Ceramic Window Tint vs Regular Window Tint You Should Know

Most people know the tint basics like darker colors can block more UV rays and dyed film can block the sun. As much as I hate to pop the bubble, I should let you know that tinted windows have very little something to do with blocking sun glare. You must know about ceramic window tint vs regular window tint and that will help you to take your decisions.

So, what exactly makes the difference? Yeah, darker windows can ensure some UV protection. But if the tint particles are not dense enough to block the sun, no matter how dark the tint is, it can’t block the infrared light coming from the sun.

To bring about a solution, the market came up with ceramic tints. You see ceramic particles are much more dense and can hold back a huge amount of infrared light that comes from the sub. It literally has better structural stability than other types of window tints.

If you are to make a choice about tints and UV light is what you are concerned the most about, this ceramic window tint vs regular window tint comparison is for you. Stay put and go through the comparison. You will understand which one you should pick. But first, let’s find out a little bit about the sun.

Why Does My Car Get So Hot Inside?

Two words: window tints. If you don’t have a tint installed, it’s highly likely for your car to feel hotter inside. Sun rays are traveling in the form of infrared lights and UV lights. Ultraviolet lights get filtered through the Ozone layer. But the infrared has no filtration going on.

Thus, it comes directly inside the earth and we have no protection from it. Infrared lights don’t really cause any serious diseases but it is responsible for the heat. And the heat can cause a lot of problems.

You see a standard tint is capable of holding infrared lights back. Even the carbon window tint is no better than regular window film. On the other hand, ceramic window film comes with Nano-ceramic technology which can protect us from UV rays and infrared.

This is one reason why people prefer going for a ceramic film instead of going for any random type of window tint. 

Regular Tints

Regular tints or standard tints are the most used and most bought window tints. They are these cheap sheets of tints that have no literal function other than adding aesthetics to the car.

Also, dark colors can ensure privacy but for the light ones, you will have no privacy whatsoever. Not only do these films have no infrared rejection, but also regular tints fade over time. So, no matter which color you buy, the sun rays and the heat ruins that color and brings about a purple shade.

Regular Tints

 Benefits of Dyed Film

Dye-based window films are not that bad. But To understand the comparison properly, you should know about the benefits and downsides of these types of window film. So the benefits you get from regular window tinting products are:

  • Affordability
  • Ensures a certain level of privacy (only on darker tints)
  • Aesthetics
  • A very menial sun block

Downsides of Dyed Film

Now this list will be longer. There are a lot of things that dyed sheets are bad at.

  • Menial heat reduction
  • Very low UV light protection
  • Almost zero heat resistance
  • Not at all durable
  • Discoloration
  • Fades in no time
  • No infrared light rejection
  • Regular replacement will be needed

Ceramic Window Tint

Now, ceramic window tints are different. A ceramic tint is made of ceramic particles that offer a decent amount of structural stability.

The infrared rejection of these things is exceptional. So, even if you have installed a ceramic tint for privacy and aesthetics, you will be getting heat resistance, glare reduction, break from thermal stress, break from solar heat, etc.

ceramic window Tints

Benefits of Ceramic Films

Ceramic window tinting, according to me, is a wise decision. To understand everything at a glance, this benefits comparison is enough for anyone. Let’s figure out.

  • Rejects 3 times more heat, UV rays and infrared lights
  • Doesn’t conduct heat
  • Highly durable
  • High structural stability
  • Up to 99% UV protection
  • Up to 85% heat reduction
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Privacy
  • No metallic particles are available
  • Color stable
  • Doesn’t hamper with radio signals

Downsides of Ceramic Films

The only downside to ceramic tints is that they are expensive.

Does Expensive mean Better?

In some cases, yes. In the case of window tint ceramic vs regular tint, yes. But in most cases, no.

Not all expensive products are better. Sometimes the material is expensive, but not worth the expense.

In case of a metallic tint, these tints have the regular wear as the regular tints. But unlike ceramic coating, metallic tints don’t offer the similar sun protection.

The project budget might be the same, even at times metallic tints or polyester sheets can cost even more than ceramic tints.

So, is it the price that makes ceramic film a better choice in this comparison of ceramic window tint vs regular window tint? The answer is no. Price is not a decisive factor.

Now let’s compare factor by factor to understand which one is a better choice for you.


Despite common questions, it is well established that ceramic window tints have better durability than regular tints. The Nano-particle technology that ceramic tints require, ensures better safety and better endurance than regular tints.

Regular tints are not made using any state of the art technology. They are not at all durable and can be scratched very easily with fingernails.

Heat Reduction

It’s obvious that narrow corridors offer less space for you to pass. A regular dyed window film does not have dense structural integrity. The space between the particles is not dense enough to fight the heat. So, your car will definitely get hot.

On the contrary, ceramic car window tint offers a better heat reduction. It can block the heat up to 85%. Even the lightest colored ceramic tint can block sun rays.

Glare Protection

A window tint can protect you from glare if it has light protection. Standard window tints don’t really offer much light protection. Some of them do.

Imagine you are driving and suddenly some glare hit your eyes and blinded you. If it’s a crowded road where cars drive fast, accidents are inevitable.

That’s why you need window tints with glare protection. In the case of normal tint, glare protection is hard to find. But all ceramic window tints can ensure light and glare protection.


In terms of price, regular window tints are also known as cheap window tints because they are very inexpensive. They cost very less because of their production cost.

It is very cheap to make regular window tints. On the other hand, ceramic material is pretty expensive and it costs quite a few bucks to make ceramic window tint. This is why ceramic tints are expensive.


When we are spending some extra money on something where there are many other options that we could’ve bought with less money, we expect them to last longer.

In the case of window tints, people don’t expect much longevity because cheap window tits don’t offer any. They don’t really stay in their original shape for too long.

But here’s the catch. People prefer ceramic window tinting because they tend to last longer. Definitely a lot longer than regular tints. This actually makes ceramic tints cheaper in the long run.

Infrared and UV Protection

Ceramic tints can hold the bigger wavelengths but at the same time they cause no signal interference on your cell phone like a metallic window tint. That’s the basic difference between different types of vehicle window films.

As ceramic window tints offer UV and Infrared protection, people may think that they can cause cell phone signal interference. Well, it’s not true.

That means in case of using your cell phone even after installing ceramic or regular window tints, it will not be hampered.

Maintaining Window Tint Law

In the case of window tints, there are a few laws that everyone needs to abide by. No matter which window tint you choose to go with, you have to follow the standard window tinting laws.

Final Words

I believe by now you have already decided which window tint you will go for. I hope this ceramic window tint vs regular window tint comparison has helped you to choose the type of window tint you prefer.

If I’m to draw out a suggestion to you in choosing a type of window tint, you probably know which one I’m going to suggest. Yeah, for my car I have installed ceramic window tints.

It has proven that going for regular tints will increase the times you go for installing them and the entire money you spend on buying regular tints, accumulates to be higher than when you are going for ceramic tints.

So, it’s a better investment in every way. See if the factors that are explained above meet your requirements and go for the one that satisfies you. In the end, it’s your choice.

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