The Complete Facts about: What Does MK Mean in Cars

Before buying a new car, you must research important issues like brand, performance. If you don’t know the engine, speed, and meaning of various short words before buying a car, it won’t be easy to get a car according to your quality and needs.  

Also, every buyer needs to know what these short words mean MK, TSI, DCC. So today, we will cover all the information related to MK from those short forms, meaning the effectiveness through the article.  

So, if you don’t know the meaning of MK, you have come to the right place; we hope what does MK means in the cars article will give you an ultimate solution. 

What is MK?

MK’s full form is Mark. Typically, this ‘mark’ term is used for European brands.  The European brand means a model of car, aircraft, or any other machine.  

Basically, the term MK is used extensively in the context of car body design. Exactly, this MK term is kept as an appropriate name for a brand new generation.  If a new model emerges in any car brand, that product comes with a new title and new features.  

This means that MK comes from the name of a new generation of brand new car models like this MK1, mk2, MK4, and so on.

Origins of MK

From the information mentioned above, you can see that the term MK was used as a title for a new generation in the automotive sector of European brands like Volkswagen, Lincoln. 

Volkswagen is a German motor vehicle manufacturer.  It is known as the manufacturer of the highest car sales of 2016, 2017 worldwide. The notable models of this popular brand are Golf, Atlas, etc.  

And the cars of this model are officially nicknamed generations by the European acronym ‘MK.’  Such as mk1, mk2, mk4, mk7, or called MK vii.  

About three years ago, this model was the best-selling car, and it gained popularity as one of the best-selling Toyota, Ford F-Series, and one of the best models in the world.

Generations of MK

In 1937, the German Labor Front founded Volkswagen in Berlin. So far, seven generations of cars have officially entered the history of golf.  The notable generations are: 


Volkswagen introduced their first generation golf in 1974. They named the car MK1 as the first generation. Also, they designed their car as a family car and front-wheel drive, water-filled engine.  

From then on, the quality of the car engine gradually increased in the next generations.  


Second generation golf was produced in 1983, almost nine years later.  The MK1’s engine was a 1.5-liter four-cylinder; MK2’s engine increased to 1.8 liters 4 cylinders, providing 85 horsepower.  


Third-generation golf became more familiar in 1991 with safety, including front passenger and side airbags. It delivers 115 horsepower with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.  


In 1997, the fourth generation mk4 golf came with the Haldex clutch. The car then offered a variety of engine options and was built with 3.2 liters and 240 horsepower.


The fifth golf was produced in 2003 with more efficiency than the previous generation. It is slightly larger than the earlier models and came with an interior room.  


It was produced in 2006 and was a bit heavier than other models. In addition, buyers are offered three powertrains, a 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine, a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, and a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.  


MK7, bigger than MK6, was released in 2012.  It has various safety settings, such as a braking system with upgraded steering and an integrated touchscreen.

Final Verdict

Finally, we can say that the term MK is closely associated with the automotive sector. Since this is meant to be the naming of the upcoming generation of car brands, we need to know these MK-related generations as well as the critical issues of the car. 

However, this MK means the word ‘mark,’ allowing us to compare different concepts of our car generation. So hopefully, by reading this article about MK, you will be able to gather ideas of what MK means and its fantastic generation.

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