Wheel Spacers Good or Bad? All You Need to Know



In the automotive industry, there is a most common question- are wheel spacers good or bad? Though it’s a heavy debate about the safety and benefits of wheel spacers. Wheel spacers have an effect on braking stability, suspension geometry, spring rate, etc. Here we are going to break down the positive and negative role of wheel spacers in car handling. Let’s begin-

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are the devices that fit a vehicle’s wheel assembly hub. At the same time, it helps to increase the distance of the wheel itself with the inner wheel. They are like wheel adapters that increase the track width. Also, wheel spacers can be added to your vehicle track from a few millimeters to a few inches.

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What are the Types of Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are divided into several categories with their own set of benefits as well as downfalls-

Hub-Centric vs Lug-Centric Wheel Spacers 

Wheels are 2 types for vehicles such as Hub-Centric and Lug-Centric wheels. The Hub-Centric are bored and axled line up perfectly. The lug nuts are usually used for securing the mounting plate to the wheel.

On the other hand, the lug-centric wheels are lugged in order to increase the diameter of the hub. 

The type of wheel is decided to depend on the requirements of the vehicles.

Floating vs Bolt-On Wheel Spacers

Floating wheel spacers are generally used to accommodate minimal wheel extension purposes. They are placed between the hub and wheel of your car. 

For larger wheel extensions, Bolt-on spacers are used. They are placed onto the hub of the vehicle. Additionally, they generate a new hub where the wheels are bolted now.

Are Wheel Spacers Good or Bad?


Now the question is whether the wheel spacers are good or bad. The answer is it actually depends. If you install the wheel spacers properly in the right situation, they will be beneficial for your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to install wheel spacers properly or have already installed them improperly, then they will affect your vehicle’s performance. At the same time, improper installation may cause a safety risk for you.

To find out the relevant answer, let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of using wheel spacers.

What are the Benefits of Wheel Spacers?

When you set up the wheel spacers perfectly, you will get the following advantages-

Enhance the Appearance

If you want a unique and aggressive-looking car, you should install wheel spacers. To enhance their overall appearance is their basic function. Besides, wheel spacers are helpful to make the wheels push outside.

Also, the modification makes your vehicle more impressive as well as unique without doing so many things.

Improve Car Handling

For the improvement of car handling, wheel spacers are a good choice for you. It will increase the stability of vehicles during cornering and turning. 

Also good enough for creating space for car wheels. So that the total weight of the vehicles is equally distributed on the four wheels. As a result wheel spacers enhance car handling capabilities.

Incorrect Offset Improvement 

If you find any fitment issue, wheel spacers will provide a great solution. Upgrading wheel breaks are quite expensive where wheel spacers are an inexpensive remedy for your vehicles. 

Wheel offset measurement is the distance between a wheel’s centerline and its mounting point. There is a chance of miscalculating essential information. For this reason, your current brake setup won’t suit the new wheels. 

Again, sometimes new rims are not perfectly fit for size or other reasons. Instead of rims, you can go for wheel spacers which are much better to operate the inside fender liner. Also fix the problems like rim hitting the coil-overs, control arms, etc by using the correct wheel spacers. 

What are the Disadvantages of Wheel Spacers? 

Besides the many benefits of wheel spacers, there are some disadvantages also. But if you install it properly, you will get rid of these problems like-

Wheel Bearing Premature Failure

Wheel spacers break the content of wheels and ball bearings. As a result, the lifespan of wheels may decrease and premature failure happen 

Cause Accidents

Another concern of improper wheel spacer install is the safety of vehicles and passengers. Improper or non-professional installation can cause unwanted accidents sometimes. 

Increase Scrub Radiusand Inner Fender-Well Clearance 

For the wheel spacers setup, increase the scrub radius as well as fender-well clearance. So that the driver needs more effort to turn while braking, turning the car. 

Which things are Needed to Consider When Buying Wheel Spacers?

Besides proper installing, you need to consider the following factors to get the highest benefits from the wheel spacers- 


The first concerning factor is the materials of the wheel spacers. The materials should be durable and have enough mechanical strength. For wheel spacers, aluminum is considered stronger than cast. The Aluminum crystalline structure has a more stable nature. You should pick the aluminum-made wheel spacers for your car.


The size of wheel spacers varies from vehicle to vehicle. The thickness can be slide-on or bolt-on and the range is between 2 mm to 35 mm. Make sure such size is appropriate for your car ensuring durability and safety.


Before making a purchase decision, you should consider the hub bore diameter either suited to your car or not. 

Nuts & Bolts

Some wheel spacer kits don’t contain nuts and bolts. They are necessary for proper fitment. So a quality spacer kit must include nuts and bolts.

You should check whether the wheel spacer kit provides them or not. Individual purchasing nuts and bolts will not give you the perfect fitting. 


The price range is pocket-friendly for buying and installing wheel spacers. High prices don’t always mean up-to-date quality. Your choosing wheel spacers should be quality full and appropriate compared to the pace range.

Final Verdict 

What do you think now about the wheel spacers are good or bad? It actually depends on the installment indeed. The proper installation will provide a huge amount of benefits to you otherwise you will face several difficulties. So avoid improper and non-professional setup in order to drive your car smoothly and safely.

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