What Is A Ricer Car: All You Need To Know

The word “RICER” stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement of a car. A ricer car is a modified car concept that comes from Japanese automotive culture. They used to do out-of-box customization of their cars.

The car goes through some modifications in order to enhance performance efficiency. But most often, it’s just impressive to grab eyeballs.

Most generally, the car with low-specific engines is modified by cosmetic enhancement for looking purposes. Sometimes it’s like unnecessary cosmetic enhancements so that you can’t expect extraordinary performance from them.

So far, the modification is done to make it look faster and seek attention from the crowd.

So, if you desire cosmetic enhancement and be in the spotlight, hopefully the following information will help you a lot.

Basic Modifications Of Ricer Car

We already discussed that the ricer car undergoes some cosmetic customizations. But how to modify a simple car to a ricer car? 

The enhancement type and designs are completely depending on the car owner and designer. There are endless options to modify the car. 

Most generally, a ricer car is preferable to young kids. So it is done by adding accessories like high-profile exhausts, paint, stickers, wings, alloy wheels, lights, etc.

Wide Body Kits enhancement

Various types of body kit enhancement are the most common modification for ricer cars. It may either change full body kits, customized hoods, bumpers, rear diffusers, bumper lips, vertical doors, fenders, and so on. 

These customizations provide a diverse look of the ricer cars. Also made faster, wider and increased the overall ricer car’s beauty.

Paint and Affixing Stickers 

Painting and sticker affixing are the most popular enhancement among the young generation. Usually, paint and stickers are placed on the top, front panel, and sides of a ricer. Some of them did these on their own, some have done them from several car paint and sticker servicing stores. 

The theme is generally inspired by sci-fi characters, patterns, actors, movies, cartoons, scenarios, or even quotes based on the owner’s choice. 

These can be removed also and placed in a new one as well.

Bright Light and Music Kit

Another property is to modify a ricer car by seeing highly customized car lights as well as a music system. Lights will be either off-road lights, halo kits, LED bar lights, spoiler lights, and so on. 

As the modification on the ricer car is dependent on the ricer driver’s choice, you can set up any of them. Even though they dress like a Christmas tree and parade on the high street.

Again, get a sound system installation so everyone else can enjoy the music.

modifications of ricer car


Suspension enhancement is done by lowering or making the car high. By lowering the suspension kit, make the car as low as possible. The car even touches the ground which makes it impractical.

On the other hand, some people have done high-rise suspension to make it a bit higher from the ground.

Though suspension enhancement doesn’t bring any benefits to the functionality of the car. Rather looks weird sometimes. 

Tires & Rims Modifications

Most generally the ricer modification is done by wide alloy wheels. You can color the wheels, set up lights like LED bars, and so on. You will find various designs and sizes for modified cars. That is for looking purpose though it has an impact on the performance also.

Top 5 Ricer Cars In The World

Here are the top famous ricer cars examples, those are highly modifiable and customizable cars among car lovers.

  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge

Are Ricer Cars Fast?

A ricer car looks like it runs fast, but the fact is it isn’t fast at all. It doesn’t matter which car it is, you will easily recognize the ricer for the excessive body kits like wings or massive front bumps with a seemingly stock intercooler. And most of the ricer cars are slow. The reasons are either the car has an underpowered engine or becomes slower for unnecessary customization.

Is a Ricer Car Bad?

Modifying a car into a ricer car is a kind of hobby for car lovers. Though many of us think it’s not a good idea to do cosmetic enhancement. It also decreases the functionalities sometimes. Also, heavy modification may decrease the lifespan of the car.

But again, it’s your personal choice to modify your car if that brings happiness to you. 

We recommend not doing those enhancements that may cause degradation to your favorite car.

Are There Any Differences Between a Ricer and a Tuner Car?

There are some basic differences between a ricer and a tuner car. The key differences are as follows- 

PropertyRicer CarTuner Car
PurposeLooking purposeHigher performance
PerformanceGarage-make looksFactory-made performance 
Engineunderpowered powerUncompromised and advanced engine options
AppearanceHighly modifiedPractical modification
Exhaust noteCheapSolid
AerodynamicsNot upto the markHighly efficient
Top speedNA>120MPH
Price Depends on customizationStarts from $26k

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