Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat Reviews: A Complete Overview

Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat R

Graco Contender 65 convertible car seats are popular for their budget-friendly and functioning features. 

If you have a baby and need a reliable seat for it, this one is a worthy pick. This seat comes with NHTSA safety standards to protect babies from many unwanted situations. 

Besides, this seat is made with durable materials and provides huge comfort to its user. Knowing about Graco Contender 65 convertible car seat reviews can help you to get acquainted with their other specifications. 

Anyone new to this seat can easily install this seat following the depicted process here. In addition, it’s easy to clean for its advantageous design. If you’ve decided to purchase this seat for your baby, be assured that you’re going to make an excellent decision. 


Here are some top-rated and useful specifications of the Graco Contender 65 convertible seats. 

  • Seat depth: 11″
  • Installation type: Seat belt
  • Dimension: 23 x 18.5 x 23.5 inches
  • Seat weight: 14.7 lbs
  • Safety features: Side impact protection, steel frame, and impact absorbing base

Graco Contender 65 Convertible Seat Reviews

Graco Contender 65 convertible car seats are manufactured from steel and mesh fabric. For using these high-quality materials and having the verve color, this seat is comfortable as well as good-looking. Besides, it comes with 23 x 18.5 x 23.5 inches dimension and is 27 pounds lightweight for easy transportation. 

This convertible car seat comes with an easy installation process like buckling a seat belt. The children of up to 6 years with 5-65 lbs weight can fit in this seat perfectly. If there is any dust on the seat cover, it can be removed and washed using regular cleaning materials. 

Graco Contender 65 convertible seats come with engineered EPS foam layering. Along with making the car seat lightweight, this feature stands against a crash. Its sturdy buckles won’t break or melt easily due to an excessive temperature. 

There is a Britax exclusive V-shaped tether to reduce movement during a crash. Besides, the presence of SafeCall technology helps to absorb the crash energy very effectively. As it comes to side impact protection, the sensitive parts of the child’s body remain secured during a crash. 



This seat comes with high-end NHTSA safety standards. Having a layer of side impact protection will protect the baby in the broken roads. The impact-absorbing base also eliminates the extreme shake and keeps the baby safe. It has a sturdy seat belt with 2 crotch buckle positions. As the crotch straps come with 4″ and 5.75″ depth, it protects the baby from being knocked. 


Graco Contender 65 convertible car seats are durable for using high-quality steel and mesh fabric. The user can go with this car seat for up to 7 years without any major complications. As the seat comes with a steel frame surrounding it, it won’t bend after an accident easily.


This seat comes with a removable head and body support to provide a comfortable environment. For keeping the baby’s drink convenient, there is an attached cup holder. Its compact design reduces the back pain of the baby even after sitting for a long time.


Graco Contender 65 cover is removable and can be washed with some easy steps. Here you get a clear conception of cleaning the Graco Contender 65 cover. 

How do I clean my Graco Contender 65 cover?

  • Remove the solid wastes from the cover first. Apply the soft brush to remove the dirt from it.
  • Instead of soaking the cover, use baby wipes or little dishwashing detergents. 
  • After that, there might be some messy dirt on the cover. To remove it, wash it using a washer with cool water on a fragile cycle. 
  • Then, send the cover to be dried in sunlight. Before applying sunlight, shake the cover to remove the surplus water from it. 

Ease of use

Parents can easily use this seat belt for its advanced InRight LATCH system. Besides, the no-rethread harness system makes this seat selectable for ease of use. Tightening the 2 position buckle may seem difficult at first but it’ll be accustomed to after a few days. 


As the seat comes with a five-point safe adjust harness, the installation process is pretty simple. To get a clear concept of buckling a Graco car seat, go through the steps depicted below. 

How do you buckle a Graco car seat?

  • Determine the position of the chest clip first. For opening it successfully, you need to hold it in an expedient position.
  • After that, you have to open the chest clip by squeezing it on both sides. 
  • Now, with the buckle facing forward, move the new tongues to the buckle straps without twisting the straps. 
  • Press the top of the red button and then pull the tongues out of the buckle. 
  • Put your baby and tighten the straps in a convenient position. 
  • Last, of all, position the chest clip on the baby’s chest and end the process. 


The maintenance of Graco contender 65 is all about regular wiping. Though the uncovered metal parts are rust-proof, keep it away from water for long-lasting. Don’t wash the straps in soap water or without using detergent. Keeping the fabric dry makes it selectable for the long run. Besides, its safety harness should be checked regularly and the cover should be cleaned regularly.

  • The harness comes with an expedient one hand adjusting advantage
  • The premium-quality material provides huge comfort in the long journey
  • Comes with leveling indicator to ensure the perfect installation
  • Highly protective against crashes, unwanted shake, and excessive temperature
  • A removable cover allows it to clean the dirt nicely
  • It’s difficult to tighten the Latch’s strap
  • There is no recline setting with this car seat

For Whom this seat is designed?

Graco Contender 65 convertible car seat is designed for children up to 6 years old. They can be protected with a 2 crotch strap from any unwanted shaking. For having a side impact protection, the baby won’t get any hit to its head easily. Moreover, its engineered fitting with foam layer offers huge comfort to the baby. 


Want to know more about Graco Contender 65 convertible car seats? This part reveals some common questions about it with the relevant answers. 

Is the Graco Contender 65 recall?

No, there is no recall of the Graco Contender 65. There must be a label on the car seat mentioning some manufacturer details. By observing the manufacturing dates and other things, a new Graco Contender 65 isn’t recalled. It’s dangerous for the safety of the baby and goes against the motor vehicle safety standard. 

How long is the Graco Contender 65 good for?

Like other car seats, Graco Contender 65 car seats come with a 7 years limitation. This interval starts from the date of manufacturing. However, there might be several issues like accidents, damage of parts, and others. Then, the time duration must be decreased.

Is Graco sequence 65 FAA-approved? 

Yes, Graco sequence 65 is FAA-approved. There is a red text on the label which tells about this FAA approval. This approval is given by an authorized safety administration as a symbol of a top-class safety fighter. So, no more thinking about your baby’s safety with the Graco Contender 65.


Graco Contender 65 convertible car seat reviews uphold the prime features of this seat. Despite having a few negative aspects, you can consider its bunch of advantages. 

The sturdy build of this car seat with premium materials ensures top-class safety and comfort. Therefore, your baby will stay happy and comfortable throughout the whole journey. 

The easy installation and cleaning facility with transportation convenience are its trustable features. On a reasonable budget, you rarely find a convertible car seat with enchanting features like Graco Contender 65.   

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