Car Storage Ideas For Camping

Car Storage Ideas For Camping

It might sound easy to go camping in your car, but in reality, it is not. It’s very critical, to be honest. Car camping means you are carrying all your camping gear and essential belongings inside your vehicle, from your clothing to food management to washroom utilities and many more.

In this article, we are here to help you out with some tricks to know about car storage ideas for camping. Let’s make things easier to manage and make a trip worth remembering. 

Firstly when you start packing your belongings in your car it’s important to know about camping storage ideas.

Camping Storage Organizers

It’s important to keep your small things up close and personal. Like mobiles, tablets, wallets, water bottles, pens, diaries and all. You can get a car seat back organiser from the market. For example, you can have ULEEKA, HElTEKO and many more manufacturers out there to choose from. These are excellent attachments on your backseat to keep your necessary items. 

Cargo Carriers Are A Useful Item

Brands like KUAT and YAKEEMA have come up with many wonderful hitch-mounted carriers to settle up perfectly on top of your car, RV, Vans, etc. Why is this necessary? It will save space inside your car, easy peasy! You won’t have to hoard your things right inside your car when you have a carrier on top. Store your shoes, old clothes, cat carrier and big items without any hassle. They are made for it. Save space and improve the moving room inside your car, be comfortable. 

Cargo Carriers Are A Useful Item

Car Camping Storage Bins

Almost similar to carriers, you can have these boxes on the back of your car. These are made to carry all your wanted items inside one box. Avoid the size and shape and you will be good to go. Store anything you want and stack ’em up and lock it in place, that’s it. Make sure the bins are impact-resistant and weather-resistant so that it’s further easy for you and gives you long-lasting service. You can find boxes like ROAM ADVENTURE, PELICAN and more. Lockable and heavy-duty items like this will save your time and give you more space to manoeuvre inside your car.

Camping Equipment Storage Ideas

There are many things you can do to make your camping a success. These small details will help you in the long run. Such as.

Camping Gear Storage Ideas

Camping Clothes Storage

Don’t pack your clothing one after another, it’s best if you roll them up and stack them all up on the storage boxes or backpacks. Also, use a zip lock bag for children’s outfits. Trust us they are super workable. 

Keep A Laundry Bag

This is for your all shabby dirty clothes after a camping routine. Storing all the blemished clothes and shoes in a laundry bag will be advantageous and might save you from bad odours. 

Shower Caddies And Toiletry Bags Are A Must-carry 

Shower caddies are functional, stylish, durable and portable so you can store your shampoos, soaps, body wash, toothbrush, razors and whatnot. You can keep it on the floor or the back of your car, shouldn’t take much space. 

Toiletry bags are a wonder, take for example GONEX bags, these are made to carry all your functional and essential cleansing products, such as lotions, body sprays, makeup brushes and many more things. It can be easily changed or put on the floor taking less space. 

Food Camping Bins Are A Lifesaver

Some trays and bins are airtight and lockable, food-grade items to keep your foods clean and hygienic for a long time. Carry any of these as much as you need, abiding by the size of your car. 

Camp Stove And Collapsible Tables

Camping stoves are very essential when it comes to cooking your food items on a camping site. Yes, now you can carry the stove with you in your car, check out EUREKA camping stoves or the likes of COLEMAN as manufacturers, you will get a portable cooking tool that will fit in your car. 

Collapsible tables like Helinoz, TREKOLOGY and many more can be your go-to table item. To put your food down easily and have a good meal with your pals. 

Camp Stove And Collapsible Tables

Some Camping Storage Hacks

– Always keep your backpacks lightweight, no matter what you carry. The easier to carry the better you will be able to move and store. 

– See-through bins are excellent choices. It helps you to save time and directly dig into what you need. 

– Multi-use items like organisers are going to help you in many ways. 

– Carry a storage bag for your smelly clothes and shoes. This will take off the odour from the car interior.

– Take bathroom utilities and toiletries and also carry a poop bag if you are travelling with kids. 

– Foods are your fuel, keep your foods in a sealed container.

– Cargo ceiling hammocks are super functional in terms of storage. It will allow you to store things overheard without messing the surrounding of the car. 

– Guess what, a shoe organizer can work as a kitchen cabinet. This is just a trick. 

– Don’t limit your storage imagination. You can do a lot by doing less. Be creative.

Final Verdict

Well, we would suggest you not shorten your views on storage space. Being creative is the way to go. Keep all the things we mentioned above in this writeup and we assure you will be storing your items easily. LImiting your knowledge and overthinking can be a problem. See what’s available, try to be lightweight when camping. Kids take necessary carries and gears. A car can hold a lot of things you can’t even imagine. We recommend you make it compressed and flexible so that you have moving space and a comfortable ride. Dig out the spaces and know what your car is capable of holding, and roll the wheels like a pro camper. Storage won’t be an issue. 

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