10 Best RCA Cables for Car Audio in 2022

Best RCA Cables for Car Audio

Are you confused which RCA cables should use for car audio? its natural to get confused because lots of rca cables in the market and to make confirm which one is best for me, really difficult. If you’re looking for the best RCA cables for car audio, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog article, we’ll give you a rundown of the best RCA cables on the market, so you can choose the right one for your car audio system.

In this era having a wide range of HDMI and DisplayPort, people still use RCA cables because these cables deliver the best audio experience. If you still use older multimedia devices like DVD, camcorder, and stuff, you are not alone. People even use RCA cables to get the most out of their home theatre sound system.

These cables are cheap to buy. But you cannot randomly choose one because not all manufacturers care about quality. We have left out the polyethylene foam insulated cables on purpose.

Our Top Picks for Best RCA Cables for Car Audio

Finally, we’re able to make a list of 10 good RCA Cables at different price tags, which are quite reliable.

Image Product Details   Price
RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable Top Pick

Amazon Basics RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable
Connector Type: RCA, Auxiliary
Cable Type: AUX
Compatible Devices: Tablet, Smartphone, Music Player
Color: Black
Check Price
Gold Plated Stereo Audio Converter for Electric Guitar Best Value

iXCC 6ft Dual Shielded Rca Cable
Connector Type: RCA, Auxiliary
Cable Type:
Connector Gender:
Check Price
Amazon Basics RCA Audio Subwoofer Cable Budget Friendly

Amazon Basics RCA Audio Stereo Subwoofer cable
Connector Type: RCA
Cable Type: Composite
Compatible Devices: Speaker
Color: Black
Check Price
iMBAPrice Audio Video RCA Cable Premium Quality

iMBAPrice Audio/Video
Connector Type: RCA
Cable Type: AV Cable
Compatible Devices: Television, DVD Player
Color: Black
Check Price

I analyze 10 Best RCA Cables for Car Audio here

In fact, my own experience wasn’t enough to finalize the list. I did consider what the customers said about these cables also. Let’s jump into deep.

1. Amazon Basics RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable

RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable

Things that brought this RCA cable at #1 are materials, designs and user convenience. The overall sound condition is quite satisfying for its classy material. As per your need, you can pick the cable length from 4 to 25 feet. If you go with a long one, you can use the excess cable to connect from far.

Its 3.5mm male connector is compatible with any kind of RCA-enabled device such as an MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, stereo speakers, and lots more. The cable delivers a great audio experience, be it used for TV, home theatre, and other sound systems. This is one of the best cheap RCA cables.

To make a secure connection, the cables have brass coating extending out from white and red audio plugs. It allows the cable to plug into the system without immense force.

Whether you plan to use the cable for the echo dot or A/V receiver, the sound condition will surely impress you all the way. It might serve you as the best RCA cable for car audio in this price range.

This high-quality cable is designed to plug into a phone jack without removing bulky phone cases. Those audiophiles, who are always into the mobile audio system, are highly recommended to use this pretentious piece of accessories.

The plugs are nice and firm. Its top-quality heavy shielding, insulation, and plastic welds make the cable quite sturdy. Dual shielding offers an exceptional improvement in music quality by significantly reducing signal interruption.

Color coding is decent. You don’t have to scratch your head, gesturing which one is left and which one is right. Overall, the cable is decent, but its strain relief is below average.

  • Intelligent color coding
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Improved sound feature
  • Multiple size options
  • Connects with any device
  • Sometimes it takes time to connect with smartphones or any device
  • Strain relief isn’t that good

2. iXCC 6ft Dual Shielded Rca Cable

Gold Plated Stereo Audio Converter for Electric Guitar

Things that brought this RCA cable at #1 are materials, designs and user coThe second one on the list is from iXCC. Like the previously reviewed cable, this one has quite a few similarities. At this price tag, this one stands out from the rest of the others regarding these aspects. Your audiophile soul will be quite satisfied by its audio quality, without a doubt.

The cable got a dual-shielding construction with polished metal and gold-plated connectors, which tell you about the essence of the material used. For such a sturdy build, the overall audio output is significantly better than its counterparts.

There are some with silver-coated connectors, but the difference is quite noticeable. If perfection in audio is what you desire, you won’t be disappointed getting this one.

A separated color scheme easily distinguishes the connectors. Personally, I do prefer black ones because two or three vibrant colors seem awful. The plugs on this one are mostly black but have a red and white accent that isn’t that noticeable.

The triangle-free design has a worthy impact when the cable is a bit lengthy. You can easily store the cable.

Moreover, this RCA cable has some solid grip, plus quick and easy to plug and unplug. Unlike smaller and conventional ones, the cable perfectly fits smartphones and tablets, even with a bulky case. So, no need to take off the case every time you connect the 3.5mm jack.

  • Premium and durable material
  • Dual shielding
  • Compact
  • High-quality sound
  • Solid grip
  • Cords are very tight to take off sometimes

3. Amazon Basics RCA Audio Stereo Subwoofer cable

Amazon Basics RCA Audio Subwoofer Cable

For those who are looking for a 2-male to 2-male RCA cable with great music tone, material, and a good price, Amazon Basics presents this subwoofer cable to meet such users’ needs.

Whether it’s for home entertainment or high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) systems, you can make the most out of your audio components and devices using this subwoofer cable.

Available in 3 different sizes; 4, 8, and 15 feet cable, you can pick one from these options. But keep the length as low as possible to get better quality audio output.

You can connect the subwoofer cable with devices that support digital audio and low-frequency subwoofer. This particular accessory has the ability to improve high and low frequencies, doesn’t require another cable for the sub. It has no radio frequency interference at all.

Designed for in-house entertainment and hi-fi systems, its gold-plated metal connectors have added an extra flair, preventing interference and corrosion. In addition, OFC inner conductors are made of copper. Both the copper and gold connectors deliver great sound quality all the way which is a noteworthy feature.

  • High-quality material
  • Gold-plated durable connectors
  • Male to male
  • Excellent music output
  • User-friendly design
  • Larger option can deliver low-quality sound to some extent

4. iMBAPrice Audio/Video RCA Stereo Cable

iMBAPrice Audio Video RCA Cable

This RCA stereo cable from iMBAPrice offers pretty ordinary features like other stereo cables, and the price is affordable as well. So, if you are to buy a stereo cable to get the most out of your devices’ audio components at a lower price, this one can be the best.

I am personally impressed with the fact that you get no distortion whatsoever on a cable at this price point. At the same time, most conventional ones provide terrible audio quality.

It comes in multiple sizes. Having this availability in mind, you can hook it up with any audio system, such as a DVD player, HDTV, or MP3 console. You can change your living room into a home theater through its multi-functionality.

Like any other premium cable, it is also gold-plated. You are less likely to see corrosion on these connectors. Even though it doesn’t cost much, the manufacturer doesn’t give you ordinarily made cable. Thankfully, it’s made of sturdy material as well.

Easy to install, no hassle whatsoever. Just plug and play. The connectors are color-coded, so anyone can connect these with the audio and video system correctly. Might have minimal interference.

  • Durable
  • Interference-free audio
  • Secure end on both sides
  • Dual shielding
  • Operates through any systems
  • Pretty thin cable

5. Monoprice- Best RCA Cables for Audiophiles

Monoprice RCA Plug

For sturdy build RCA cables, you don’t have to pay much. The fifth one on the list offers a great quality cable at a relatively cheaper price tag than its competitors, making it an excellent choice.

If you need a short cable or a larger one, you can choose the size from 1.5 to 75 ft. in length. Whether it’s for indoor home theater or outdoor audio sound system and stuff, this is the deal you can consider.

Nonetheless, the audio quality in it is phenomenal. Spending significantly less can actually make your audio components sound much better and louder. The manufacturer used a 22AWG connector with a shield that prevents RFI and EMI interference in the audio system.

Connectors are very tight-fitting, which means they won’t come apart that easily. Plated with gold, you can pretty much count on its durability and corrosion-resistance properties.

Overall, you get all that you pay for—definitely, one of the best RCA cables for audiophiles.

  • Stiff connectors
  • Durable connector
  • Well-built
  • Dual-shielded
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • Bulky cables

6. Fospower- Best RCA Cables for the Money

FosPower Audio Cable

Erosion and interference can become hectic for you while listening to any music. Now, say goodbye to your worries! Thanks to Fospower RCA cables, they have added gold plating to the connectors, so the users notice a significantly improved audio experience compared to the conventional ones. It is cheaper than most expensive cables.

Flexibility at its best. Carrying and using these types of cables might be difficult sometimes. They might come apart or get damaged. But this particular RCA cable has got some copper braided shielding to make no compromise with the durability.

Moreover, just like any other coax cable, it also has a PVC jacket to further ensure quality. No matter how you twist it for indoor and outdoor use, you won’t be looking for a replacement anytime soon.

Unlike cheaper ones, it comes with a PF insulator to make sure there is zero to minimal signal loss. So, the audio and video signal won’t get lost in the middle of playback.

Considering its overall excellence, detailed audio output, and price, this one stands out to be one of the best RCA cables for the money. It has no electromagnetic radiation whatsoever.

  • High-quality audio
  • Well-built and larger jack
  • Thicker gauge
  • Oxidation free connectors
  • Thick cables
  • A bit slippery while plugging into the device

7. JSAUX- Top RCA cables for Home Theater Units


Need some premium products? JSAUX is on board to deliver you the detailed sound quality like what you get using premium JSAUX RCA cable. When it comes to experiencing high-quality audio, the manufacturer seems to be ahead of its competitors.

If you already have a home theater setup, but the sound system isn’t delivering up to its potential, these can be the best RCA cables for home theater units.

Compatible as always, just pick a device and connect with it. Mesmerizing sounds will come through your stereo speaker, whether it is a TV, DVD Soundbox, or other similar devices.

Featuring gold-plated shielding, you are assured of distortion-free sound. This shielding also supports the connectors to make them less prone to damage due to abuse. The cable requires minimal effort from your end for plugging. It’s quite easy and doesn’t make it harder when you need to pull the cable out.

Braided wire is definitely a plus for this one. No chance for ripping up. As it is copper-made, durability is assured. This also prevents tangling up the cable, which is quite painful for longer cables.

  • Double shielding
  • Compact
  • Oxidization free wire
  • Color coding
  • Tangle-free
  • Copper made wire
  • Clumsy tip of the jacks

8. UGREEN 2RCA Stereo Audio Cable

UGREEN RCA Cable 2RCA Male to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable

The eighth product on the list is from Ugreen. As we have only included quality RCA cables, this one is no exception to that. Connecting with audio equipment including HDTV, Wii, A/V, and many more, you can count on the cable regarding the nature of the sound system to give you a pleasing experience.

Nylon braiding makes the cable firm and rigid. Extremely durable, and their longevity is well assured. You get a stronger and mechanically flexible structure.

Talking about its material, the manufacturer used high-quality copper with PVC shell construction. It has 24K gold-plated connectors, which assures you about corrosion issues. You might not need corrosion-resistant connectors.

To make sure the cable doesn’t lose signal while playing audio and video, the cable got a metallic shield under the PVC shell. To make sure there’s no signal interference while playing audio and video, the coaxial cable got a metallic shield under the PVC shell. In addition, its braided copper core will make sure you get great-quality and well-detailed sound every time.

Apart from color-coding, the connector head got rubber rings to get you a better grip. You can pick one from 3 different sizes from 6 ft. to 15 ft. as per your needs.

  • Flexible wires
  • Gold-plated
  • Great compatibility
  • No driver installation
  • Crystal-clear audio
  • proper shielding
  • Low-temperature tolerance

9. KabelDirekt- Best RCA Cable for DJ

KabelDirekt – RCA Stereo Cable & Cord

Professional staff requires top-notch and high-grade accessories, and the same goes with RCA cables. Be it for an indoor or outdoor sound system that has to do with events and occasions, you need to make sure the build material isn’t compromised and has high-quality sound output.

For such needs, KabelDirekt comes with this one, which stands out to be the best RCA cable for DJ.

Whether you are looking for a cable to connect it to your DVD, audio receiver, stereo, Blu-ray player, you can choose from its 3-25 ft. length options.

For crystal clear and detailed stereo sound, this one features pure copper internal wire, which also ensures efficient signal transmission. Unlike cheaper cables, the audio experience is quite satisfying for both home and professional audio and sound requirements.

The connectors got 24K gold-plating to protect the cables from damage. This is something that premium ones come with. If you are looking for an RCA cable to be able to use for years, its durable construction won’t disappoint you. Dual shielded cables make sure there is zero to minimum humming, EMI, and RFI disturbance around you.

  • Double shielding
  • Great sound quality
  • Flexible
  • Premium look
  • Gold plating
  • PVC jacket
  • A bit stiff
  • Fragile connectors

10. C2G RCA Stereo Cables

C2G 40465 Value Series RCA Stereo Audio Cable

For those who want pretty much a basic-looking RCA cable at a cheap price tag, this can be the right purchase without compromising much on durability and sound quality. You can connect a DVD player, cable box, satellite dish, hi-fi VCR, even a computer to a monitor, TV, and A/V receiver easily.

As far as the sound quality goes, the manufacturer applied double shielding construction that protects the cable from interference and disruption while playing audio. Also, it doesn’t reduce the audio transmission signal quality to make sure you enjoy detailed and crisp sound pretty much all the time.

Also, it doesn’t reduce the audio transmission signal quality to make sure you enjoy detailed and crisp sound pretty much all the time. To make the conductors durable enough to stand against strain, the cable is molded. You are less likely to notice any conductor damage. Most cheaper ones don’t have such build quality, which makes this cable a value-for-the-money product.

Seamless performance on the auditory side definitely provides a perfect listening experience for those audiophiles who want a smooth and noise-free sound. Its flexible PVC jacket allows you to install it in tight spaces without doing much work.

  • Noise-distortion proof
  • Braided cables
  • Compact
  • Molded connector type
  • PVC jacket
  • Plastic pins

Best RCA Cables for Car Audio – A Complete Buying Guide

Although these cables don’t cost much, you still don’t want to take the hassle of buying a separate one after a few months. People don’t care much due to the low price and end up buying multiple cables in a year. You don’t want to jam the drawer with all these cables and wires. Spend on the right one and period.

There are a few things that make RCA cables worth spending the money on. Once you are assured about the quality, you can easily pick one according to your needs and preferences.

Type Of The Cable

While looking for the cables, we came across quite a few types. Among those, 2 types are the most commonly used ones. Whether it’s for home or professional sound systems, you won’t need anything other than these whatsoever.

Component RCA Cable

These cables are basically used for high-quality video services. Mostly used in televisions, there are three wires used for the video, resulting in excellent video quality. Component cables help to improve video resolutions of 1080p or above, making the video signal stronger.

Composite RCA Cables

Now, these are the video cables that have an RCA connection, and it’s one of the most common ones that you might have seen. Nine times out of ten, you’re going to find it bundled together with two other ones.

The audio cables are almost always denoted by being red, black, or white color code. At the same time, the video cable will be yellow in color, not rendering high-quality videos. Conductor type matters too. also, make sure there are oxygen-free conductors.

Length Of The Cables

Length is crucial by all means. You don’t want to get pissed off by the measurements anyway.

Oxygen Free Copper conductors RCA Audio Cable
Oxygen Free Copper conductors RCA Audio Cable

In most cases, people tend to buy oversized RCA cables that ultimately result in cutting them in short. By shortening cables, they might not work out at times.

Video signal quality gets interrupted on a regular basis if you use the shortened-out cables. Some device creates an awful humming sound that won’t be soothing to your ears.

Buy the cable that covers the distance between your input and output devices. Measure the distance and look for one with this specific cable length. Most manufacturers have RCA cables from a length of 3 feet to 15 feet.


One of the aspects that determines the durability and sound quality of an RCA cable is the shielding type. It’s basically a type of masking on the wires that protect the insulation. Quality ones come with multiple layers of shielding. The number of layers indicates the quality; the more, the better.

Are you familiar with the condition when audio signals make distorted and noisy sounds? This happens because the signal in the RCA cable runs along with other signals that pass through nearby wires.

Having a cable with multiple shielding makes sure that there will be no electromagnetic interference. If the shield is thin, there will be external noise as well as signal loss.

Therefore, pick one that comes with multiple layers of a thick shield. You can enjoy seamless uninterrupted audio signals between devices. Don’t cut corners and opt for a cheaper one. An RCA cable with multiple layers also protects the cable from damages as well as interference.

Connector Quality

RCA cables have connectors on both sides. These connectors aren’t the same for all cables. Some come with two male 3.5mm jacks to RCA, whereas others have two male jacks to RCA jack. It’s up to you which one you would like to choose depending on the config of your input and output devices.

Kabeldirekt RCA Stereo Cable

Regardless of the type you go for, make sure the connectors are sturdy enough. After using these cables for years, I have found that connectors are one of the weak points that can damage over time. Thicker connectors assure you durability more than thinner ones.

Also, the thicker connectors provide better connectivity compared to thinner counterparts. You will get a much better signal with less noisy sound. Another thing that you must notice is the material used for the connectors. Most RCA cables are made of copper, as this material perfectly transfers audio signals. Some connectors are made of silver, nickel, gold, etc. metals.

Silver ones are the most widely used and deliver good audio and video signals. But this metal is prone to corrosion, which is something you need to avoid at any cost. For that, you will require corrosion-resistant connectors.

Nickel-plated connectors are much better when it comes to resisting corrosion issues. But gold-plated connectors are the best car audio RCA cables and other purposes. Look for pure gold-plated connectors for the best output results. It transmits the signal way better than others. However, high-quality ones come with treated copper. This can be copper mixed with other metals such as silver or specially treated copper. These copper cables are oxygen-free and perform great for audio and video output.

Price of RCA cables

RCA cables can be as cheap as $5. But you have to compromise the connector material, signal strength, and durability. The more you spend, the better quality you will get. Cables that cost around $10 or more are considered to be the best as these come with a better shield to reduce interference while transmitting audio and video signals.

If you need output quality, you must go for a pricy one. It would be worth every penny. For occasional and day-to-day usage, no need to spend much on a cable. This is for those who own average-quality devices and want somewhat audible output.

How To Convert HDMI To RCA?

Kids, who are fond of playing games on computers often ask, “Hey, how do I connect my Xbox to a television that doesn’t have an HDMI input?” Or those who still own camcorder devices that are only compatible with RCA cables want to know the way to interconnect HDMI and RCA cables.

So, there’s a device named HDMI to AV converter. Pretty small in size and simple to set up.

You simply plug your HDMI input right where it says, and on the other side, you take your composite video cable and your RCA stereo cable, plugging it in there.

Here, we strongly urge you to use the yellow composite video cable and the red-white RCA ones. Don’t try to substitute with anything else because not all cables are created the same.

With this device, you can surely gain the capability of connecting an HDMI device to television that only has the composite video input. But you will have to compromise a couple of features that HDMI has. For example, high-definition video.

Are RCA Cables The Same As The Component Cables?

Yes, but no at the same time. They are quite similar in nature, with quite a few key differences. As mentioned previously, component cables have three RCAs that allow streaming videos at 1080p resolution.

In order to increase the bandwidth and the high-definition output, they came out with what’s called composite video. They separate the RGB on the video and process them individually, so you can have a higher bandwidth, higher clarity, and a higher definition output going into the television.

Component cables still use RCA connections, and then to get the audio, you sometimes see them with five RCAs. So, you have right and left audio as well as your Red-Green-Blue running down.

They are analog, and both of these technologies are legacy. But as the days are going, HDMI has been taking its place. Digital signal and high-resolution video attached in one cable attract the customer the most.

Yet, RCA cables and component cables are something that you should know about. They still carry the legacy for televisions and home equipment to provide a great quality picture.

Which Type Of Connector Is The Best?

You will not get the proper output if your connectors at the end render you a weak signal. Now, materials used in the connectors play a vital role here.

A number of materials are used at the connectors. Nickel, silver, and gold are the most commonly used ones.


Being commonly used, nickel has a reputation for improving signals and withstanding corrosion. Yet, they are susceptible to damage and corrode if used for a long time. So, considering the durability factor, it’s not the best option out there.


If you are looking for a high conductivity enabled cable, then silver coated connectors should work for you. Using an RCA with silver connectors delivers more rich sound and clarity to significantly improve the overall audio experience.

However, these connectors are more or less prone to corrosion. If you don’t want to spend much on cable, these are the ones to go with.


To be able to get the most out of your audio components and devices, look for an RCA cable with gold-plated connectors. These are excellent at delivering great detailed sound with zero to minimal noise and distortion.

No tension of oxidizing. Other than this type, the rest of the cables oxidize after using for one or two years. That makes those audio cables vulnerable and the signal poorest.

But gold plating does not do such, and it ensures a good and stable connection keeping the conductivity moderate. The cable also remains corrosion and rust-free for ages.

Final Words

To sum up, you really need to be a bit picky if the audio quality matters a lot to you. If you are okay with spending $10-$15 on a cable, go for one with gold-plated connectors and multiple shielded layers.

Nickel and treated copper connectors are also good if you compare them with the silver ones. You get value for the money with good quality materials. Look for the best RCA cables for car audio even if you have to pay a bit more than your budget.

We don’t recommend buying audio cables that come with silver connectors and a single shielded layer. It would be better to spend more to get a quality cable than paying less for a cable that you will have to replace after a few months.

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