How to Setup Vehicle Bluetooth FM Transmitter

While driving a car, changing songs with your hand on the FM radio is annoying. It is also very dangerous because when you are changing the song, you cannot concentrate on the road. 

So you can enlist the help of a Bluetooth FM transmitter to solve this problem. With the Bluetooth FM transmitter, anyone can connect their mobile phone’s Bluetooth with the FM transmitter that is attached to their car. 

And to use a Bluetooth FM transmitter, you need to know how to set up a vehicle Bluetooth FM transmitter. The setup process is simple. 

First, you need to co

nnect the transmitter to the cigarette lighter plug. Then pair the transmitter with your phone and open a blank channel. After the connection process is complete, select a working FM channel to hear the news, play music, or even make a call.

How to Setup Vehicle Bluetooth FM Transmitter 

Connect to the car’s cigarette lighter plug

You need to connect the Bluetooth FM transmitter to the cigarette lighter plug of your car. To do it,

  • First, you need to get into your car.
  • Then take the Bluetooth FM transmitter in your hand.
  • Open the little window where the cigarette lighter plug is. 
  • Connect the FM transmitter with the cigarette lighter plug. 
  • Turn on your car.
  • If your device’s screen lights up after turning on the car, it is ready to use.

Pair with your phone

You must pair your Bluetooth FM transmitter with your cell phone’s Bluetooth to use it. 

To do it,

  • First, turn on your phone. 
  • Then go to settings and turn on Bluetooth. 
  • Sometimes you need to click the visibility option as your Bluetooth may be hidden so that a stranger cannot connect with your ID. 
  • Now you can see the active Bluetooth devices near you.
  • Open your instruction booklet to check the Bluetooth ID name of your FM device.
  • Check if the ID is shown on your mobile screen or not.
  • If it is shown, pair your phone with your Bluetooth FM transmitter by clicking on the ID that appears on your screen. 
  • If your cell phone makes a signal with a toon, they are successfully paired.
Pair with your phone

Turn on audio

  • First, tune your vehicle’s Bluetooth FM Transmitter to a blank FM channel.
  • Tuning to a blank FM channel is vital as it can recoup you when you are calling with your Bluetooth transmitter. 
  • You can see which station you are tuning, so press the CH+ or CH-button on the transmitter to change to a blank station.
  • Or you can just use your cell phone to do it.

Selecting an FM channel 

It is the last step to setting up a Bluetooth FM transmitter. 

To do it, 

  • Adjust the angle of the transmitter so that you can easily check the display and what channel is running. 
  • Use the frequency select dialer and rotate in a clockwise direction. 
  • Rotate until an active channel appears.
  • You can also use your cell phone’s radio as it is Bluetooth-connected. 
  • You have to click on the frequency dialer that is shown on your device’s radio software, and it will automatically tune to an active channel.
  • If your car radio starts streaming, the setup process is completed.

How do I Connect an FM Transmitter to My Car? 

If you want to connect an FM transmitter to your car, you have to connect it to the car stereo

  • First, turn on the vehicle radio. 
  • Reduce the volume of the stereo so that it doesn’t disturb you when installing the transmitter. 
  • Choose FM in the stereo.
  • Select an FM station that is not broadcasting. 

Now you have to install the transmitter. To install it,

  • First, you need to select the same FM station that you specified earlier by rotating the frequency dialer clockwise. 
  • After that, you have to put the transmitter into the cigarette lighter plug.
  • If the transmitter screen shows a channel, it is ready to use.

How To Use auto-drive FM Transmitter?

  • Plug the FM transmitter into your car charger. 
  • Select a frequency that is not currently broadcast. 
  • Connect your cell phone Bluetooth with your auto-drive FM transmitter that is connected to your car. 
  • Select the same frequency on your phone that you selected earlier.
  • Then the auto-drive FM transmitter is ready to stream anything on your phone or car radio.


The Bluetooth FM transmitter is very reasonably priced hardware that allows you to transmit your phone’s audio in your car. With it, you can hear music, receive your calls, and listen to the news. And to attach the FM transmitter, you need to know how to set up a vehicle Bluetooth FM transmitter.

The process is simple and doesn’t require much time. But you have to perform this process carefully. Furthermore, your car might get damaged while working because the cigarette lighter plug is very hot. 

It can also shock you. When the car’s Bluetooth transmitter is paired with your phone, you need to open a vacant channel on your FM radio or it can irritate your concentration while driving.

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