Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System

Who doesn’t love louder and clearer car audio systems? An aftermarket stereo is an improved car audio system. That you can install with a Bose system to get the experience of better sound quality.

Advanced battery circuits and high-quality power systems make the sound louder, clearer and toned than the average factory system. Also, it provides detailed audio. That will refresh and cheer up your mind.

But how to install the aftermarket stereo with a Bose system? Don’t panic! Here we are!

Why Should You Install An Aftermarket Stereo With a Bose System?

Before going to the installation steps, we must have an idea about the Bose system. 

The Bose Corporation has been manufacturing Bose sound systems since 1983. It’s an expert audio installation system for homes, automotive, audio products, headphones, etc.

Among various installation systems, the Bose system has some amazing and high-quality features. It can be the best choice for the following reasons –

High-Performance Rate

Bose system technology is mostly popular for its higher performance rate. It can adjust automatically and readily adapt to any situation. 

With a high-quality stereo, that will provide quality sound and never disappoint you.

Friendly User Interface

Installing a Bose sound system is like a piece of cake. The system is simple and easy to install and operate. 

It’s a sound versatile system, you can access from Fm, DVD, CD, MP3 Cds, Bluetooth and so on. 

Also, the buttons are easily accessible. Above all, they provide a user-friendly interface and are able to satisfy music lovers.

Steps For Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System

To enjoy a clear and loud sound system on every journey, you must install an aftermarket stereo properly. We already mentioned the features of the Bose system. The combination of an aftermarket stereo with a boss system will provide the best sound system experience. 

Necessary tools

You must have the following necessary equipment –

  1. Stereo system
  2. An output converter,
  3. A Dash kit
  4. Screw pack,
  5. Factory radio removal tools and
  6. Receiver wiring

You can install it on your own or hire someone professional. Here we sum up the step-by-step guide to installing an aftermarket stereo with a Bose system on your own.

Step 1 – Remove the old Factory Stereo

First, you have to remove the old factory stereo with radio removal tools.

Find out the slots and input the removal tool. After going inside the slot, pull the unit until it comes out.

Step 2- Clear the Port

Then you should clear the ports. After detaching the factory radio, you have to find the radio satellite, Antenna, cassette deck, and stereo connector. Then unplug the wire connections from its back.

Step 3 – Plug the connectors with the line output converter

The next step is to Plug the Connectors with the Line Output Converter. First, connect the input side of the converter to the stereo harness. And the output side connects to the Metra wiring harness. 

On the converter, there are 4 ports. Establish the connection of four stereo signals with the ports.

And finally, the connection of the Metra receiver wiring harness with the adaptor.

Step 4 – Connect to the New Aftermarket Stereo unit

Now it’s time to connect the new aftermarket stereo with the Bose system.

For doing this, you should connect the wiring harness to the remaining end part. The antenna and cable port are placed here to prevent wrong connections.

Fixed the output side of the converter using a screwdriver. Then insert the screwdriver inside these ports to adjust Amp gain and rotate them clockwise.

Step 5 – Installation testing 

Now you should test if the system is properly installed or not. Start your car in accessory mode. Then turn on the stereo and test its functionalities like CD, DVD player, Fm, Mp3, Bluetooth and so on. Also, check the sound quality and volume.

If everything goes perfectly, turn off the car and stereo system to complete the next step.

Step 6 – Fix the Head Unit

Finally, you have to fix the head unit to finish the installation process. Slide it back and smoothly push into the dash. When you hear of signaling sound, that means it is properly fixed.

You are almost done with the installation. At this stage, you should slide it back into the dash.

Now it’s ready to switch the stereo system to enjoy your favorite music.

For doing all of these, you have to spend approximately $80 to $100 dollars. It’s worth it to install a good aftermarket stereo for this price.

Steps for installing aftermarket stereo with bose system

Cautions For Installing An Aftermarket Stereo

There are some maintaining factors for installing aftermarket stereo with bose system such as-

  • Never try to install when the car ignition is on
  • Must be aware of the head unit type before buying the aftermarket stereo
  • During installing the system, must unplug the car battery
  • Tight enough all the harnesses with the specific ports

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