These 4 Oil Filter Brands to Avoid

Oil Filter Brands to Avoid

An oil filter plays a critical role in a car engine system. It purifies impurities of the engine oil. Additionally, it refines hydraulic, lubricating, and transmission oil. Therefore, you cannot risk the durability or the performance of the oil filter. A list of oil filter brands to avoid is given below.

Oil Filter Brands to Avoid

These are the oil filter brands that one should avoid using at any cost as they provide very little value against your money. Also, they barely serve the purpose of filtering oil which makes them get into the list of the oil filter brands to avoid.

  • Fram
  • Frantz
  • Supertech
  • Motorcraft

Now you might think why should you avoid them? What are their lacking that the top oil filtering brands don’t have? Well, check it out below!

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Why Should You Avoid These Oil Filter Brands?

The reasons behind avoiding these particular brands are described with individual motives-



The main reason to avoid the Fram oil filters is that they have a cheap mechanism and are built with shabby components. In addition to that, the anti-drain back valve may produce many dry starts as it has a quite slow flow rate. Their marketing propaganda is nothing but fuzz. Most users have complained against them. Though some car fanatics believe that changing oil frequently can provide a better result, who’s going to put all that unnecessary effort? Rather, buying a better filter can save you the hassle. It is not the top quality that can serve the purpose.


Frantz Basic

Frantz is one of the poorest quality oil filter brands out there. The filter will seem like a toilet paper roll and it does the job like the paper roll would do. It is not capable of filtering the oil at all. Also, oil filter experts have advised auto owners not to buy this product. Therefore, it’s better to avoid this cheap quality filter and buy a better quality one.


supertech oil filter

Supertech is just another oil filter brand that is compatible with oil filtering properly. It’s a brand of Wal-Mart Inc. Even though they have partnered with Wix, which itself is a reputed oil filter manufacturing brand, the Supertech oil filter is just so poor in quality. The makers have produced steel cover plates that are good. But the paper cover plates make the Supertech oil filter one of the worst oil filter brands. Also, these filters have the same mechanism and materials as the Fram filters. Therefore, it’s easily understandable why it’s a brand you need to be concerned about or better avoid when buying oil filters.



Motorcraft is registered under Ford Motor Company. But Ford could hold their reputation in the oil filter section as they did in the car production. The filter is responsible for uneven heating. Additionally, it has a slow filtering rate. Also, it has this weird shape that doesn’t fit all the cars. Now that all makes the Motorcraft oil filter brand one of the worst oil filter brands you can come across, even worse, use.

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Oil filter is like the kidney of your car. They strain out the elements that are harmful to your car engine. You’ve learned about the four worst oil filter brands– Fram, Frantz, Supertech, Motorcraft. Now it’s up to you whether you’d buy them to hike your sufferings, or take our advice and give another look into them before buying.

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