Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Cars ( Android, iPhone)

Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Cars

Summer of 2022, a perfect time to go on an important trip with buddies somewhere in the countryside. Limitless chattering and pulling one another’s leg, what more do you need on a detour?

Last year I was driving a 1994 Mazda Miata and went on a road trip with my old buddies. Going down the old roads, we were uplifting music from the CDs we took. Enjoying roadside attractions, punching one another. But things were becoming a bit uneventful after a while.

But after I bought the FM transmitter for cars in the market for the next tour, it straightened my things out. Hope the same goes for you as well.

However, before going deep on the best FM transmitter for car let’s gather some basics, why we should use Bluetooth functionally FM transmitter.

Why Buy a Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Apart from broadcasting FM channels, there are some other reasons why you may find interest in getting one for your car.

Portable Audio and Radio System for Music

Modern-day cars have wireless Bluetooth audio connectivity that catches the closest radio frequency and plays audio for you. But back in the old days, cars were not being introduced to any system for streaming radio services. People just had to install CDs to listen to music or any lecture.

As there is no built-in sound system in older vehicles, a Bluetooth FM transmitter for the car allows you to play music through an FM frequency. You will only need smart mobile devices or MP3 Players to connect with the transmitter.

Installing a Bluetooth transmitter, vintage car owners can have modern-day facilities like portable radio services. They can also have access to their favorite playlists.


Transmitters from these days also provide more than piping music through the radio. You can enjoy an advanced microphone for hands-free calling. No need to grab the phone for talking; just click a specific button, and you will be able to talk through the car’s speaker.

Along these, there is a charging facility. Transmitters have a USB charging port so that you can move stress-free for charging your cigarette lighter or phone.

Top 3 Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Cars (Editor Picks)

  1. Best Rated Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car- Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio 
  2. Best wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car- IMDEN Bluetooth FM Transmitter
  3. Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Radio- VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

There are a bunch of FM transmitters in the market that you really just want to speculate about. But among these plenty of transmitters, we’ve picked out the 9 Best FM transmitters for cars that are really worth the hunt.

Image Product Details   Price
Nulaxy- Best FM Transmitter for iPhone Top Pick

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Brand: Nulaxy
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.4 x 4.9 x 2.1 inches
Check Price
IMDEN- Best FM Radio Transmitter for Car Best Value

IMDEN Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Brand: IMDEN
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.4 x 2.9 x 1.9 inches
Check Price
VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter Budget Friendly

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Brand: Victsing
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
Product Dimensions:
3 x 3 x 1 inches
Check Price
JETech- Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Android Premium Quality

JETech- Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Android
Brand: JETech
Connectivity Technology: USB
Input Device Interface: HD Radio optional
Power Source Type: Corded Electric
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1. Nulaxy- Best FM Transmitter for iPhone

Nulaxy- Best FM Transmitter for iPhone

By feature

Bluetooth connectivity- 4.5
Battery life- 4.5
Volume control- 4.5
Quality of material-4.4
Sound quality- 4.3
Durability- 4.2

As the main purpose of a transmitter will be listening to music and other stuff, you can surely play your favorite songs and radio stations using this transmitter. It has Bluetooth 5.0, which can easily catch frequencies of any nearby radio station.

It can operate through Bluetooth, AUX cable, and TF card on your car stereo. You will experience the best crystal-clear sound and full quality audio; advanced noise suppression technology will definitely ensure these.

A big display will make your driving risk-free in incoming calls. People often peep through transmitters for changing music or checking phone calls which ultimately leads them to an accident. And this is a very common scenario these days.

Plus, a large display of 1.44 inches is quite better to anticipate battery voltage or checking phone calls. Perfect screen size helps you to drive carefully without any nuisance.

The wireless FM transmitter with AUX input is facilitated with a voltmeter that portrays the condition of the car’s battery. It measures the car’s battery voltage not only when your car is moving on but also when it is parked. So, you are a bit more cautious about whether your battery is draining out or not.

  • Great Bluetooth connectivity
  • MicroSD slot available
  • Google Assistant, Siri supported
  • Phenomenal sound quality
  • Pairs automatically
  • Might create static noise while changing stations

2. IMDEN- Best FM Radio Transmitter for Car

IMDEN- Best FM Radio Transmitter for Car

By feature

Size 2018 Updated Version Bluetooth Fm Transmitter
Power Source DC 12V / 24V
Product Dimensions 4.4 x 2.9 x 1.9 inches; 2.89 Ounces
Model Name Bluetooth FM transmitter for car

If you are looking for a transmitter for multiple uses, then this one from IMDEN might be the one to watch out for.

Bluetooth connectivity has been awesome so far. It pairs easily with all Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. No need to worry if you have a variety of devices like IOS, Samsung, Sony devices, etc. It connects with all of them as a hands-free kit.

This IMDEN FM Transmitter went few steps ahead of other transmitters by using CVC technology. When you are making a call, the CVC functions to cancel out the external sounds, music, and other diffusive sounds like wind.

One of the contemporary features of this is the smart car locator. You only have to install an app to navigate the car’s location. This can come in handy in cases like missing a car after parking. The smart locator will recover your car quickly, broadcasting car navigation on your cell phone.

Out of the ordinary, it comes with fast charging dual USB ports. These dual ports support 2.0 USB and Type-C cables. You can safely charge devices without causing damage to the batteries. QC3.0 fast charger supplies battery efficiency of more than 80%.

  • Built-in microphone
  • Fast dual USB chargers
  • Voltage monitor
  • Temperature control inside the car
  • CVC technology enabled
  • Small display

3. VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter

By feature

  • Stream music from any 3.5mm
  • music player to your home or car stereos. Transmits on FM channels 88.1
  • MHz – 107.9 MHz, 0.1Mhz/step, Hands-free talking function offers you
  • more safty and convenience while driving on the road

If you are looking for performance, affordability, quality, and pliability in a single picture, then this one from VicTsing will surely win your mind.

Multiple accessibilities are the key to catch anyone’s attention. Plus, it comes with a lot of smart features. Plug and play; that’s all you will need to play music. Bluetooth 5.0 makes a stronger and faster pairing with FM transmitter stations.

With voice command support, your life is going to get easier. You can get things moving by simply using Google Assistant or Siri. It will ensure you safer driving by getting driving instructions through voice command – No need to press buttons for making calls or sending texts.

You can charge more than one device using its 2 port USB car charger. Between these two ports, one is a fast-charging port that charges 4 times faster than any standard device – charging up to 80% in less than 35 minutes.

The USB ports can also contain flash drivers up to 32 GB, you can play MP3 files through these drivers. The stereo system of these transmitters will definitely bring an uninterrupted listening experience.

  • Fast charging
  • Voice command
  • Multifunctional access buttons
  • GPS navigating system
  • Compact design
  • Distortion-free sound quality
  • Voltage monitor
  • May automatically lower the volume sometimes

4. JETech- Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Android

JETech- Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Android

By feature

Easy to use-4.6
Quality of material- 4.3
Volume control- 4.3
Sound quality- 4.2
Durability- 4.2
Remote Control- 4.1

You may not call it a day using this JETech FM Transmitter. But still, it is a great choice to use if you have a tight, skimpy budget.

Initially, you have to affix the transmitter by its 3.5 mm jack with your Android smartphone or any MP3 player device, which makes it the best FM transmitter for Android in this price range.

Jokes apart, it doesn’t take too long to find the nearest radio frequencies. High-quality sound is assured by the manufacturer.

Also, it comes with a USB flash drive port, giving you the facility to charge tablets, phones, and GPS while driving.

LCD panel looks decent user interface and user-friendly too. There are two buttons aligned with the display panel for receiving calls and turning the transmitter on or off. Moreover, the visibility of the display is great—no need to shrivel eyes to see battery charge or radio signals.

  • Clear sound
  • USB port
  • Easy to use
  • Red LED on display adds great visibility
  • Inexpensive
  • No voice commands

5. TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter

TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter

By feature

Upgraded 2-in-1 Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter
Low Latency for High-fidelity Stereo Sound
In Transmitter mode, turn a non-Bluetooth TV, PC, CD player, iPod, MP3 / MP4 into a Bluetooth transmitter.
PURE SOUND: High definition codec for a richer and deeper sound experience.

Unlike most other FM transmitters, TaoTronics offers exactly accurate value for money devices.

One of the vital features that really stands out is that it connects with two devices at a time. You can connect both speakers of the car and your headphone simultaneously.

Bluetooth all around! You can seamlessly enjoy your favorite content while charging it as well. This transmitter has got a big battery to serve you up to 10+ hours.

Low latency is quite a rare and effective feature to add on. It takes lesser time to respond after getting instructions from you. The lesser delay, the better result will be shown. Also, it immediately pairs with the receiver after pressing the buttons.

  • Great compatibility
  • Perfect sound quality
  • Minimal latency to operate
  • Solid frequency wide ranges
  • Saves budget
  • Needs to re-pair every time after disconnection

6. Bovon Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Bovon Bluetooth FM Tra

By feature

Easy to install- 4.6
Bluetooth connectivity- 4.5
Quality of material- 4.4
Volume control- 4.3
Sound quality- 4.1
Durability- 4.1

What should be an FM transmitter like? Like Bovon Bluetooth FM transmitter! That should be a proper answer.

Bovon FM transmitter offers the best in business within a limited budget. You can get almost everything that a premium transmitter has.

Here, you can play music from three separate sources, from Bluetooth-enabled devices, from SD cards, and from USB flash drives. Simply plug the transmitter, and match the radio signals, voila!

CVC noise suppression technology provides anti-interference and clear sound. The distortion-removing system works extremely well.

Furthermore, it is the 87.5-108 Hz frequency range of devices that offers clean sound quality. You may feel hard to find a free channel to listen to in such a range. But its exquisite Bluetooth connectivity immediately connects once it gets a free channel.

It has two built-in USB ports, so you can charge your phone or multiple devices while you enjoy music.

The 5V/1A USB port has been designed to charge your phone, which can also read USB disks. Another 5V/2.4A USB port provides rapid charging to charge your other smart devices quickly.

Also, the built-in microphone works magnificently. It enables hands-free calls and makes your journey effortless. This microphone will also work as a bridge to the navigation system. As soon as you connect the transmitter, it will immediately remind you to navigate from your phone’s application.

  • Mediocre microphone quality
  • Multiple ports to operate
  • CVC noise cancellation technology
  • Fast charging
  • Voice navigation system
  • Unstable Bluetooth connection sometimes ( Users Complain)

7. LIHAN Wireless FM Transmitters

LIHAN Wireless FM Transmitters

By feature

Easy to use- 4.3
Sound quality- 4.0
Value for money- 3.6

This wireless transmitter from LIHAN may work as a great upgrade for older cars. There are many ways to link this wireless device with your smart gadget.

You can use the universal compatibility AUX cable, USB flash drives driver, TF cards, and SD card will support as well.

LIHAN FM transmitter often comes with user-friendly products like these ones. It has got two different USB ports that can charge your device up to 3.1A and 3A periodically.

The 3.1A port supplies quick charging. Not only quick charging, but this port can also detect Android or any smart device. As a result, there will be no chance of over-charging. Automatically, it turns off charging when the battery is full.

You can listen to your favorite podcasts or song in three different modes. Firstly, you have the freedom to listen to songs by just pairing Bluetooth enable devices.

Secondly, if that does not please you, then you can insert a TF card to shuffle songs. Finally, if that’s also meaningless to you, then plug an SD card, and give peace to your ears.

Flashing a car’s battery voltage can save you from unwanted disturbance. If your car has any kind of battery issues, it’ll inform you immediately without wasting any time. Like most transmitters, it can cancel any interference while talking.

The hustling and bustling of crowds can be easily neglected with its CVC noise suppression technology features.

  • Voltage monitoring
  • Compatible
  • Advanced noise reduction technology
  • Clear sound
  • Fast charging ports
  • Not easy to set up

8. SUMIND Wireless Radio Adapter

SUMIND Wireless Radio Adapter

By feature

Easy to install- 4.6
Bluetooth connectivity- 4.5
Quality of material- 4.4
Volume control- 4.3
Sound quality- 4.1
Durability- 4.1

It actually doesn’t matter which device you have or how that connects because the SUMIND wireless transmitter is so compatible. This transmitter connects with Bluetooth devices on every smartphone or tablet.

A big thanks to the universal compatibility AUX cable; using this cable can work with any older device.

Charging multiple devices is another benefit apart from listening to music. One of the two USB ports supports quick charging.

The large key in the middle has multiple usages. And there play and pause for hang on or hand off calling. If you long-press it for 3 seconds almost, Google and Siri will be there to take voice commands. As such, you can enjoy a safe driving experience.

Having said this, the transmitter also offers to play songs by switching to TF card and SD card as well.

  • Rapid charging
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • 3 USB ports
  • Voice command
  • Noise suppression technology enabled
  • 7” LCD screen
  • Pairing takes a bit of time

9. WeBack- Best Radio Transmitter for iPhone

By feature

Value for money- 4.5
Easy to use- 4.5
Volume control- 4.3
Sound quality- 4.2

The WebackBluetooth FM transmitter is a great one to choose from for minimalists. Not so flashy but not so cheap-looking as well. It has got some extra features reaching the top of your expectation.

It comes with CVC technology for better sound quality. To reduce boredom, it has the option to play music from 3 sources. You can either play from Bluetooth, USB flash drive and TF cards. Jazz, classical, pop – whatever you choose, plugin and keep calm.

Featuring 3 USB ports, one of them has fast-charged. QC-3.0 will maximize the charging efficiency by 80%. Rather than any other port, a quick charger dissipates power quite well—no tension for the battery being damaged.

Furthermore, they have added another trendy feature, which is an RGB light. This multicolored screen gives clear visibility of the display panel. Flickering lights with the rhythm of the music will certainly make your mind playful.

As far as sound qualities are concerned, we have no issues with that. Hi-Fi music is being produced by the speaker and has been able to provide excellent hand-free calling.

  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Fast charging
  • RGB light
  • Clear Voice Capture technology
  • Crisp sound quality
  • Distracting static sound

What to Look for Before Buying?

Most people love to listen to their favorite songs while driving. But as the days are passing, technology is evolving. Now, it has come into a position where a traditional FM radio transmitter will not work as a modern kind of thing.

Companies are adding trendy and attractive features to get the best out of these transmitters. Meanwhile, when you make the decision to buy one of these, make sure that they are fine-tuned and have multi-functionality to serve you the longest time.

So, below there are some factors you should consider while purchasing.


Everyone in the neighborhood does not use iPhones for listening to music, right?  One may use his/her go-to Android or tablet. Some may use old-school MP3 or MP4 players. Whatever they use does not matter. The fact here is, you should make sure your transmitter connects to every device.

A transmitter that has high-speed Bluetooth connectivity helps you to make a wireless connection with every single device. Not only that, but some transmitters also have extra SD cards or TF card slots to make full use of it. Check the transmitter’s compatibility before you buy a new one.

Sound Quality

What if you buy a brand-new FM transmitter that gives you a distorted sound all day long? All your money will be in vain, right? So, sound quality is as important as sugar is on the cake.

The sound quality relatively depends on the system’s Bluetooth connectivity. If your Bluetooth can pick up signals from devices very well, then you will have a crisp sound. But if it fails to catch signals for a number of occasions, then it may result in having distorted and noisy sounds.

So, buying a transmitter with great Bluetooth connectivity is the course of action here as well.


Now, Bluetooth connectivity is actually dependent on frequency. FM transmitters function by selecting a certain frequency range.

Cheap FM transmitters often use low frequencies that are already in use by radio stations. That’s why it makes a lot of interference and noise.

Transmitters with a wide range of frequencies can allocate to a free radio channel substantially.

Additional Features

Regardless of what model of smartphone or devices you have, an FM transmitter will get your songs playing, device charging, and your phone calls coming.

So, it is necessary for you to choose a transmitter that gives you these opportunities.

In this cutting-edge world, you have to maintain your work-life balance. These modern-day transmitters can make your driving safer by providing hand-free calling.

You don’t need to panic for a quick charge before going on a meeting because transmitters will do that for you as well.

Prioritizing your personal preference, choose a transmitter that is multifunctional and comes in handy most of the time.

Types of Bluetooth FM Transmitters

While we talk about the types of Bluetooth transmitters, there are not so many types to differentiate with. But still, we will talk here about two primary types that are profoundly found in the market. So, without further ado, let’s discuss.

Basic Transmitters

A simple and steady FM transmitter for Android will allow your phone to connect with your car’s stereo system and play music for you, nothing else.

Transmitters from the previous decade weren’t more efficient than that. An LCD screen was seen few times. The sole purpose of that LCD screen was to flash audio signals and radio channels.

Most of the basic models were designed to catch low frequencies and allowed them to connect with a smart device or MP3 device back in the old days.

Multifunctional Transmitters

A combination of functionality is the key selling point of these modern-day transmitters.

Rather than streaming music, it is not difficult to have hands-free calling, voltage monitoring, device charging, and so on.

Another thing to ponder is that they are not so expensive. Without spending much money, people get a multi-functional device.

Furthermore, they are easy to use. Large displays and voice command navigation systems make driving effortless.

So, if you can get hold of these wonderful aspects on the go, why wouldn’t you have any?


1. How to connect the FM transmitter to the iPhone?

Using a dock connector is an easy way to connect the FM transmitter to iPhone. However, if your phone has automatic scan features for finding a radio station, you just need to setup them.

2. Can I use my phone as an FM transmitter?

In recent days some Android devices have come up with these features and if you’re one of them then you can use. But don’t panic there are also so many free apps available in-app market to take advances of those who do not have built-in features.

3. Do Bluetooth FM transmitters actually work on cars every time?

It should be. If you don’t have any problematic devices or out-of-frequency coverage. 

4. What is the best FM transmitter that connects to Bluetooth for your car?

As we already review the top 9 Bluetooth FM transmitters here and each one of them is the best FM transmitter for cars in their functionality and eases of use perspective. Now only you need to find out your suitable one and go to pick any of them.

5. Does the iPhone have an FM transmitter?

Unfortunately, None of the model iPhones don’t have FM transmitter functionality by default. 

6. Are FM transmitters bad for your car?

You know any kind of electric device drains the battery if it is workable but in this case, its draining level is so low and you can use it without facing any trouble.

Final Words

Arguably, you have a number of options to choose from among these FM radio transmitters. But for a pick without imperfections, it is hard to choose.

Beyond the budget picks of FM radio transmitters on the list, be sure to choose one that won’t make much trouble for you to use the device.

Don’t go shabby purchasing the best FM transmitter for car, rather pick the finest one in the market and get the tour of your lifetime!

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