Top 10 Best LED Interior Lights For Cars In 2022

Best LED Interior Lights For Cars

Aside from your home and office, your car is probably the place you spent the most time in. You probably have thought of changing the dull, dark look of the car interior many times but thoughts never met action.

Amid many other options like Neon light kits to alleviate the ambiance of the car interior, LED lights to work best. But how do you find the best led interior lights for cars? More specifically to the model of the car.

LED Interior Lights For Cars

Choosing the best-LED bulbs for car interior could be strenuous work for overwhelming options available on the market. You have to filter the best by light quality, life span, color variation, installation process, user reviews, and other functionalities.

Another shortcut is you stay with us and we go through the best lights available on the market. We have listed the best of the best after thorough research on mentioned criteria. If you read further, you will find LED lighting systems and buying guide.

What are the best LED interior lights?

LED interior lights will be said as the best if it has the following features integrated:

Color Changing Options

Multiple Colors based upon the RGB shall make the car interior look even more beautiful than the conventional car lights. Besides, the color mix-up option can be used to alter the car interior according to the mood of the driver and passengers.

IR Blaster Activated

LED light strips which are IR activated can be controlled using a remote. You don’t have to lean, bend or change seats for changing the settings or simply switch on/off the LED lights. This can be done easily and remotely with an IR remote.

Water Repellent Coating

The LED light strips are a mod that is not officially authorized for your car interior. It is better to use waterproof LED light strips. Because LED light strips are directly connected to the dashboard of your car. And accidental spilling of liquids on the non-waterproof strip may lead to a major accident.

Benefits of LED Interior Lights 

Car interior LED lighting kits are probably one of the best ways to bring significant changes to your car with the least dollars spent. We will be discussing some prominent features in this section of the article.


The sky is the limit when you consider customizing your car with car interior LED bulbs. You have limitless options of color, pattern, style which is nowhere to be matched by your counterparts. Different shades and colors will never cease to entertain you.


LED lighting kits come with a great life span compared to stock and other options. Some of the best led interior lights for cars surpass 50,000 hours easily.

Energy Efficient 

Compared to traditional car lights, LED lighting kits are a lot more energy-efficient. It spends a fraction of the energy with no compromise in its performance. Some LED lights power from the cigarette lighter/ car charger inside the car. All you have to do is plug and play. The same functionality can be offered from the music player USB port of the car dashboard. 

Low Price

You must check the price of LED lighting kits; these are quite cheap and affordable. Anyone with a passion for cars can buy them to change the inner of his/her car for an aesthetic outcome.


The LED lighting kits come with a lot of color changing, brightening, and dimming features. You can manually control it or leave it to the automatic system to best perform the art to your car interior lights. There are different modes even, sound activation modes, music mode,


LED kits have versatile usage. You can use different led lights such as dome lights, door lights, map lights, license plate lights, trunk lights, etc. Even the best led interior lights for cars have a lot of variety.

Top 10 Best LED Interior Lights for Car

Here we have listed down the 10 best LED lights that you might find perfect for your interior job.

Image Product Details   Price
SIRIUS-LED-Best-Led-Bulbs-For-Car-Interior- Top Pick

Manufacturer Part Number:
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WEIMELTOY-Best-Led-Strip-Lights-For-Car-Interior Best Value

Amber Yellow
Manufacturer Part Number:
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EverBright-Best-Car-Interior-Ambient-Lighting Budget Friendly

EverBright Amber T10 194 LED Bulbs
Brand: YM E-Bright
Color: Amber
Manufacturer Part Number:
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DE3175-Best-Quality-Led-Strip-Lights Premium Quality

DE3175 Led Car Bulb
Color: 6000k White
Manufacturer Part Number:
Check Price

Top 10 Best LED Interior Lights For Cars

Here we have listed down the 10 best lights that you might find perfect for your interior job.

SIRIUS LED – Best Car Interior Ambient Lighting

Considering that you want to shower the interior of your car with pure white light. For this, the Sirius LED lights could be your car’s perfect companion.

This comes in 6000k pure white color and a 3030 strong chipset. Therefore, the light can be an ideal replacement for your stock car interior lights. Undeniably, this is the best car interior ambient lighting with accent lighting. 

You can be assured about the quality build-up of each bulb. Because these LED lights are constructed upon high precision fiberglass optical circuit boards. It results in optimal current flow throughout the board for best performance. Moreover, for its balanced heat displacement, there is a minimal chance of overheating.

The package has 10 bulbs in it which fit 194, 168, 174, 175, 2825, etc. bulb sizes. As a result, you will get a variety of options on the bulb section to select the best one. Besides, the bulbs are programmed to show multiple usabilities.

Each bulb on this strip emits about 200 Lumen of light. This power is high enough to provide subtle and tolerable light for your car interior.

You will get assurance of over 50000 hours of lifespan along with the Sirius LED bulb. Therefore, do not worry about the early damage and replacement of the bulbs any sooner.

These bulbs are non-polarity specific, made with the universal T10 sockets, and are super easy to install and replace. Take out your halogen bulb then plug and shine. It’s that simple.

What’s impressive about Sirius LED interior is it has a vast array of usage. Depending on your car model you can use the bulb as map lights, dome lights, door lights, license plate lights, trunk lights, etc.

  • No yellow glare is observed except the pure white light
  • Illuminates bright lights
  • Easy to install and replace 
  • Can be installed in any part of the car 
  • Energy and heat efficient 
  • Might pass out on long term usage
  • Non-CANbus LED lights

WEIMELTOY – Best Quality Car Led Strip Lights


A perfect replacement of a halogen bulb even shines brighter than a regular one. Weimeltoy 194 LED interior Comes in amber yellow color with 100 lumens bright light emission. This amount of output is very satisfying for the human eye. Besides, it won’t create any discomfort after being exposed to light for a long time.

A pack consists of 12 pieces of bulbs of 1.5 watts each running in 12-24V. This makes the bulbs highly energy efficient. Your car battery won’t keep on delivering the power required for these car lights for a long period.

This energy-efficient bulb has a wide range of applications and fits almost anywhere you want to fit it. The T10 socket has universal connectivity. It enables the light’s usage as the dome light, door light, map light, license plate light, trunk light, etc.

WEIMELTOY LED interior bulbs are polarity-sensitive light. As a result, in any case, if it doesn’t work, then just unplug and alter sides.

The bulb has 3030 powerful chipsets installed in it. This makes the best quality car-led strip lights shine brighter than most other counterparts in the market.

Its 50,000+ hours lifespan eliminates the trouble of changing the lights from time to time. Finally, the WEIMELTOY LED board is compatible to receive W5W 147 152 158 159 161 168 184 192 193 194 2821 2825, etc. sizes. This gives you a lot of options to choose the best selectable bulb for your car.

  • Extremely efficient and energy-saving
  • Yellow amber color
  • A vast array of applications 
  • Effortless installation and replacement 
  • Higher lifespan for better efficiency 
  • Becomes hot during long active hours
  • RGB format is unavailable

EverBright Amber – Best LED Interior Lights


The Everbright 100 lumen Amber light could be your best pick for ambient lighting in your car’s interior. If you are preferring a yellowish amber color interior over white and other colors, these best LED interior lights better are your top selection.

You will get a chance of color selection while purchasing. There are Blue, Green, Ice Blue, White, Warm White, Red, and soft yellow. As a result, you can be installing the best-suited color of the bulb according to your choice and personality.

Its universal T10 socket makes it eligible for all sorts of stock lights replacement. You won’t need any sort of external socket for installing it. The universal socket system makes it applicable to all cars in the world.

This bulb is integrated using the durable and powerful 5050 SMD chipset. It ensures the high durability of the LED lights installed in the bulb. Besides, the endurance of the lights is increased as well.

Each bulb of 0.8 wattage makes it probably the most energy-efficient bulb over its competition. It makes the lights consume a minimal amount of power from your car’s battery which is equivalent to negligible.

The light operates in 12V AC and is polarity sensitive. This means, if you plug it and if it doesn’t work just flip the light and plug it. It has the special attribute of its 5050 chipsets which is an incredibly power-saving feature. Besides, the chipset offers 30,000+ hours of life span which is quite worth the money spent on it.

It is an internal and external multi-purpose light with a range of usability. This is a perfect fit for the dome, map, reading, dashboard, instrument, license plate, trunk lights. Besides this, it is compatible to use in cars, trailers, trucks, motorcycles, RV, tractors, boats, and other vehicles as well.

  • 360 degree light emission
  • Highly energy efficient and power saving
  • Not too harsh for eyes and very subtle 
  • Good heat displacement system 
  • Durable chipset 
  • Highly sensitive to the input voltage
  • Requires CANbus decoder for fixing the flickering

DE3175 – Brightest LED Interior Lights


Riverbed’s DE3175 LED bulbs are designed for all types of vehicular internal and external illumination. For external illumination, this is the best choice because indeed these are considered the brightest LED interior Lights.

The light offers 3 times the regular brightness with 300 lumen light emission. This amount of illumination is strong enough to light up the interiors or exteriors providing good visibility.

These bulbs contain twelve 2835 super-bright chipsets. As a result, you will receive premium performance in any situation. Moreover, this chipset has a high endurance which elongates the lifespan of the LED lights.

DE3175 shines 6000k xenon white light with maximum efficiency. All your worries about low light emission would completely vanish if you decide to go for this one.

The light is compatible to use as the dome light, map light, trunk light, door light, Glove Box light, etc. In this way, you can use these bulbs to increase the visibility of the car’s important spaces with maximum illumination.

Its built-in 750 resistors protect the circuit and cost one-third of the energy of the regular halogen bulbs. Besides, these resistors can withstand overvoltage to protect the circuit board from overheating and burning.

The IC driver ensures better electricity flow and a longer lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. It means you need not worry about replacing or changing the bulbs very sooner.

Since this is a polarity-sensitive bulb so it might not work if you don’t fit it perfectly. To get the best result try to install the lights as per instruction.

  • Very bright and clear visibility
  • Highly power saving
  • Long-lasting 
  • Durable soldering for a strong body 
  • Instant response time 
  • Flickering may occur if power input is not matched
  • Can not provide 360-degree illumination

Yorkim – LED Interior Dome Lights For Cars


Yorkim, one of the prominent lighting brands, offers 194 bulbs for a perfect lighting condition in your car. Its structural dimension is only 0.41×1.10×0.39 which makes it quite smaller for a multi-LED light integrated bulb.

The bulb’s improved design has 360 degrees of light coverage, unlike its counterparts. For this, you’ll get 100% illumination in a confined area such as interior or trunk space, etc.

Each bulb has a built-in 5050 chipset which offers maximum light at a low cost. Besides, this model of chipsets is engineered to suck lesser energy from the power source. As a result, these bulbs are highly energy-efficient and power-saving.

It is three times brighter than the stock halogen lights with no blind spot and a yellow look. You will get good and detailed visibility even on the darkest nights. Moreover, the bulbs are soldered using premium and high electric conductivity enabled metal which ensures instant response.

You will be getting a variety of LED bulbs with different colors to pick from. If you want subtle and soft interior lighting then you can pick the Blue, Ice blue, White, and pink colored LED bulbs. 

On the other hand, considering you want your car’s interior to be fancier and more aggressive. Then you can pick the Red, Green, and Amber color LED lights.

This bulb is installed with a T10 socket ensures its maximum application. It can be easily installed within 10 minutes as map light, dome light, license plate light, etc. It’s best suited as LED interior Dome lights for cars

Although some German cars won’t accept these lights, make sure you check whether it fits in your car or not. Since it doesn’t emit any sort of harmful gas in the atmosphere, it can be said as an eco-friendly bulb.

The upgraded IC of the light ensures maximum durability up to 50,000 hours. Each bulb is 1.5 wattage and runs at 12V.

  • Consumes very low energy
  • Multiple applications
  • Straightforward installing system 
  • Does not emit heat or harmful gas 
  • Immediate response 
  • Not all types of cars can be installed with it
  • It may result in flickering if the power input is changed

iBrightstar – Blue LED Interior Lights For Cars


iBrightstar has been installed with many newest and safest technology in their interior LED bulb section. It is one of the high-demand LED interior bulbs with 3030 powerful chipsets. The 3030 6SMD chipset offers incredible bright lights that leave no room for any darkness.

It is a universal fit bulb that perfectly fits as dome lights, license plate lights, interior lights, corner lights, trunk lights, etc. You can install it quite easily because of its universal compatible sockets.

Usually, this light shines 300% brighter than the usual halogen lights. As a result, you will be delivered with very bright lights with an elevated visibility rate. This has made it one of the top choices among blue LED interior lights for cars.

The built-in IC offers longer stability and endurance to the bulbs. Because of it, you can be assured of a longer lifespan and durability.

This bulb provides a bluish aura that will impress you with an abundance of lighting inside your car. Besides, there are even more options of colors you can pick from. 

There are Blue, Green, Gold, Ice Blue, Purple, Red, and White color LED bulbs available for you to pick the best-suited one for your car.

Each bulb is 1.8 watts with a wide range of voltage 9-30V. Therefore, it can take in variable voltage inputs within the range and perform nominally.

In addition to that, it is a non-polarity bulb that makes it super easy to install. You can simply rotate the bulb to 180 degrees for connecting it properly with the socket. 

Besides, another benefit the bulb offers is the 50,000+ life span making it last 5 times more than regular stock halogen bulbs.

  • Efficient and eco-friendly
  • Low power input required
  • Supports a wide range of voltage inputs 
  • No hassle with the plugin in, both sides are usable 
  • Good subtle brightness with higher visibility
  • 360-degree illumination is not possible
  • The solder may wear off if used non-stop

SEALIGHT – Best White LED Interior Light For Cars


If you prefer the simple bright white light for your interior then the SEALIGHT will be a good option. This bulb is suitable with T10/147/152/158/159/161/168/175/184/192/193/194/2825/W5W. Besides, only DC 12V batteries are compatible to run these bulbs.

Each of these bulbs has 2 bright and highly illuminating 3030 LED chipsets. The chipsets are engineered with high-quality soldering and a strong circuit board. Above all, this bulb assures you about the durability and good performance as well.

These LED lights emit about 400 Lumen of light which is humongous for interior uses. You will have crystal clear visibility on every part of the car you install. That’s why this is the best white LED interior light for cars according to us.

Only 2W of power consumption makes it relatively more power-saving than those of stock Halogen bulbs.

In this version of the pure white LED bulb, the color temperature is around 6000K. It makes sure the lower emission of heat onboard.

The universal socket of this bulb makes it compatible with 99% of vehicles. You have a wide range of options to install these bulbs in your car. This can be installed as a backup, license plate, interior dome, trunk, side skirt, door, and parking lights as well.

It has a body dimension of 0.98in length and 0.36in width making it slightly longer than those of stock filament lights.

This bulb’s temperature can rise to only 40-80 degrees. Whereas, a conventional halogen light may build up temperature up to 160 degrees.

  • Low power consumption
  • Higher light efficiency
  • Durable IC board 
  • Highly compatible 
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Some newer models of the car may show an error message
  • Flickering may occur due to mismatched voltage

Govee Best LED Light Strips For Car Interior


The Govee Interior LED lights for cars and other vehicles come with all new modern technologies integrated with them.

This interior car light is designed as a light strip. That can be easily installed throughout your car’s interior using the adhesive surface. You can simply stick to your favorite position in the car such as the door edge, the leg space area, or even to the roof.

These RGB programmed LED light strip has over 16 million colors available to choose from. Also, you can create your customized color profile by connecting the device with your smartphone using APPs. It gives you app control to the car interior LED lights according to your demand. What more do you need to consider this as one of the best LED light strips for car interior?

The remote of this LED light strip has an integrated mic. This mic receives the beats of the music and shows dynamic changes of color and its intensity based upon the music you play inside the car.

You can connect the light device to your smartphone using the Bluetooth device. And, can control the brightness of the lights, change the colors, and select the music color profile as well. Besides, the waterproof technology makes it safer from accidental liquid spoils and causing accidents.

The preinstalled remote will give you easy access to switch on/off the interior lights. You need not worry about the exposed light wiring or changing each of the stock lights with separate bulbs. These 2 lines with 4 LED light strips allow you to illuminate your entire car without any hassle. 

  • Total authority to control the light
  • Very easy installation process
  • Fits with every model of the world’s car 
  • Dynamic RGB color options 
  • Convenient controlling system 
  • Cannot be used externally
  • Damage to a single LED may damage the whole lighting device

LUYED – Best LED Bulb For Car Interior


The LUYED LED bulbs can an ideal option for replacing your dim interior stock lights. This bulb has 48 individual LED lights soldered on the board.

This one is considered the best-LED bulb for Car interior because it ensures maximum brightness to your car interior due to the 570 Lumen of total output in each bulb. This amount is very high compared to your conventional stock lights. The entire car interior can be illuminated perfectly using a lesser number of bulbs. Besides, visibility becomes top-notch.

Each of these bulbs consumes only 3.8W of power. The amount is pretty lower than the stock ones.  As a result, it won’t be putting any pressure on the car’s DC battery because of its high energy efficiency.

It has a wide range of voltage acceptance which resides within 9 to 30V. There is very little chance of the LED lights getting damaged due to an over-voltage situation.

This bulb comes with a dimension of 1.65″ x 0.67″ x 0.39″ which makes it compatible with every possible part of the car. You can easily install it in the socket of your car’s dome light, door light, side light, parking light, etc.

The integrated smart IC board is very durable due to the Aluminum material. It ensures better performance of the bulb and protects the circuit by regulating the required amount of power only. Besides, it also ensures a controlled temperature range within the LED lights and delivers consistent brightness.

  • Very convenient to install
  • Delivers high illumination
  • Little consumption of energy 
  • Negligible heat emission 
  • Durable and lightweight 
  • May not be compatible with new models
  • Non-CANbus

AUXITO – Best Rated Led Strip Lights


The Auxito LED light bulbs have been designed to illuminate in 360 degrees. There won’t be any space that will remain in darkness. 

It has a hollow inner tube designed for quick heat dissipation. The LED lights are integrated on the aviation Aluminum material which ensures better and prolonged performance.

This bulb can perform nominally within 12V to 24V input Voltage. Therefore, you need not worry about the bulb getting damaged due to voltage fluctuation.

The 3014 24SMD LED chips were used to construct this bulb. As a result, it ensures you about the increased durability and flagship-level of performance.

It has universal T10 194 series of sockets making it compatible with most of the vehicles in the world. Besides, the plug is designed to fit tightly into the original socket which makes it bump and shockproof.

The built-in intelligent IC driver helps to distribute the power equally in each LED light and ensures maximum and consistent brightness. Moreover, it also reduces the CAN-bus error and makes it suitable for over 95% of modern vehicles.

Each bulb shoots about 240 lumens of light. As a result, there will be no dark spots and 100% clear visibility.

These bulbs have a wide range of applications. You can install it both internally and externally as well. It can be installed in the door lights, license plate lights, dome lights, glove box lights, leg space lights, etc.

You get to select the best-suited color bulbs from 4 different options such as white, red, blue, and ambient.

  • Error-free installation
  • High illumination
  • Easy and tight-fitting on the socket
  • 360 degrees illumination 
  • Durable chipset
  • European vehicles may show errors
  • Long time use may weaken the LED lights

Things You Should Look Into While Picking Up The LED Car Lights

Some mandatory points should be checklist before placing an order for LED interior lights for cars.

Must Check Compatibility

You must be 100% sure about the compatibility of the LED bulb you are going to buy for your car. Not all cars have the same interior or exterior light socket. It is better to buy bulbs with T10 194universal sockets. Moreover, LED strips can also be a good option if the budget is no big deal. Because it fits in almost every car globally.

Check for the CAN-bus Integration

LED interior bulbs without CANbus may require an extra decoder to make them readable by the car. You must choose the LED bulbs being CAN-bus ready for no error connection and easy installation.

Inspect the Chipset

High-quality LED chipsets to ensure a longer lifespan with consistent performance. Besides, it reduces the lights getting dimmed after regular usage. The 3014SMD or 5050 chipsets provide good overall performance.

Availability of Color Options

Before buying the LED bulbs check out the availability of the colors the brand provides. If you prefer customizing the car’s interior to a more subtle or aggressive look, then more color options can be advantageous.

The bulb must have High-Luminosity

LED bulbs having luminosity over 400 are good for the overall standard illumination of the car. Besides, you can pick bulbs 500 lumens to get 100% clear visibility with no dark spots.


This section will discuss the common questions asked about the LED interior lights for cars.

What length of wire do I need?

For good and consistent performance, you can get wires ranging from 18 to 22G. This has good electric conductivity. Besides, the covering has higher heat insulation for protection against overvoltage-related accidents.

Do the lights need to be installed or mounted?

The LED interior lights are mostly installed inside the original sockets of the vehicles. If you are using LED strips then they should be mounted on the surface of your car’s interior using a strong adhesive.

Do the lights have to be water-resistant?

The single LED bulbs need not be water repellent. But, if you are intending to buy Interior LED strip lights for your car, then they must be water-resistant. Because there is always a chance of spilling liquids inside the car which may lead to accidents if the lights are not water-resistant.

Should you consider LED interior light?

LED interior lights should be considered over conventional halogen light. Because, LED lights are brighter, have a long lifespan, consume a very low amount of energy.

Do LED lights need a fuse?

LED car lights don’t need a fuse. They are not designed for heavy voltage input. Moreover, car batteries can not deliver intense voltage. That is why LED lights don’t require any type of integrated fuse for safety.


LED interior bulbs can be a good option as a replacement for your car’s old halogen lights. These are way much brighter, more durable, and, energy-efficient. But in this competitive marketplace, it is hard to pick the Best LED Interior Lights For Cars.

If the budget is limited then the Auxito or iBrightester LED bulbs are good options for decorating the car’s interior. These are easy to install and have a universal socket.

But, if budget is no big deal then the latest LED strip lights are the best option such as GOVEE interior lights. These are compatible with all vehicles in the world. Besides, it can be controlled using your smartphone and have dynamic RGB color LEDs.

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