Car Seat Support For Lower Back Pain

Driving is something we all need to do more or less to get our lives going. But those who drive for a long time on a daily basis, almost all of them have to face a problem called lower back pain. This is a really common problem among car drivers all over the world.

Driving with back pain is at the same time really uncomfortable and extremely dangerous. It can lead to accidents. So, you need a good solution to this problem. A very easy yet effective solution is car seat support or lumber support.

We will discuss the reasons that cause this problem. And then all the preventive measures you should take to avoid this situation will be mentioned in detail. When you are finished reading, you will have all the necessary information about car seat support for lower back pain. Let’s begin.  

Can A Car Seat Cause Lower Back Pain

The answer is an absolute yes. How? 

  • Because of the poor positioning of your body while driving. 
  • When your back, neck, and legs are not at the right relative angles to each other. 
  • Because of too much jarring and vibration taken by your back.
  • And if you don’t have enough support at your back provided by the car seat.

How to Adjust Car Seat For Lower Back Pain

Now let’s see how you can adjust the car seat for your lower back pain.

Adjust The Height

  • The height shouldn’t be too high that you have to bend or too low which makes you raise your head to see the road. 
  • To adjust the seat first lower it to the bottom.
  • Then raise it just the right amount so that the seat is like two fingers away from the back of your knees.

Adjust The Angle

  • First, bring the seat to its upright position.
  • Now start reclining it to your comfortable position. Generally, 100 to 100 degrees inclination is good.
  • Make sure your back, neck, and hamstrings are not taking any extra pressure.

Adjust The Distance

  • Make sure that your shoulders are rested against the seat.
  • 120 degrees angle at your elbow is the right position.
  • You should be able to hold the steering wheel at 9 o clock and 3 o clock without any stretch.

Adjust The Headrest

  • The headrest shouldn’t be too far from your head, generally, a 1-inch distance is good.
  • The top of the headrest shouldn’t be lower than the height of your eyes.

Adjust The Lumbar Support

  • If you have lumber support then first retract it completely.
  • Then sit on the car seat and start inflating the support until you find it comfortable.
  • If you don’t have one in your car then make one with a cushion or a towel by rolling it.

How to Sit in The Car With Lower Back Pain

Sit up Straight

  • Your sitting must be neutral or else it will cause pain after a long drive.
  • Keep your chest out, the shoulders rested against the seat, and the spine at its natural curve.
  • Keep enough room for your head to move it up and down without bumping it to anything.

Nothing in the Back Pocket

  • Keep anything like your wallet and smartphone out of your back pocket.
  • These things can hamper the alignment of your body parts.

Press your Bottom Really Good Against the Seat

  • Make sure your bottom is really pressed against the seat.
  • Keep the angle between the upper and lower halves of your body around 110 degrees.

Don’t Reach Across the Car

  • While you are in the driving seat don’t try to reach the back seats. 
  • Try to maintain the neutral and ergonomic position of your sitting.
  • Overstretching while sitting can cause some serious back pain.

Best Car Seat Support for Lower Back Pain

You need to pick the best car support for lower back pain. Let’s see the best one for you.

Motor Trend Lumbar Back Support

Best Car Support for Lower Back Pain

Let’s talk about the car support we found to be the best out there for your lower back pain. This is an orthopedic, portable back support for your car. It has a contoured design that hugs your back to maintain the proper alignment of your spine. 

Its firmness stays for a long time to support your back while driving. This fills up the gap perfectly between the seat and your lower back. Put it on your seat and press your lower back firmly against it while driving and note the difference.

  • This product is recommended by chiropractors as lower back support to reduce slouching.
  • The foam inside it is highly resilient that maintains its shape for a long time.
  • Good quality elastic strap to anchor it to the seat.
  • Good value for money.
  • The dimensions are predefined, it may or may not fit your demands perfectly. 


Let’s see some commonly asked questions below.

How do I relieve lower back pain in my car seat?

You need to take your seat adjustment seriously and also the way you sit on it. Make sure you sit up straight on the seat. Keep all the angles between your body parts at the suggested values. Maintain a perfect distance between you and the steering wheel as well as the headrest. 

Where should the car seat be placed for lower back pain?

The car seat adjustment is very important to get rid of your lower back pain. Keep the seat at a height so that you don’t have to bend or rise to see the road. The inclination of the seat should be between 100-120 degrees. Your knee backs should be two fingers away from the seat.

Do seat cushions help back pain?

It sure does help. It will depend on all the adjustments you made with your seat and your sitting posture. Given that, all of those are done correctly using a cushion between your lower back and the seat should help with back pain. It supports the lower back that is detached from the seat and reduces back pain.

Can you add lumbar support to a car seat?

You sure can. That part of your body is detached from the seat. So, it doesn’t have any support while you are driving. In this condition after a long drive that part of the body will be in pain. So, using lumbar support can reduce the pain or even get rid of it completely.  

How do you sit in a car with sciatica?

The best solution for this problem is using lumber support on your car seat. There are special sciatica relief cushions available in the market that you can use. This will help your body to maintain all the angles correctly and will relieve any extra stress. 


This was all the information you needed on car seat support for lower back pain. In conclusion, we would like to remind you that prevention is better than cure. Try to prevent experiencing this problem by taking things like your car seat adjustment and correct sitting posture seriously.

And one of the best possible steps to achieve a pain-free driving experience is using car seat support or lumber support. We have reviewed one of the best you can find in the market. Use either that or anything of your preference and it will reduce your back pain noticeably. 

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