Top 7 Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Wheels In 2022

Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Wheels

Have you ever done any compatibility check on your wheel cleaners? A wheel cleaner is made of certain chemicals that have their merits and demerits. 

The elements inside a wheel clean actually determine which colors and materials the cleaner can be used on.

So, not all products are compatible with all wheels. There are some cleaners that can be used on all wheels, even on the tires. But they are not heavy duty. You need to brush the wheels with your wheel brush a lot for your wheels and tires to get clean. 

Wheel Cleaner For Black Wheel

Now that you know you can’t use every wheel cleaner on every wheel, the question remains, what is the best wheel cleaner for black wheels? 

In this article, we have created a list of the best 7-wheel cleaners for black wheels that you can use. 

So, stay tuned and you will be able to pick your wheel cleaner according to the requirements you have. But first, for those who don’t know what a wheel cleaner is, let’s find out.

What Is A Wheel Cleaner?

Anything that remains dirty and is not cleaned regularly tends to expire faster than something that is clean. The dirt builds upon any material eats up the molecular bond of it and slowly starts to dissolve. 

Thus, resulting in reducing the durability and longevity of any material. The same goes for wheels. If you don’t clean your wheels regularly, they will get damaged sooner than you think. Cleaning is a part of regular maintenance.

What is a Wheel Cleaner

Without cleaning wheels, there will be grease buildup, clogging, dust, dirt, brake dust, etc. These not only make the wheels look bad but also damage them. To solve that issue, we have wheel cleaners.

Wheel cleaners are products with added chemicals that are used to make your wheels clean, shiny and totally free of grease, clogging, brake dust, etc. 

Regular cleaning wheels using a wheel cleaner can also prevent erosion, rusting, corrosion, and protect from road salts.

Wheel cleaners are cheap. They are specially formulated for cleaning wheels. So, why not use them? If you have black-painted wheels, you need to pick a wheel cleaner for your car’s black wheels from the list below.

Image Product Details   Price
Best Rim Cleaner For Black Wheels Top Pick

Chemical Guys
Brand: ‎Chemical Guys
Item Weight
: ‎4.4 pounds
Manufacturer: ‎Chemical Guys
Check Price
Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Alloys Best Value

TriNova Rim Cleaning Spray
Brand: TriNova
Item Weight:
‎1.17 pounds
Manufacturer: ‎TriNova
Check Price
Best Wheel Cleaner For Glossy Black Rims Budget Friendly

P&S Professional Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner
Item Volume: 1 Gallons
Check Price
Best Wheel Cleaner For Metal Rims Premium Quality

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner
Brand: ‎Adam’s Polishes
Item Weight: ‎1.1 pounds
Manufacturer: Adam’s

Check Price

7 Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Wheels

Chemical Guys – Best Rim Cleaner For Black Wheels

Best Rim Cleaner For Black Wheels

The most common issue of a wheel cleaner is that it can damage painted wheels. You can’t understand that after just one wash. It takes time even for the cleaner to eat the wheel finish off the wheels. 

With the Chemical guys CLD-997-64 wheel cleaner you don’t have to worry about that. Black wheel paint has certain elements in them that might react with wheel cleaners. 

So, wheel cleaners that you will use have to have certain chemical components which don’t react with the paint material.

Chemical guys cleaner is like that. It’s a gel-like cleaning substance that can be used on all wheels with different rim finishes. So, you can give it a try without worrying.


Gentle Cleaner

The chemical guys cleaning agent is oxygen-infused and no harmful chemicals are used in this lubricating substance. It can gently lift off dirt and harmful elements like brake dust from the wheels. 

Scratch Resistance

The chemical guys wheel cleaner is number one in cleaning wheels yes, and also has scratch-resistant technology that can resist scratches from the wheel brush. 


The non-caustic formula of the chemical guys wheel cleaner makes it very safe to be used on any wheel finish as it causes no harm to any other car parts. Especially, the paint of the car.

  • Available in 16fl. Oz to 128 fl. Oz bottles
  • Gel like
  • Oxygen-infused
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Cleans brake dust
  • Have to be diluted into water for spraying
  • No spray bottle

TriNova Rim Cleaning Spray – Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Alloys

Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Alloys

For black alloy wheels, there is no other better wheel cleaner than the TriNova Rim Cleaning spray. It comes in a premium-looking spray bottle. 

If you purchase random wheel cleaners, chances are that they will contain harmful substances that would destroy the wheel finish. 

But this rim cleaner here has an acid free formula that is completely safe for your black alloy wheels. All you have to do it spray the cleaner on the wheels and gently brush the wheels with a wheel brush. 

Don’t be fooled by how liquid it is. It still can take out grime and harmful brake dust with its great cleaning power. After brushing, water the rims and wipe them using a microfiber cloth. You will see a shine like new.


Versatile use

As this cleaner doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, you can easily use it for surface cleaning and carpet cleaning. Versatile use makes it a very appealing product.

Powerful Acid free Formula

The acid-free formula is steel powerful enough to make your car’s wheels look like new. It contains wheel shining agents that shine the wheels after cleaning.

Weather Protection

Rims can get damaged due to weather issues. Like snow and dirt during the rainy season. It can clean even the dirtiest part of your wheels and give them shine.

  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • Completely acid free
  • Can be used as a tire cleaner too
  • You don’t need a car soap for washing the wheels
  • Removes grime
  • Quantity is low
  • Takes 2 minutes for grimes to lubricate

P&S Professional Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner – Best Wheel Cleaner For Glossy Black Rims

Best Wheel Cleaner For Glossy Black Rims

One obvious problem with all wheels is that they face corrosion. In most cases, car owners become very picky about cleaners because if they pick a cleaner that cannot remove corrosion, what is the point of spending that money?

To solve that issue P&S Professional Brake Buster Wheel cleaner is here. It’s one of the right tools you need for cleaning.

It has an acid-free formula that can easily remove corrosion from rims and make them look new in no time.

Also, it is a liquid form so if you have a spray bottle and a sprayer, you can fill it in from the plastic container and use it directly on wheels to clean them.



Acid is the main reason why we have to look for a dedicated cleaning agent for our wheels. Black rims react very badly to it. Having a cleaning substance that has no acid in it is a blessing.

Removes brake dust

Brake dust is the biggest reason why you need a good cleaner to protect the color coating of your wheels. If it isn’t capable of cleaning the wheel from brake dust, then there’s no point in getting it. This one cleans brake dust vividly.

Future Corrosion Protection

This one has a formula that can not only remove corrosion but also can protect the wheels from any future corrosion for a substantial amount of time. So, you get corrosion protection from it.

  • Protects glossy black rims
  • Better than a power washer
  • Can be used on all metal wheel types
  • 3 different sizes
  • Can be used as a tire cleaner
  • Not suitable for satin or matte wheels
  • Doesn’t come with a sprayer

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner – Best Wheel Cleaner For Metal Rims

Best Wheel Cleaner For Metal Rims

If you go through the best wheel cleaners lists and look at all the products, the most common name that would come up is Adam’s wheel cleaner. It’s the perfect wheel cleaner for your rims. 

It’s pretty hard to find cleaners that are well suited for plastic dipped wheels. Some people don’t even know what plastic-dipped wheels are. 

But those who know, know how hard it is to find a cleaner that is compatible with that.

Well, this one is. That’s why, it takes a very good spot in every cleaner list. It’s a specific cleaner, it’s a metal rim cleaner. So, use it on metal rims.


Brake Dust Cleaning

It’s a dedicated brake dust cleaner. It has been compared with the same class cleaning agents. Every time, Adam’s rim cleaner stands out in cleaning brake dust.

Dissolves Metal Contamination

The biggest issue with metal rims is that they get contaminated. So, you need a metal rim cleaner that can remove the metal contamination. This one can, and very easily and can prevent permanent damage of wheels of your vehicle.

Variety of Use

This cleaner can be used for scrubbing and to wash rims that are clear coat, powder coat, etc. The effectiveness is equal on different surfaces, especially metal and steel.

  • Tough
  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • Can remove dirt and brake dust
  • Contains no acid
  • Can deep clean with less scrubbing
  • Not suitable for all wheel types, can damage chrome rims
  • Not good against sticky road grime

Griot’s Garage – Best Wheel Cleaner For Expensive Wheels

Best Wheel Cleaner For Expensive Wheels

The problem with any car wheel cleaner is that they don’t have the necessary pH balance that can keep the rims undamaged. 

Some manufacturers think having higher or lower pH than the pH balance of water can fight hard to keep your wheels’ clean. 

Unfortunately, it’s not true. It does more harm than good. A good wheel cleaner needs to be pH balanced in order to get the job done. Removing water spots after one wash is something we don’t want to worry about.

Proper cleaners like this lessen your worry about water spots. this cleaner is capable of delivering tough cleaning to the wheels and also the tires. After you rinse the wheels and wipe the water with a microfiber cloth, you will find no water spots.


All wheel cleaning

For every wheel finish that you apply on your car or if you have a couple of cars that have different wheel finishes, you can use this one bottle cleaner for the cleaning job.

Tires and wheels

Tires get dirtier than wheels. Getting two separate cleaners for one same spot is a hassle. As Griot’s garage has a history to protect, this cleaner can be used to wash rims and tires.

Removes Tar and Dirt

An important note for all drivers is that car wheels washing can become tough because of the tar build-up on them. Good thing is that this wheel cleaner can remove tar and clean the dirtiest part of a clear coat on wheels through scrubbing.

  • Can be used on wheels and tires
  • Comes in a bottle with spray
  • pH balanced
  • Can clean road grime
  • Can be used for professional cleaning services
  • You have to scrub a lot to remove road grime
  • Not a heavy-duty product

CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner – Best All Wheel Cleaner

Best All Wheel Cleaner

Car guys wheel cleaner is one name that everyone can trust without even reading the features. People know that in today’s market, car guys manufacture the best all wheel cleaner that you can buy.

The pH neutral formula it has makes it best suited for all wheel types and also for tire cleaning. You can wash, rinse, scrub and do anything with it. 

Forget about car soap, this wheel cleaner comes in a bottle with the spray that has everything you need.

The best part about car guys wheels cleaner is that you don’t have to wait for too long for the dirt, dust or anything else to be lubricated. Even as a tire cleaner, it can clean a black wheel even with ceramic coating, aluminum rims or chrome and remove wheel woolies easily.


Overall Car Cleaning

Not just wheels or tires, with the car guys cleaner, you can clean rotors, calipers, exhaust tips, etc. It’s one cleaner with a lot of applications.

No dripping

The substance in the bottle ready for spraying is actually gel. So, it has no dripping at all. You can dilute the gel substance to increase the usage of the cleaner.

All wheel uses

Normally, a cleaner is best suited for only one type of wheel. It’s hard to maintain the same formula for one to clean all wheels. This is a top pick for that very reason. It has a pH neutral combination that enables you to use it on different wheel types.

  • Can be used on different wheels
  • Can be used on different parts other than wheels and tires
  • Highly concentrated
  • Formula is pH neutral
  • Safe to use on chrome, alloy, aluminum, ceramic and others
  • Can’t clean break dust properly sometimes
  • A little expensive

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus – Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Painted Wheel

Best Wheel Cleaner For Black Painted Wheel

Another name that is trustworthy is the sonax wheel cleaner. If you ask anyone for a few names of good cleaners that are best suited for black painted wheels, definitely they will name sonax wheel cleaner. 

Not just black-painted wheels, you can use this on chrome, clear coat, aluminum, plastic wheel covers, etc. This is actually very versatile. That’s why people name sonax wheel cleaner without having any doubt.

The plus model is 30% more effective than the regular sonax wheel cleaner. The regular one is good enough, but when it comes to removing tough brake dust or road grime sonax wheel cleaner spray plus is better in every way.


Color changing formula

The color changing formula of the agent reacts when it mixes with brake dust aka ferrous metal. Then you can identify the rough spots where the brake dust is the most and scrub accordingly.

Cleans Factory Installed Wheels

Aside from black painted rims, you can use this on factory-installed wheels. Especially, wheels of European car models like Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, etc. These brands have expensive wheels. The sonax wheel cleaner can clean them all.

Toughest in the Market

There are many products that do the exact same job in different ways. Some are better some are worse. The sonax wheel cleaner has been tested against a lot of other cleaners. It has proven that it is tougher than all and cleans faster.

  • It is free from acid
  • pH is balanced
  • Reacts and changes color when mixed with brake dust
  • Best for expensive factory installed wheels
  • Works great on different wheel material
  • May cause damaged to anodized wheels
  • Works only on cool tires

Things To Consider Before Buying A Wheel Cleaner

Picking up a wheel cleaning solution for wheels that are black might seem an easy job, but it’s not. You have to check the specifications very carefully to be sure that you are picking the right one for your car wheels. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Wheel Cleaner

Because if they are not the right ones, you will end up destroying them with just one wash. So, be extremely careful while choosing a wheel cleaner. We made this list considering the following factors. You too should consider these before buying one. Let’s find out.

Presence of Acid

Many manufacturers add acid to their cleaners thinking that acid can clean the wheels better. But the truth is, acid can cause acid erosion to the wheels and cause them to lose their color.

Presence of Acid

You are being so cautious about picking a cleaner because you want to save the color of your wheels. If it does more harm than good, it will a huge waste of time and money. So, be sure to pick one that doesn’t have acid in it.

Balance of pH

Balance of pH

Just like being free of acid, a cleaning agent needs to be free from base too. In order to do that the pH level of the solution has to be between 6.5 to 7.5. Anything above or below that will cause harm to the rims. So, make sure the cleaning solution has a pH level between 6.5-7.5. It’s best if the pH is 7.



You want to pick a product on the basis of the color coating of the rims. But the problem can become huge if the cleaning agent is suitable for the color but not for the material of the wheels. So, while getting one, make sure it is compatible with the material that your wheels are made of. 

Final Words

I hope I was able to cover everything that you need to know to pick the best wheel cleaner for black wheels. No matter which one you pick, all of them are great. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have picked them.

While picking yours make sure it meets the requirements you have. Or else, it will result in costing you more money than you spent to buy the cleaning solution.

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