Best Solution – Car Radio Works But no Sound From Speakers

Imagine turning on the radio unit as you try to relax your brain with some on-air music in your car, only to realize that the speakers are impaired. This could be a frustrating issue to deal with, more importantly raising concern for your vehicle’s sound system.

You got to keep cool. Just drive your way back home and apply for the fix. This problem can be dealt with if you know what’s causing the trouble in the first case.

So for people whose car radio works but has no sound from speakers, we have come up with this article to talk about the probable cause and practical solutions to revive your speakers back to life.

Reasons Why Car Radio Works But No Sound From Speakers

The common ground for malfunctioning sound units could be broken wires or faulty speakers. A blown-out fuse could also be the root of the problem. Last but not least, faulty antenna or tuners might play a big role in why your sound system is dead silent.

Blown fuse

Car amplifiers and radio units are manufactured with inbuilt fuses to protect the units from surging power and irregular current flows. Sometimes, excessive current flows in the system due to different reasons, causing the fuse to blow up. This process disconnects the circuit to keep the audio device safe.

If a blowout occurs, it’s safe to change the fuse to a new one and your radio will be fine if you see that your speakers have frequent disruptions after getting them fixed. Then it’s better if you have it checked at a garage by a professional.

Replacing the fuse  

First, check the current and voltage in the fuse using a voltmeter and ammeter. You will need a few other things like tweezers or a needle plier if you are the one working on it.

Look for the fuse board. It’s either under the dashboard, side of the dashboard or under the hood. Read out the vehicle manual book will help you perform any action.

The fuse diagram is what you need to study next. It should be under the fuse board or simply on the manual. You can find Fuses type and corresponding ampere rating there.

The next step is to extract the damaged fuse with the plier. Once you pull it out, time to change it with a newer one. Put on the new fuse that has the same rating as the damaged one. Put back the block cover, turn the radio on and the sound should flow.

Broken wires or faulty speakers

Faulty wiring can cause a speaker to go down. Using a speaker extensively could be another reason for the deterioration and permanent damages. 

If broken wires are the cause and you are not an expert with electrical components, have it checked by skilled personnel.

Changing the faulty speaker

Turn off the engine, make sure you are safe from electrocution. Now unscrew the bolts. You will need to dismantle the surrounding padding on the speaker next. Cut it out with a scissor or use your hand pressure to pull it out of the box without hampering the speaker’s paper cone. 

It’s time to remove the cone, voice coil, and adhesives attached to the speaker. You will need some knife skills and have to be patient and careful doing so. 

Please get a new voice coil and place it where the previous one was set. Place the paper cone over the cone using glues. Give some time for the adhesive to set. Mount the casing in the same way and tighten the screws back to where it belongs. Test your speakers now it should be fine.

Faulty tuners or antenna

Your car’s radio antenna and tuners might need to be tweaked to get the best out of the speakers. You may see the radio running, but it might not be functional due to mishaps such as loose cords in the antenna that might result in poor reception or zero signals.

If the tuner is the issue, you might need a brand new setup or a fix from a pro hand. 

Fixing the sensor

Remove the antenna located in the rear fender or the frontal hood area. Use a screwdriver and remove all the components along with the wired antenna. Carefully pull out the housing as well.

Troubleshooting time! Check for issues. A little twist and tug can perform wonders. If you think it is a main problem, pull it out, clean and assemble it back. The worst that can happen is if the ropes and other components are compromised, then a complete reassembly has to be performed. 

To put back the fixed antenna or even a new one, use a similar technique like the undoing. Make sure the nylon rope is fixed to the tube and the base of the antenna is affixed correctly. Connect the wirings and put back the cover. If this fix doesn’t work, you better ask a professional to help you. 

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Final verdict

If you are facing a dilemma, such as your car radio working but no sound from the speakers, just don’t panic. Some straight-up solutions should help you to bump up the volume once again.

First, park your car in a safe place. If you are into DIY jobs, fixing the issue should be an easy task. If you have gone through this write-up, you are now knowledgeable enough to know the reason why your soundbox is not performing.

We have discussed some basic correction procedures that should resuscitate your car speakers. 

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