Top 11 Best Mirror Dash Cam In 2023

There was a time when people solely depended on the side mirrors and rear-view mirrors while they backed up their cars. That time is over. Then came the rear camera that assisted drivers to take their car in reverse. 

And now, there are rearview mirror dash cams that can help you to assist while you are parking your car. Just like everyone else, you too, want less hassle while parking your car because everyone knows that parking a car is the hardest part of driving.

Mirror Dash Cam

To release you from that hassle, we have come up with a list of the 11 best mirror dash cam that will help you park your car better. Also, with the new tech features, the videos now come in ultra-HD video resolution. 

So, stay tuned and you will be able to find the best-suited mirror dash cam for your discretion. But first, let’s find out what a rear-view mirror dash cam is.

What Is A Rearview Mirror Dash Cam?

Anything that can assist you while you park your car is a blessing for anyone. Rearview mirrors and side mirrors are optimized mentioning “Objects can be closer than they appear on the mirror”. This warning sign can be very confusing for some.

If you are a new driver, things that appear far than they actually are can make your back upright in them. You will end up damaging your car. 

What is a Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

What a rear-view mirror dash cam does is that it shows you the accurate image that is behind your car with HD video quality. Thus, you get to park your car perfectly. 

Also, it’s an interior camera. There’s no chance of the camera getting stolen. So, why wouldn’t you get one for your car? Installing mirror-mounted dash cams will make your driving experience easier than ever. 

If we are talking about driving experience, making your interior safe and eye catching is some things that you can do it on your own. Like installing LED car Interior lights can make you car interior feel luxurious. Also keep your car’s interior clean for better driving experience. No one likes a dirty and smelly interior, right?

Image Product Details   Price
WOLFBOX - Best Smart Rear View Mirror Camera Top Pick

WOLFBOX 12“ Mirror Dash Cam
Display Type:
Control Method: Touch
Screen Size:
12 Inches
Check Price
AKASO - Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam Best Value

AKASO DL12 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam
Brand: AKASO
Display Type:
Control Method: Touch
Screen Size:
12 Inches
Check Price
Jansite DreamPro - Best Cheap Mirror Dash Cam Budget Friendly

Upgraded 10” Mirror Dash Cam
Brand: Jansite
Display Type: LCD
Control Method: Touch
Screen Size: 10 Inches
Check Price
JOMISE-Best Wireless Mirror Dash Cam Premium Quality

JOMISE G810 Mirror Dash Cam
display features: Wireless
Control Method: Touch
Screen Size: 11 Inches
Check Price

Top 11 Best Mirror Dash Cams Reviews

Below I have discussed about 11 nos best mirror dash cam those are best on different areas. Some like small sizes of mirror dash cam and some likes bigger size. Some likes to digitalized dash cams and some prefers clear night view for mirror dash cams. I have discussed best mirror dash cams on different categories.

WOLFBOX -Best Smart Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

WOLFBOX - Best Smart Rear View Mirror Camera

What makes a smart rearview mirror dash cam great is how many views it can capture at one go. Mostly, Dashcams have a certain camera angle that allows us to view a very wide angle to see the blind spots that we can’t see with our eyes while driving the car. 

Side mirrors are there to solve this issue. But the optimization of side cameras cannot give you the exact idea of distance. So, to learn the use of side cameras, you have to bump into a lot of cars and walls first from the side to understand the distance.

But in the case of the WOLFBOX G840, you are getting a 170-degree view from the front camera that allows you to check the blind spots and simultaneously record HD videos with the high-resolution video quality. You can check those videos later to see the move you made was precise or not. 

This improves your learning process too. Also, it has night vision. The high beam lights that operate at night can give you a clear idea about what’s in front but still, the blind spots are still there. The night vision camera records video automatically making you less vulnerable at night. 


Screen Curve

The camera screen comes with a 2.5D curve for you to clearly optimize the curves that your car has and pass-through narrow spaces.

Upside Down Rear View

The highly optimized software lets you switch to an upside-down view of the rear with which you can adjust the view both vertically and horizontally. This feature is much needed for pickup trucks.

Automatic Collision Footage

The camera software has a loop recording option that records over the oldest footage inside the memory in case of collision. The mirror dash cam gets triggered automatically in the case of a collision and records the footage for you to view later to understand what you or the other driver did wrong.

Always buckle your seat car belts no matter what. These seat belts will protect you in time of collision.


  • Product dimension is 11.85 x 2.83 x 0.71 inches
  • Weighs 1.9 pounds
  • Rear camera video quality is 1080P and front camera video quality is 1296P
  • 12″ screen
  • Night vision
  • Adjustable view angle of the display screen
  • Low reflective LCD display
  • 170-degree viewing angle lens of the front camera
  • Smart software for the dash cam
  • Media streaming
  • Rear view mirror camera imaging is larger
  • Longer rear-view mirror camera cable has to be bough separately

AKASO – Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

AKASO - Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

No camera above our eyes can deliver a better resolution of the image. Unless it’s a gigapixel image. We are not talking about them. While driving, the most trustworthy high-resolution imaging we get is from our eyes. 

What if we say there is this one best mirror dash cam that is capable of delivering video quality of 2.5K, won’t that be amazing? Indeed, it will be because while most rearview mirror cameras are busy delivering 1080P picture quality on the front and rear camera, AKASO DL12 is the best rearview mirror dashcam and is busy showing you everything is 2.5k.

You might think now the higher resolution imaging will definitely compromise the viewing angle. Wrong! The viewing angle on the front cam remains the standard 170-degree and cranking it up the notch the rear-view mirror camera angle is at 150-degree. 

So, you’re not really compromising anything, instead, you are getting a tremendously high-quality video that is assisting you while driving. The number plates won’t be blurry anymore. 



Just like any other mirror dash cam, this also has a loop recording feature that allows you to record videos despite limited record capacity. But the G-sensor doesn’t let the looping erase the before-after footage of any collision. This saves up the evidence in high resolution for you to later use in court or for any investigative purposes.

Voice Control

Probably the most state of the art technology that one can think of right now would be commanding every tech with voice control. You can actually do that with this mirror dash camera. These dash cams allow you to switch between different modes or do stuff with simple voice commands that you can designate.

Responsive screen without lag

The most common problem of screen-based tech is that they have substantial lag that can create a processing lag. This camera has powerful processing that cancels out the lag and lets you do everything instantly. Even the backup camera display is extremely responsive.


  • Product dimension is 11.4 x 2.75 x 1.18 inches
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • HI silicon Hi3556 processor
  • Front camera has 170-degree angle lens and backup camera has 150-degree angle lens
  • 11.5″ screen
  • 2.5K front camera video quality
  • G-sensor collision recording
  • Driving GPS proof saving with video
  • Voice control
  • Same performance in all weather
  • Night vision camera can be better
  • Car storage is too deep, requires a small clip to put in and take out

Jansite DreamPro – Best Cheap Mirror Dash Cam

Jansite DreamPro - Best Cheap Mirror Dash Cam

People know this rear-view mirror camera as the 10″ mirror dash cam, but the original name of this line of mirror dash cams is Jansite DreamPro. They have two variants one of 10″ and another of 12″. The 10″ one is their best-selling one because of many reasons.

The problem with other mirror dash cams is that the manufacturers program them to extremely high quality, record great videos and whatnot. But, where would they save that footage? If you’re putting so much effort into the best cheap mirror dash cam, make sure it has enough storage for it to save that high-quality footage.

But no! We will provide only a 32GB memory option. What gives to put bigger capacity? Just like what Jansite did here. The DreamPro has the option where you can put in a memory card of 128GB. That way, you don’t have to overwrite previous data too soon. 

You get the video loop recording option too with its extremely user-friendly software. Also, a handful of features. Let’s find out.


Screen-off Recoding

The touch screen panel of the dreampro has a very user-friendly interface. the best part is that you can short press the touch screen to turn it off but the cameras will keep on recording.

Shock DVR

The automatic parking video mode allows you to record time-lapse video and also any external shock can automatically trigger the camera and capture the footage in case there is theft or any external damage happening to the car.

Backup Camera Display with Guidelines

The backup camera display has added guidelines for you to understand each section separately and master precise parking in no time. This rear camera feature is what makes this the best mirror dash cam for a cheap price.


  • Product dimension is 13.74 x 4.65 x 2.83 inches
  • Weighs 1.99 pounds
  • 1080P rear camera and front camera video quality
  • 10″ dash cam mirror display
  • 128GB SD card slot
  • User-friendly software
  • Front camera records up to 3 lanes
  • Almost 33 feet long rear camera cable
  • Rear camera guideline assist
  • 3-min loop recording and G-sensor
  • Manual tapping for reverse screen
  • Instruction for back camera is not clear for everyone

JOMISE 2.5K – Best Wireless Mirror Dash Cam – Loop Recording

JOMISE-Best Wireless Mirror Dash Cam

Finding the best mirror dash cam is not an easy task. Even the reviews are confusing. You look for reviews to pinpoint a few products after you have done your personal research. But if you are being suggested 23 products for that matter, you will be confused even more. 

Not to confuse you anymore, here is the best wireless mirror dash cam that you can buy for the money-the Jomise G810. We all know how good Sony camera sensors are. The Sony Starvis sensor helps this mirror dash cam to work well in the day and also in a low light environment enhancing the night vision of the camera. 

The camera resolution is 1920×1080 and it has an FHD 30FPS display for showing absolutely high-quality videos. The rear camera comes with standard guidelines for parking. But that’s not the best part.

Every mirror dash cam comes with a G-sensor. This one is not different in this case. Where this makes a notable difference is the GPS module. The GPS tracking of this module is extremely precise which can compile the time, location, track and speed data and add it with the captured footage.


Split Screen

Most mirror dash camera screens switch when you switch between gears. The rearview is displayed when you are parking. This mirror dash cam lets you split the screen and have both views simultaneously according to your choice.

Water Proofing

The longevity of any product depends on how many proofings it has gone through. This mirror dash cam is waterproof. It passes the IP68 rating, that’s for waterproofing and dust proofing. 

Default Display Mode

Alongside recording, you can turn on default display mode on the dashcam to view real-time FHD quality footage of the rear and front camera. 


  • Product dimension is 13.5 x 4.75 x 3 inches
  • Weighs 2.29 pounds
  • 1920x1080P FHD video quality
  • 11″ display
  • 170-degree front and 150-degree rear camera
  • Very high-resolution camera
  • Split screen
  • 3-lane front camera view
  • Mirror dash cam flip
  • Loop recording and G-sensor
  • Poor night vision
  • Reverse guide is useless

Volway 10″ – Best HD Mirror Cam – Waterproof

Volway - Best HD Mirror Cam

The total circumference angle for everyone is 360 degrees. There are certain cameras that can deliver 360-degree footage. A mirror dash cam is definitely not one of them. But there is a mirror dash cam that can cover a total of 330 degrees with two cameras. 

that is the Volway 2.5K mirror dashcam. The best part about this dash cam is that it doesn’t only create a 330-degree viewing angle with two mirror dash cams, it can literally show that angle in 2.5K in the rear-view mirror. 

Probably one of the best HD mirror cam, highest viewing angles with the highest resolution. The 30-degree angle that is left is not actually a blind spot. It’s just the sides of a car. 

The backup camera comes with parking assistance as usual. Another caveat is that it has motion sensors that can turn on the dashcam and record while the car is turned off. 


High Resolution

Most mirror dash cams come with two different resolutions on their two different cameras. The usual case is that the backup camera has a lower resolution because manufacturers think adding the parking guideline is making up for the lower resolution. But not in this mirror dashcam. Both cameras have 2.5K resolution.

Wide Angle

The angle circumference that the dashcam covers is insane. It covers 330-degree out of 360 giving you the widest possible view of your car at all times.

Loop Recording

Though this dash cam has a 128GB expansion option added, still the software comes with loop recording in case of emergencies.


  • Product dimension is 13.5 x 4.92 x 2.76 inches
  • Weighs 2.29 pounds
  • 10″ screen
  • 2.5K video quality
  • Total 330-degree view
  • Voice control
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Parking assistance
  • Collision detection
  • Loop recording and G-sensor
  • Poor night vision camera
  • Camera cable length is 23 feet max

DRIVESLIM 11″ – Best 1080P Mirror Dash Cam – Anti Glare

DRIVESLIM - Best 1080P Mirror Dash Cam

You must be wondering what a 1080P rearview mirror camera is doing in this list after I have listed 2.5K rearview mirror dash cams. You see mirror dash cams don’t need to be very high quality for them to depict the exact picture. 

Rather, lower picture resolution actually is capable of capturing more footage in a small storage capacity. It’s just that some people want higher picture quality because they want to see better. But to be honest 1080P resolution is enough for a backup camera and the best 1080P mirror dash cam. 

Cranking the video quality up a notch with Sony IMX355 dual lens is the Driveslim DS280. It’s a set of 1080P rearview mirror dash cams with an 11″ anti-glare screen. The display is LCD and the backup camera has CMOS optical sensor technology.

The interface of this rear-view mirror dash cam is very user-friendly. For extra protection, the backup camera lens has 7-layers that can filter the useless lights.


4 Display Modes

You can literally play with the rear-view mirror. With this dash cam, you get the option of switching between 4 different display modes including split-screen and interior camera.

High Display Resolution

The software optimized the 1080P camera resolution to match the higher display resolution of 1920x480P. So, despite the dashcam having lower resolution the display makes up for it.

Night Vision 

Sony IMX355 is a better camera sensor than the widely used Sony Starvis. This dashcam delivers very clear footage of night time through the low light optimization of the dual Sony sensor lens.


  • Product dimension is 10 x 2.8 x 0.7 inches
  • Weighs 2.42 pounds
  • 11″ rear view mirror
  • 1920x480P display
  • IP68 water proof front camera
  • Camera records video in lower quality for saving space but displays in higher quality
  • Highly responsive touch screen
  • Powerful night vision camera
  • Loop recording and g-sensor
  • Max 128GB expansion
  • Rear camera cable is only 3.3 feet
  • Rear camera not waterproof

PORMIDO – Best 12″ Rear Mirror Dash Cam – Anti Glare Full Touch Split Screen HD 1296P

PORMIDO - Best 12 inch Rear Camera Mirror Dash Cam

Most people are solely focused on how good the rear cam is. Their main purpose for getting a rearview mirror dash cam is that they want the rear dash cam to be great. Finding a good backup camera is not a piece of cake. Promo PR998S makes this process pretty easy. 

The 12″ screen actually helps the driver to get a better view and the Sony IMX355 sensor is just a cherry on top. The camera quality is really good. The screen has a long one-meter extension cable for you to place the rear camera mirror dash cam anywhere you want.

You might wonder if the front camera will get blocked but it won’t. It’s a perfect rear view mirror dash cam having great accessibilities that will definitely give you a better driving experience.

The dual dash cam mirror screen is capable of displaying FHD video quality despite the capture quality being 1296P. The total viewing angle of this dash cam is 320-degrees where the front camera records 170 degrees and the rear camera records 150 degrees.


Laminated Screen

Most rear-view mirror dash cams have LCD displays. LCS displays are subjected to glare which can do no good if you can’t see the screen from every angle. That’s why Pormido PR998S comes with anti-glare lamination.

Parking collision Video

Automatic collision calibration is an added extra measure to this rearview mirror dashcam. If any collision happens, the rear camera and the rearview mirror camera turn on and capture a 30-second video and shuts down automatically.

Split Screen

You can turn on the split-screen feature that turns on both rearview mirror cameras and you can see the total view on one screen.


  • Product dimension is 11.5 x 2.7 x 0.6 inches
  • Weighs 1.76 pounds
  • 12″ screen
  • FHD video quality
  • Sony IMX335 sensor
  • layered glass sensor on camera
  • Adjustable parking guidelines
  • 33 feet long cable
  • G-sensor and loop recording
  • Mirror image
  • Client service from the manufacturer is slow
  • People want wider angle on the rear cameras

Jinyue – Best Budget Mirror Dash Cam – Mirror Video Recroder 4.3″

Jinyue - Best Budget Mirror Dash Cam

By this far we have only covered mirror dash cams that have 10″ or bigger screens. But this one has a 4.3″ screen. So, how does it makes a place in this list of the best rearview mirror dash cams?

You see, a rear cam needs to have a high quality. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a square rearview mirror or a slightly curved. or even has a comparatively smaller screen. 

In fact, some people prefer smaller screens because they think a big rearview mirror dash cam screen can take up a lot of space on the windshield. This can do more harm than good. For those people, here is the Jinyue Car DVR one of the best budget mirror dash cams.

This is a compact-sized backup camera that can do everything that rear cameras with big screens can do. It draws power from its own lithium-ion cell, not from the car battery. 


Motion detectors

While being parked, this dash cam can be a very good surveillance camera system for your car. The G-sensor it has can understand when a collision has happened. The regular motion sensor can detect motion nearby for car safety. All this without getting any power from the car battery.

Automatic turn on – turn off

This rearview mirror cash camera can turn on and turn off with the vehicle’s ignition on and off. This saves a lot of power.

Easy control

It has easy control physical buttons that you can use to control the dash camera screen on the rearview mirror. 


  • Product dimension is 12.2 x 3.15 x 1.77 inches 
  • Weighs only 8.6 ounces
  • 4.3″ screen
  • 1080P front camera
  • G-sensor and loop recording
  • Video quality is 1080P HD
  • Can record simultaneously
  • Picture in picture display
  • Battery powered
  • Auto shutoff-turn on system
  • For some people the screen is too small
  • Rear camera is VGA

Pyle 4.3” – Best Mini Dash Cam Rearview Mirror

Pyle - Best Mini Dash Cam

Again, the rearview mirror dash camera doesn’t need to be big. They just need to have cameras that can capture good quality footage that can be used afterward when necessary. Following the previous dash camera of this list, Pyle PLCMDVR49 is one of the best mini dash cams that you can find on many reviewers’ lists.

Just like any other regular-sized dashcam, it has a regular-sized frame but the camera screen is fixed on a rearview mirror. The screen is only 4.3 inches. 

The cameras are capable of capturing 1080P HD videos on both front and rear cameras. Just like any other usual mirror camera, they have seamless loop video recording and G-sensor.

You can keep it connected with an adapter or it can run on its lithium-polymer battery. Usually comes with a USB transfer charger and USB car cable.



There goes a very common complaint among rearview dash camera users. That is the rear cameras are not waterproof. The front cameras are usually more expensive than the rear ones. But in this dashcam system, the rear and the front, both cameras have waterproofing.

Video Looping

Dashcam that has video looping rewrites the newest video over the oldest video file. But this one does things differently. It does video looping without deleting the oldest files from the SD card.

Plug-in and play

Setting up a dashcam can be a hassle. The software sometimes is so complicated that the settings need to be adjusted regularly. This one has simple software where all you have to do is a plugin and hit play. it will do the rest automatically.


  • Product dimension is 12.01 x 3.31 x 12.01
  • Weighs 1.55 pounds
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 4.4″ TFT display
  • 1080P picture quality
  • Very budget friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Autosave during collision
  • Microphone for audio recording
  • Plug-in and play
  • Doesn’t have night vision
  • No GPS tracking

JOMISE – 12″ Best 4K Mirror Dash Cam

JOMISE - Best 4K Dash Cam

I was intentionally saving the best ones for the last. These are the most expensive ones of the bunch too. Presenting Jomise G860, 4K dash cam with 12″ screen. From 1080P to FHD to UHD 4K, dashcams are becoming more of a luxury than a utility item.

This is actually a very advanced dashcam. The software is so advanced that you can do a lot of things that you couldn’t do with other dashcams. 

While you are GPS tracking on it, you can activate the split-screen and choose what to do with it. You can either play video content or you can choose to see the HDR real-time view from the front or the back camera. The camera has a dual Sony Starvis lens.

The firmware keeps getting updated and the manufacturer keeps on adding new features. Let’s find out.


Smart Screen Split Function

This function allows you to view the live GPS tracking on one side and on the other side you can stream HDR view from the cameras with sharp picture quality or turn it into a media dash cam and stream video content.

Wide Viewing Angle

The front cam has a viewing angle of 170-degree and the rear cam has 160-degree. This viewing angle is 3 times larger than standard rear-view mirrors. 

Night Vision

With its software updated HRD vision, the night vision has improved and with assisted guidelines parking in the night and low light will be a piece of cake.


  • Product dimension is 13.35 x 4.61 x 2.48 inches
  • Weighs 2.11 pounds
  • 12″ UHD screen
  • 4K video recording
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 4K video recording in the front cam and 2.5K video recording in the backup camera
  • 330-degree view
  • Super night vision
  • GPS tracking
  • 2-year warranty
  • No voice control only touch screen
  • recording files are saved in random folders

TOGUARDGO 12″ – Best WiFi 4K Mirror Dash Cam Screen

TOGUARDGO-Best Mirror Dash Cam Screen

Apparently, your car mirror dashcam can have the highest resolution in the world. But if the screen where the video will be relayed is not up to the mark, there’s no point in having such great cameras. 

To solve this ToGuardGo comes with the best mirror dash cam screen, a 12″ 4KCE80 display. The display being very expensive adds a hefty price tag to it, but if you want a great viewing experience, nothing can beat this one.

On top of that, it has smart voice control that lets you control the functions of the mirror cam very easily. You can use the IPS touch screen enabled dashcams if you want to but who needs a touch screen if you can control something with voice commands.

It has a dual cam and the shape it has is just like a traditional rearview mirror which is square-shaped and has a curve around the edges.


High-Quality Video Recording

Unlike other dashcams, it doesn’t have any difference between the two cams. Video recording on both front and rear cameras in 4K. 

Parking Monitor

The dual dash cam also acts as a great parking monitor which is triggered by any nearby motion and the g-sensor is there to record collision videos.

Super Night Vision

Specifically for recording super night vision videos and parking the cameras have a Sony Starlight Starvis sensor.


  • Product dimension is 11.2 x 2.8 x 0.6 inches
  • Weighs 2.33 pounds
  • 12″ CE80 display
  • 170-degree front and 160-degree rear cam angle
  • Traditional rearview mirror design
  • Highest video resolution on dash cams
  • Has 3x viewing angle than traditional rearview mirrors
  • GPS tracking
  • Parking assistance
  • Super night vision
  • Expensive
  • No touch screen control

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Mirror Dash Cam

Mirror dash cams are an important part of your vehicle. for keeping evidence, for driving assistance and for parking mirror dash cams are an invaluable part of your car. 

When you are buying one, you are technically investing your money to keep your car safe. So, to make this investment valid, you have to make sure that you are buying the best product out of the thousand possible options.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mirror dash cam

So, to ensure that, follow this buying guide and you will be able to pick your best mirror dash cam according to the requirements you have. You can pick anyone from the above. But just to ensure that you are making the right pick, consider comparing these factors with the choice you made.

Camera Resolution

The resolution of both cameras is an important factor in this case. The view that the cameras will have, will be displayed on the screen. if the camera resolution is bad, no matter how good the screen quality is, you can install a UHD 4K screen with HRD but still, the viewing will be bad.

Camera Resolution

So, while getting one, you should check the picture quality the cameras are providing. If it matches your requirement, only then go for it. we picked cameras that have at least 1080P camera picture quality.

Wide Angle

The traditional rearview mirror that you have in your car by default is not enough for you. That’s why you are getting a front and back camera system to make sure that your parking is top-notch. 

Wide Angle

It will be only possible if the angle of the camera is wider than the view you already have. If the camera lens is not wide enough, you will end up hitting walls and cars while parking or driving. 

So, pick one that has at least a 320-degree viewing angle. That way, you can have a clear view of what’s in front of you including the sides and the rear.

Night Vision

By night vision nobody is trying to tell you that the cameras will have military-grade night vision view. The term night vision in this case is to let you know that you will be able to clearly see almost everything on the video even in low light situations.

Night Vision

Some dash cams come with night vision, some don’t. having no nigh light support will be a waste of money when you can get the support by spending a few extra dollars.

And this is not a product that has a very short expiry. You can easily use these cams for at least 5 years without breaking a sweat if they don’t have any manufacturing fault.

So, get one that guarantees the least quality of night vision.

Screen Quality

The screen quality and the camera quality are vice versa. So, if the screen quality is not up to the mark, no matter how high the video resolution is, you will not be able to have the proper viewing experience. 

Screen Quality

In that case, having a normal rearview mirror is better than getting dash cams. While buying, make sure to check the quality of the screen.

Screen Size

Different screen sizes are there because there are different cars available. Not all screen sizes are suitable for all cars. Any screen bigger than the usual size of the rearview mirror will seem like a burden and will block your driving view.

So, get a setup that has a screen size compatible with the vehicle you have. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money. you will have to buy a new one to match the screen size.

GPS Tracking

This is not for everyone actually. Some people who tend to travel far than the regular route have to need GPS tracking. Also, having GPS tracking is actually a blessing because in case of the car footage becoming evidence of something that happened in front of the car or to the car, you will have a proper time, location and every other information the police need to confirm.

Gps Tracking

So, if you think GPS tracking is a must for you, get one that has GPS tracking.


G-sensors are a must for everyone. You can’t always switch between viewing and recording every time your car collides. you might not get a chance to record anything at all if you have to do it manually.

G Sensor

G-sensor automatically records the video footage separately in case of any collision. So, make sure the dash cams have a g-sensor before buying. Read how G sensor works

Parking Monitor

Parking monitors work best if they are combined with Anti-theft alarms. The alarm will start sounding if anyone tries to break in and you will have the footage of who tried to break in at what time.

Parking Monitor

This is not a feature that adds any money to the already set price tag of the dash cams. This is just an extra feature that you will get by default. Why won’t you consider it if you can get this for free?


The final form factor is the price. In this regard, a high-priced product is not always the best one in the market. Don’t get fooled if someone says for getting the best features you will have to spend big bucks.

Yes, there are certain ones that are more expensive. But They are expensive because of the camera and the quality of the display. 

Other than that, the prices should be almost at the same level. So, while buying, you will have a budget. Compare the specifications and the features that meet the budget you have and the price tag the dashcam has. You will be able to make your pick.


Is mirror dash cam better?

Yes, definitely. If you are comparing them with the preexisting rearview mirror then they are better in every possible way. Just look at the features, you will understand.

Is rear view mirror camera worth it?

If you have security concerns and are not really good at parking your car, then you should go for it. It’ll be worth more in the long run where you will be saving money for dents and repair.

Can you mount a dash cam on the rear-view mirror?

Yes, you can. You can either use suction cups or use the rubber mounting straps that come with the dashcams.

Which dash cam has the best reviews?

No single dashcam has the best reviews. All have their pros and cons. But if you tell me to pick one from the list above, I will without any doubt go for the number 11 – TOGUARDGO HS-US-CE80B. it’s a little expensive due to packing so many features. But definitely worth it.

Final Words

There you have it guys. This is a thorough list of the best mirror dash cam that you can buy in today’s market. Again, match the features with the buying guide factors and the requirements you have to be sure of buying what exactly you are looking for.

You can pick any of the above. I hope you will be completely satisfied with the dashcams that we picked after researching vividly for weeks.

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