all your projects, but indeed with exquisite skill.

This company specially designed it for DIYérs, and is suitable for any interior project and crafting applications.

Featuring two rolls of 30 inches by 60 inches, this unit gives a great degree of a deal as well. You won’t face the rolls to finish out anytime soon. They will cover all your shade projects, DIY applications, and so on by your side. 

You can choose different colors and variations from dark black color, green, purple, orange, and blue to suit your project at a low cost. But remember to study your state law cause the law might have restrictions to the tint colors.

However, with an exotic block rating of 99%, this unit is undoubtedly down to business and tackles most scorching glares and UV rays. Plus, the transparent vinyl tint reduces the interior’s heat solely and doesn’t catch dirt, grime, and dust. So you’re free from filthy dust build-ups.

All this comes down to ease of installation. The vinyl sheets can be installed easily on trucks, cars, boats, and motorcycles with the adhesive body. You can comfortably place and remove the sheets. 

VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car
  • Great deal for craftmanship
  • Ideal for multiple windows
  • Worth the money
  • Easy to install and eject
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
  • It requires a great degree of cutting and applying skills

6. MKBROTHER Professional Tint Adhesive Film

Are you crawling for a tint film that goes under a respectable brand value? Wish to hear the saying “window tint block heat” murmuring in your ears? If that’s what you are looking for, the MKBROTHER brand is the right call for you.

Adhesive layers tint film from MKBROTHER is truly the Best UV Rejection Tint that plays rules in rays blocking. Whether you call it UVA or UVB rays, this tint can block 96% to 99% of rays continuously while improving your personal safety as well. 

Plus, this piece of tint paper lessens 50% of the heat reduction rating that comes through the window so that you can drive smoothly even on burning summer days.

Moreover, don’t you wish for a clear view? Regular reflective tint prevents sunlight in a more irritating way and prevents you from getting a better view. But this tint brings you a body of 1.5 mil thickness that you never know is sitting on your window while providing a clear hue of the outside. 

Well, in your long driving sessions, you must have faced signal blocking issues that felt like grasping at straws. But this tint cuts off every signal interference like a ninja, thanks to the non-metalized construction. You’ll get the continuous signal frequency in your car. 

However, installing is what will catch most of the attention. But this piece is too easy to install. Just grab some water and soap to clean the windows, and start applying it. While applying, go slow; otherwise, this film might kink and get you out of luck.

  • Easy to install
  • Eco-friendly tint film
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great degree of heat resistance
  • No signal issues
  • It might kink if you press it hard

7. Custom Accessories Black Magic 5045606 Tint Film

How about a tint that can be removable and reusable at the same time? Yes, that’s the only exception on my today’s list. I present you the Black Magic from Custom Accessories, which you can remove and reuse whenever you want, surely living up to its name of Black Magic.

The durability of tint is like a vicious cycle; you can’t ignore it. But forget your never-ending worries of durability; this tint features metallic film, which is exceedingly durable, and very unlikely to get any scratches, produce bubbles or even fade away in the long haul.

With the metallic coating, you get the assurance of no more UV light flashing on your skin and a warm car interior. Also, Black magic window tint brands it as one of the best and high selling window tints.

Giving you a 5% VLT, it’s ideal for sitting on the rear window, making out a limo effect, and calling it a night for maximum privacy purposes. Besides, you can choose between 5% to 35% of VLT levels if you want more.

Unlike Lexen and other precut tints, this one doesn’t feature anything near that, but there is a solution for every problem. The rolls in undoubtedly flexible to cut and trim in various shapes.

As soon as you cut the shapes, you can effortlessly place the tint with just a hard card or credit card if you don’t get a squeegee nearby. No glue or sticks are needed either. 

However, if you aren’t a professional in the installation part, be stress-free; this unit backs you up with an installation kit including a CD for the tutorial. 

Moreover, it comes rolled in 24 by 78 inches to fit almost any vehicle windows you have, including truck, pickup, minivan, SUV. Plus, you can use it for DIY-home crafts.

Custom Accessories Black Magic
  • Flexible build quality
  • Metalized body to prevent heat and UV rays
  • Certified multiple testing
  • Included installation accessories
  • Requires no glue or adhesive to apply
  • This tint comes with VLT limitations

8. MotoSHeild Pro Ceramic Window Tint Film

Have you ever thought of a ceramic film that can reduce heat, glare, and UV rays more than other tints? That’s what MotoShield Pro Tint Film brings to you, especially a complete package of safe and well-balanced films for windows.

Regarding the superior protection, the Motosheild gives your multiple layers of solar resistance, including 99% protection from UV and IRR, glare rejection of 39%, and lastly, 53% of TSER. They would cause to heat up your car to a very extent but not anymore.

And the build quality? Ceramic films stand out at a high peak in build quality, directly coming from nano-particles that are non-metallic and non-conductive. These particles block most of the heat in your car interior, reducing the internal temperature by more than 25℉.

As it doesn’t compose metal, carbon, or dye materials, you won’t face any kind of signal interference, thanks to nano-technology. You’ll get a consistent signal transmission and track GPS fluently.

That being said about this product, I believe it has the best car window tint percentage ranging from 5% to 75% VLT level to choose from. You can pick multiple levels of shades from each window of your car.

MotoShield Pro Premium Professional
  • Multiple VLT shades to choose
  • Assured nice color stability
  • Prolonged durability
  • Doesn’t turn purple
  • Built with nano-particles for the best result
  • It’s highly challenging to install it on your own
  • One roll won’t be enough for a big truck or SUV

9. Gila- Automotive Window Tint Film

Featuring advanced heat resistance technology, removable and reusable feature, the Gila Tint lands as the best car window film for heat reduction. So, if you are looking for an automotive products tint deal that brings you a right-away-snatchy package, it surely has to be the tint film from Gila Auto window tint.

I’d say the burning issues of the car’s interior are long gone as technology-enhanced. With advanced heat blocking, you won’t even notice 99% of UV rays flashing on your car that might cause your vehicle to heat up and make a burning interior.

For privacy concerns, the Gila heat shield blocking tech blocks more than 80% of light coming into your car.

However, this film unit is easily removable. When you don’t want to use the tint anymore, rather want to enjoy clear views, you can easily opt for it.  Either way, you get to re-use it as well to save your money and time. 

The static cling comes directly from advanced deep-dye technology with rigid and sturdy materials so that you can drive safely without thinking of scratches and other issues.

As this one comes with 20% of VLT level, you can not opt for the front window. For that, you might want to look for a separate roll of tint film.

Gila Static Cling VLT Automotive
  • Promising usages
  • Easy to install
  • Made with advanced technology
  • Both re-usable and removable
  • Keep the interior cool
  • Only 20% of VLT available

Before You Buy What to Look For

There are several things to consider while choosing the best window tint for heat reduction comparing an average window tint. The following considerations will help you find out the best one to fulfill all your requirements and purposes.

Roll Vs. Precut

Roll options are available in large rolled sheets that you have to cut according to your car window size. It is also famous as films move to the people.

If you want to go with pre-option, you have to individualize each detail of your car to get the pieces of tints designed according to the car model. You just need a tool to install them in your car in a relatively easy way. 

Level of VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

The level of visible transmission light mainly depends on the driver, or I must say on you. There are so many types of tint are available in various shades that can provide different types of visibility. A car tint with a higher VLT percentage can be lighter than a tint with a lower VLT. 

So if you need more visibility in your car, you have to choose the tint with a higher VLT so that the light can come into the car quickly. However, the choice is totally yours.

UV Protection (Ultraviolet Protection)

UV exposure increases the risk of potentially damaging the skin protection layer, blinding eye diseases, and car interiors’ fading. So it would be best if you opt for a window tint that can adequately block the heat and UV rays from exposing the car. 


The most important thing about any product is its longevity. The sound quality of products can provide you with long-lasting duration at an affordable price. While buying tint for your car, you just have to know how long it will give you service and when you have to change it. If the tint lasts longer, it will be an outstanding option for saving your pennies. 

Ease of Application

You must buy a product that can be easy for you to install and remove as well without anybody’s help. The easy implication is significant for every newbie. If the tint is easy to use, you can apply it by yourself. So try to choose such kinds of tints with less expense. 

Heat Reduction

All the car users want to keep the hot temperatures less inside the car. This is one of the most important things for a buyer to keep in mind while choosing tints. Reflective windows can do a great job in reducing the heat to a maximum level that will make you feel comfortable during long-distance driving.

Choosing Colors of Films

The colors of the window tint depend on your choice and taste. Most of the person prefers factor tint as they come in a very light appearance. But there is the availability of other colors also, for instance, grey, black, blue, silver from which you can pick one for your car. 

Different types of Car Window Tint

But it isn’t easy to find out the best window tint film for heat reduction for your car as there are different types of car window tint available plenty of options. Each and every tint is apart from the others based on their designs, qualities, and their own benefits. Here are some of the tints, and knowing the effectiveness of each of them can help you choose the right one.

Dyed Film

These are the most common type of tints at a very reasonable price. With an adhesive and polyester top coating, this type is quite thin. These look shadowy from the outside, which provides the drivers good visibility. Dyed tint also provides great protection to the passengers and driver against UV rays.

The dark color tint keeps the car interior cooler also. So many good qualities with such an affordable price have made it a popular choice for the buyers.

Metallic Tints or Metalized Tints

Metallized Window tint is also similar to dyed tint in filtering out the heat. It has adhesive layers with a metallic coating that reflects light and blocks the UV rays from entering the car. It is very effective for glare reduction. 

A metallic tint is very much durable and can last longer without fading. It is notorious for interfering and transmissions with radio waves, GPS, and mobile devices call reception. 

Carbon Window Film

Talking about carbon tints, these can effectively block UV rays while slowing down upholstery fading. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and provides coolness during summer and warmness in winter. 

The Carbon particles block up to 40% of infrared light that insulate the inside of a car from sun rays. It also lessens the amount of air conditioning and saves your money.

Ceramic Film Tint

As the most latest and expensive tints, Ceramic ones are well-reputable among car owners. The ceramic particles are non-conductive and work very efficiently. 

They boast up to 99 percent of UV rays and surpass all other tints in reducing glare without fading. Ceramic tints don’t block the signal. Compared to others, these are more expensive.

Read More – Best Ceramic Window For Car Tints

Clear Window Film

As the name goes, clear window films are the best option for getting proper invisibility and protection against UV rays. But, the fact is it cannot provide you privacy, and people can see the front and back seats clearly from the outside.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

1. Car window tinting laws by state- is this illegal?

Depends on which states you’re running your car. Every single state may vary its law about car window tint/shades. Sometimes it may fall you instant charge/fine on the road if the states don’t accept these modifications. Anyways, window tint isn’t directly prohibited at all.

2. Does it harm my car windows- in any way?

Basically, we installed window shades for protecting our car and its inside stuff. But when the question comes, window tint can able to harm window glass?

The answer is, “NO” but sometimes an unusual occur may happen when we want to remove or change window tints. You know what we mean! A lot of broken glass pieces.

3. Which one best type of window tint?

Regarding on our today’s research on the best window tint for heat reducing and the mentioned type of window tint above. We’re can Metalized Window tint or Ceramic Window Film both are versatile and great. Ceramic Window tint is also now hot & trendy in-car community.

4. How long does window tint last- in general?

10 years or more. If you choose well branded and made window tint previously. And also installed it properly. We’re sure you totally forget the window tinting process date after the next installation is needed.

5. Bubbles in window tint after installation- why?

Did you get a few air bubbles that come in your tint after installing even one or days later! Don’t be upset. it’s normal even more professional guy installed, it may come but the amount may vary. Why do bubbles are appear? In most cases, it happens because of the air and dust layer. If single pieces of dust remain in the window and you’re covering tint over it then air bubbles are producing that spot.

6. How long do bubbles stay in window tint?

5-7 Days. In General, appearing bubbles on window tint may vanish after a few days of using your car. And you don’t need to do anything about it. it will cure itself.

7. Why is the window tint turning purple color?

Turning your window tint in different colors at an early age because of its built quality and over sunlight absorbing. Also, extreme temperatures through sunlight on dyed window tint is the main reason for turning into purple color.

8. Why window tint turning brown shades?

In the past few years, you may notice, transforming brown color car window tint from its original color. Even not only brown color, but it also becomes so many colors. Actually, it hints to us its quality and its life span.


Installing the best car window tint for heat reduction is the go-to choice in your summer ride. The tint will get you a comfortable ride with great privacy.

Well, I can bet by now you have clarified your preferences as you are here. But make sure to check out some initial things about a tint before you buy – the tint doesn’t get scratched, peel, or faded away over time.

Safe riding!

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