Rough Country Seat Covers F150 Install

If you drive a truck, you know that thing has to endure everything. It carries people, goods, and goes to every place in all kinds of weather. And the seats of the truck with the material on them soak up everything: water, mud, drinks, and so on. And it’s not easy to clean them off.

So, the best idea is to protect them with seat covers. A good seat cover is something that protects the seat from getting anything soaked in. And at the same time, the seat cover is comfortable, durable, and easily washable. Rough country seat covers f150 is a great option for that.

These neoprene seat covers with their simple stylish look and very breathable material work very well for truck seats. If you are interested in getting seat covers for your truck and considering this option, stay with us. This is a rough country seat covers f150 install guide and review.

Rough Country Seat Covers F150 Review 

This product is one of the best options out there as a truck seat cover. If we look at the specifications of this seat cover it is a great value for money right out of the box.

These are neoprene car seat covers with great durability and functionality. To keep your truck seats completely safe from mud, mildew, water the fabric is just perfect. At the same time, the covers themselves are easily removable and washable.

The comfortability of these covers is praiseworthy. Four layers of foam padding ensure the best seating experience. At the same time, the covers are custom-made to allow the seatbelts, airbags, and other components to fit perfectly.

The installation process is as easy as possible. You can install them without removing the seats from their places. And it will take only 30 minutes to finish the process.

This 200$ product comes with a 1-year warranty with some limitations. 

Rough Country Seat Covers F150 Review 

How To Install Rough Country Seat Covers F150?

Let’s see how you can install Rough country seat covers f150.

Detach The Headrest

  • This is the first step to installing the covers. For every seat first, do this.

The Front Seats

  • As the headrest is detached, take the rough country front seat cover which is the same for the driver and passenger seats. The driver seat has an extra cut-out for the airbag but the installation is the same.
  • Put it on the seat from the top and spread it on the seat. 
  • Now take the upper portion, and the lowest part of it you will find three snaps with female ends and a metal bar. Tuck them under the upper portion of the seat.
  • Now at the back, you will find three snaps with hooks. And under the seat, you find some metal bars where you can attach them. So, do it and make sure they are nice and tight.
  • Now to the front bottom part of the cover, you will again find three snaps with male ends. Now tuck your hand under the seat and bring out the female ends that you tucked in a while ago as far as possible.
  • Now attach the male and female ends on each of the three snaps.
  • You will find two other snaps with hooks at the bottom part of the cover. Attach them to something solid under the seat.

The Back Seat On The Driver Side And The Middle Seat

  • The back seat on the driver side and middle back seat are both connected as one big seat. The same cover is used for them.
  • Now find the release bar at the back of the seat and release these two seats.
  • Now put the cover on them. And at the end of the top portion of the cover, you will find an extension that goes under the seat. Tuck it under the seat.
  • Now at the back of the top part of the cover take the extension you just tucked in and attach it to the bottom end of the backside of the cover. Make sure they are tightly attached.
  • Now for the bottom part of the cover, lift up the seat and put the cover on it. Then you will find all the snaps coming out of that part of the cover. They have both male and female ends snaps at the opposite sides of the cover.
  • Now tuck the snaps on the inside part of the cover under the seat as before. And make sure they come out of the seat.
  • Take all the male and female ends snaps and connect them to each other right across the underside of the seat.
  • You will see some snaps going side to side. Make sure to connect them too.
  • You are done here.

The Back Seat On The Passenger Side

  • This seat has its own cover but the installation is just the same as the other back seat covers.
  • Just repeat the process only this time for one seat only.

Attach And Cover The Headrest

  • Now put the headrest back in but not all the way in. 
  • Wrap the cover dedicated to this part and attach everything as nicely as possible.
  • Put the headrest all the way in.
  • You can do this for all the headrests at the same time or do it every time you finish installing one particular seat cover. The process is the same for all of them.


Well, this was a short discussion on the rough country seat covers f150 review and we also provided a rough country seat cover f150 install guide. This is an amazing product considering the service it provides against the price. With the installation guideline we provided, you can easily install them. 

If you have a ford f150 SuperCab or SuperCrew then you cannot go wrong with these seat covers. They are stylish, comfortable, durable, easily washable all at the same time. Most importantly they are custom made to fit your truck seats perfectly. Your truck seats will be safe wearing them.

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