How To Use Orthopedic Seat Cushion In Car?

If you have to travel a lot or have work that requires you to be seated for a longer period of time, you are probably familiar with different kinds of injuries and pain including sciatica, hernia, arthritis, etc. But a simple tool is capable of preventing all of them and that is an orthopedic seat cushion.

But to get the best result out of it, you need to know how to use orthopedic seat cushion in the car.

Even if your car seat is comfortable enough, you might need to buy and put on an Orthopedic seat cushion for back pain relief. You can also use an Orthopedic seat cushion for sciatica. But if you haven’t tried this product before, then it’s natural to be confused about how to use an orthopedic seat cushion in a car.

So, here is a description of that. Try to maintain the following steps to prevent any back pain by using the orthopedic seat cushion.

How To Use Orthopedic Seat Cushion In Car?

If you are experiencing pain around your tailbone area, one of the probable reasons is that you are not getting enough back support from your car seat. To get rid of this pain and sit properly without a curve, try using an orthopedic seat cushion in the car. Here are the steps…

Placing The Orthopedic Seat Cushion In The Car

An orthopedic seat cushion can give you extreme comfort if being placed properly. These are steps for the “placement” process.

Step 1:Buy a perfect size for your car seat

Before placing the cushion in the car, you have to buy a perfect size. There are so many brands and types of orthopedic cushions available in the market which may seem more comfortable than the others. But you should buy one considering the size of your car seat. An oversized cushion will not be able to provide proper comfort.

Buy a perfect size for your car seat

Step 2: consider the seat height

If the height of your car seat is adjustable, which means you can increase or decrease the height, you can buy just a comfortable seat cushion. But if your seat is not adjustable, take a measurement of your seat height and buy a cushion accordingly.

If the seat’s height is not considered, you may sit taller than necessary and can’t reach the pedal of the car.

Step 3: keep the cushion properly

After buying a perfect size orthopedic cushion, put the cushion properly in the car seat. Generally, the orthopedic cushions are designed according to the shape of the bottom of the legs and tailbone area. The part which has an opening area is supposed to support your tailbone and reduce the tailbone pain. Put the opening part attaching the backrest of the car seat.

Step 4: Adjust the height

If you feel stiff after sitting on the cushion or can’t touch the pedal, try to adjust the seat’s height accordingly.

Proper Sitting Positions And Use

After the placement of the cushion, comes the matter of perfect sitting position. Here’s how you can ensure that.

Proper Sitting Positions And Use

Step 1: Make sure the comfort

You are using this product for your comfort in the first place. So, make sure you are comfortable after sitting on that.

Step 2: Put the bottom’s pressure on the open area

Put most of the pressure on the open area while sitting. This custom design will take the pressure away from your tailbone area and help to relieve pain.

Step 3: Don’t put pressure on the legs bottom area

If your toes are touching the ground, not the heel, then you will feel pressure on the bottom area of your leg which hinders comfort. Make sure you are not feeling pressure down there when you sit on the cushion.

Step 4: Make sure the heels are flat on the ground

Make sure to keep the heels flat on the ground.  If this is not the case, then adjust the car seat’s height and make sure to keep heels flat. This will ensure proper blood circulation in your lower part of the body and reduce the pain.

Step 5: Sit at a 90-degree angle

Sit in a neutral position to give yourself the most comfort. Neutral position refers to the position where your knees and hips remain at a 90-degree angle.


Orthopedic seat cushions are made to give you the expected comfort and proper support for your back if you have to sit for a longer period of time. But you need to know how to use orthopedic seat cushion in car.

This product alone can help you with your back pain, stiffness of muscles, or the pain tailbone. A product is capable of giving the most effective outcome if being used properly. The aforementioned steps will help you to bring out the best of it.

In fact, the sitting position is important and you should put a great significance on this matter. So, try to use an orthopedic car seat for back support.

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