How Much Does It Cost To Lower A Car?

How Much Does It Cost to Lower a Car

The cost to lower a car may differ whether you do self-service or take professional help. The cost also varies depending on the car model, different lowering options, set of tools to be used, time length to do the whole procedure etc. Now, have a look at the various lowering options for your car and their potential cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Lower A Car?

We’ve discussed 4 types of car lower processes below and mentioned its cost and necessary tools. Hopefully, you’ll get a proper idea about consuming time and cost of lowing a car.

Process 1: Modification Of Leaf Spring

This process is more suitable for older versions of cars as they use leaf spring suspension where you may need to lower the car by more or less 2.5 inches. It is the cheapest way to lower your car.

Required Tools

Whether you buy it from an online shop or your local auto parts supplier, the leaf spring kit may cost you between $100 and $200.

Professional Installation Cost

To lower the car professionally, this method may take 2 to 3 hours and will cost you from $50 to $200 per hour depending on the expertise of the mechanic.

Process 2: Cutting The Coil

If you want to lower the vehicle using the coil cutting method, all you need to do is to cut the coil into the required size. It’s a commonly used method to lower a car. However, this method is a bit critical to perform. Therefore, purchasing a shorter coil is a better option.

Required Tools

The coil may cost between $100 to $700 depending on the car model you own.

Professional Installation Cost

However, if you want to install it professionally, it will cost you from $200 to $500. In the case of handling it professionally, they can do both services whether you want to cut the coil or install a new one.

***Note that, if it’s not done correctly, the car will have an incorrect suspension and some other parts will also be harmed.

Process 3: Using Hydraulic Suspension System

You can lower your car up to five inches using the hydraulic suspension system. But it’s an expensive way to lower your car using pressurized oil. The positive side of it is, you can bounce between two functions swiftly.

Required Tools

The tools required for hydraulic suspension may cost between $1300 to $10000, depending on the tools’ specification and the model of the car.

Professional Installation Cost

This may cost you anything between $2000 to $5000 to install it by a pro technician. Because it requires the combined knowledge of electric work, suspension system, and wielding.

Process 4: Using Airbag

You can lower and raise your car using the airbag method. In this case, the springs need to be replaced by airbags. Though you can do it by yourself, it’s better to be done by professionals as only installing airbags is not enough to complete the job.

Required Tools

The air suspension set may cost you from $1000- $4000. If you’re an expert in handling the car’s electronic parts, you can fix the airbag suspension within a few days with the right tools.

Professional Installation Cost

If you want it done by the professionals, it will take about 10 hours of labor and about $1000.

Final Words

So, whatever the method you use, if you want it to be done by the professionals, make sure to compare the prices between the available shops to get a better pricing option. But if you want to do it by yourself, make sure you have all the necessary tools and that you know how to do it without compromising the car’s functionality.

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