Which Is The Best Tint Percentage For Car And How To Pick?

Do you know which is the best tint percentage for car windows? To enhance the car’s look, filming the window is very popular among car owners. Along with the exterior look, it protects the inner appearance from the damage of sunlight and temperature. It also provides privacy for the passengers. So choosing the appropriate tone percentage for the vehicle window is necessary.

There are different types of film available for a vehicle window. Do not waste your money and time without having the proper tinting knowledge. We will describe all the available percentages to help you choose the tint percentage for your car.

What Is The Best Tint Percentage For Car’s Window?

The ceramic-type film is top-level shading for the best protection from sunlight, heat, and UV exposure. The ceramic window film is a little pricey than other types of shading.

What Percentage Of Tint Is Good For Your Car

Available Ceramic Window Tint Percentages

After you decide the types of shade you are using for your car windows; now it’s time to determine the tone percentage. Typically, people’s shade percentages for their vehicle glass windows vary from 5% to 90%. The most used shade percent are below: 

50% Tinted

This is the most standard option for most of the owners. The percentage indicates that it can block 50% of the sunlight from reaching inside the car. It is enough to give you maximum protection from UV rays of the sun and heat without creating a darker effect inside the vehicle. Also, it is legal to use all over the world.

35% Tinted

The most used percentage of tint is 35%. It can block more UV and heat to transmit that 50% and keep your interior healthy and relaxed. 

This percentage also allows looking through the window that makes it legal to use. The darker appearance of the window also provides privacy. This shade gives a shiny, attractive exterior appearance with privacy and protection.

​20% Tinted 

After 35 % shading, people generally choose the 20% shading for their vehicle. With this, you almost can not see through the window if you are not close. It is preferable for the people who are concerned about privacy. 

Usually, the vehicle comes with a built-in tint that has this shade. But it is not allowed in most of the states for security reasons.

5% Tinted

This percentage of tinting blocks the entire light, and you can not see through the window at all. These are not allowed for regular use, usually used on limousine windows or protected vehicles.

Available Ceramic Window Tint Percentages

What Percentage Of Tint Is Good For Your Car?

You have known all the options of shade ratio available for vehicles’ windows. But still, you can not decide which is best for your car. To choose the best, you must consider some essential facts when picking a proper shade. The facts you should consider are:

Which is Legal

First, you should know about the law of your local area. The laws vary in states for how dark the vehicle windows can be for different states.  

It is important to consider the local law when choosing the shade of the window. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fine for that.

Reason Behind Tinting 

If the reason behind tinting is your privacy, then you can choose the darkest shade your state allows you to install.

For private vehicles, less than 35% shading is not allowed. But if you have a car registered as commercial, it can be allowed for 5%. 

When choosing a shade for health purposes, you can use a shade of a 50% level.  This blocks the harmful UV light and excessive heat in the daytime. It will keep the interior cool and your eyesight and skin protected from UV rays.

Consider The Look

Darker windows improve the look of a vehicle. If you want to change the factory look of your car, then you can go for a darker shade. But to keep the factory look with an improved stylish appearance, you can go for lighter shades. 

Other Considerations

You should consider some facts when choosing a shade for the car window. First of them are the quality of the film. If you select the high-quality film for the window, that will provide better protection from sunlight with improved durability of your car window.

Another thing to consider is eyesight. If you have a problem with vision, you should not go for a darker shade.

Final Thought

You have all the necessary information about the shade of a vehicle window. Now you can easily go for the best tint percentage for cars. However, do not forget to consider the laws of installing dark tones on car windows and other facts before choosing one. We hope this will help you to pick the proper shade as needed.

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