The 7 Reason Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

The car alarm is an effective way to protect your car and personal belongings from thieves. The purpose and features of car alarms are almost the same for all vehicles. When the sensor detects something strange, it starts alarming. 

But have you ever faced a problem like your car alarm keeps going off randomly? Almost every car owner falls into this trouble for several reasons. It’s an embarrassing and irritating moment if it happens at midnight.

But what are the reasons behind this occurrence? If it happens, how to fix it? 

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Why Your Car Alarm Keeps Going Off for No Reason

There are several reasons why car alarms keep going off randomly. They are interrelated with sensors, battery, and overall setup of the car. The most common reasons are as follows-

1.Defective Door Lock Sensor 

The door lock sensor is worked by using 2 circuits such as closed circuit and open circuit. If somehow the internal wires eventually fail, the connector and actuator will not be assigned properly. That could also cause alarming problems.

In addition, the defect can even happen in weather like heavy rains. That caused a water leak to the circuit.

2.Fault in Key Fob

The key is used for a keyless entry system. It’s a small controller that works using a radio transmitter.

This short-range signal is used to lock and unlock the car. If there is a fault in the key fob, it can’t send and receive signals properly. So, it seems like the door is not locked properly. In case, the car alarm randomly goes off at night.

3.Defect in Hood Latch Sensor

The Hood latch sensor is worked for opening and closing the hood. It also triggered your car alarm. If any defect happens in this sensor, your car alarm may keep going off without apparent reasons. 

4.Low Battery Level

Low battery level is the common reason that alarms keep going off. If your battery is dead, the indicator can’t work properly.

Again it’s related to the voltage. If the voltmeter shows a reading of less than 12.6V, it also indicates a jolt in your car’s battery. Anytime, even at midnight, your car alarm may go off randomly.

5.Rusted Battery Terminals

Besides low-level batteries, rusted batteries can be a major cause of car alarms that keep going off. As the rusted battery terminal can’t provide enough power to the car’s parts, the sensors won’t work properly. It seems like low battery conditions and the same thing occurs.

Disconnected or Wiring Problems

6.Disconnected or Wiring Problems

Car controlling and the anti-theft alarming system is more likely dependent on the sensor. Sometimes, the connection may be distracted or components are placed with the wrong wires. If any sensor has a sensitive or wrong connection, there is a chance that your car alarm keeps going off.

7.Control Module Problem

Electronic Control Units are designed with a lot of mechanisms and complicated processes. If any problem occurs in this system, it will send faulty signals to various components of the car. Also, send signals to the wrong receiver terminal. 

In this situation, car sensors can’t define what that right signal is. Then your car alarm starts to go off!

Poorly Installed Alarm System

8. Poorly Installed Alarm System

The car alarm system is installed for safety purposes. Usually, it is set up by the owner. Sometimes there is an installation fault, wrong connections of the sensors if it is done at a home garage. 

The incorrect connection can’t get the signals properly. And your car alarm keeps going off.

Top 3 Solution of Car Alarm Going Off for No Reason

If you are not careful about the above reasons, it may happen anytime. If it occurs, you need to turn off the alarm. You can follow the following ways – 

Charge The Battery

Charge The Battery And Check The Charging Voltage

As we know, the low battery level is the cause of this problem. You need to check the car battery charge level. And also check the voltage with a voltmeter or multimeter.

If it is under 12.0 V then it needs to be charged. Charge it for 24 hours to prevent the car alarm problem.

In addition, change the key fob’s battery if it gets damaged and then creates problems. 

Turn your car on

In case the car alarm is disturbing you without any reason, turn on the key to ACC position. It will be turned off.

Lock or Unlock Your Car Doors

Car alarms keep going off if there is a defect in the lock or unlock the car doors.  Again lock and unlock the door, it will help to turn off the random alarm.

Reset Your Car Alarm System

The anti-theft car alarm system can be reset as well. It is going off randomly and you can’t find out the exact reason, then reset the entire car alarm system. It will turn off the alarm. 

You can get help from the manual on how to reset the alarm system.

If the alarm keeps going off after trying all these ways, then it needs profound diagnostic knowledge. This time you should take help from a professional workshop for proper diagnosis of your car.

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